Resep Pepes Udang Tahu Kelapa

Resep Pepes Udang Tahu Kelapa – – Shrimp is known as a luxury dish. This type of seafood is usually a staple in the menu of star hotels and restaurants. Cooked with sweet and sour shrimp, Padang sauce, fried, etc. But make no mistake, shrimp can also be made into a simple and easy home dish.

It is made by frying it in shrimp paste, for example. Less delicious than other options, homemade shrimp pepes are best served with warm rice. It can be a special dish for the family. The delicious taste and aroma will increase your appetite.

Resep Pepes Udang Tahu Kelapa

Resep Pepes Udang Tahu Kelapa

When cooking your shrimp pepes, you are free to be creative by adding other ingredients. Starting with cayenne pepper, tofu, basil, tempeh, and more.

Resep Pepes Tahu Udang Nikmat

Are you curious to know how to make delicious and tasty shrimp pepes? The following is a summary from various sources on Thursday (14/10).

2. Arrange one bay leaf on top of the banana leaf, then fill the 5 prawns with spices, do this until the end.

3. Take a banana leaf, take 1 bay leaf, then place the spicy shrimp on the bay leaf, wrap it.

300 g of medium-sized prawns, season with 1/3 tsp salt and 1 tbsp lime juice.

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4. Take a piece of banana leaf, put one part of bay leaf, add crushed green chilies and 1 bird’s eye, wrap it, press it with a stick.

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1. Puree tofu, then add coarsely chopped shrimp. Then add eggs, ground spices, candlenuts, basil, salt and sugar. Stir well.

2. Heat cooking oil, cook the ground spices. Add lemongrass, lime leaves and curry spices, stir until fragrant and cooked, remove from heat.

Resep Pepes Udang Tahu Kelapa

5. Heat the grill, put the pepes on it, heat it on medium heat for 20 minutes, turning it several times until the shrimps are cooked, remove from the heat.

Resep Pepes Udang Kemangi Rendah Lemak Dan Tinggi Protein, Pedas Dan Gurihnya Nagih

1. Grind or mix all the ground spices. Stir in the lemongrass, dried ebi, ground spices and green chilies until fragrant. Then add tofu, tempeh, shrimp, lime leaves. Cook until done.

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