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Resep Pepes Tahu Kemangi – Pepe’s Tahu Recipe – Who likes steamed tofu, of course it’s a loss if it doesn’t taste good? Because this tofu pepe has a good and solid taste like freshwater fish pepe. Especially when the tofu pepes are filled with anchovies, petai or basil with a characteristic aroma. Hmmm delicious!

Pepes or pais are often served as a side dish to make it appetizing. Serve the pepe tofu warm with white rice, cah kangkung with goang chili sauce, onion chili sauce or spicy match chili sauce for added enjoyment.

Resep Pepes Tahu Kemangi

Resep Pepes Tahu Kemangi

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Pepes Teri Basah Sedap Gurih Praktis Ekonomis

The process of making pepe tofu is actually quite simple and not as complicated as you might think. Namely, by crushing the tofu, mixing it with ground spices, then adding other ingredients to the banana leaves, such as basil leaves, tomatoes and also cayenne pepper, tying the ends together with a stick, and then cooking it by steaming, then grilling. some time just before serving.

Currently, there are many variations of Pepe’s Tofu recipe, various creations of appetizing ingredients. One of them is Pepe Tofu Mushroom, Pepe Tofu Salted Fish, Pepe Tofu Meatballs, Pepe Tofu Sausage, Pepe Tofu Beef, Pepe Tofu Chicken, Pepe Tofu Shrimp and also Sundanese Tofu with Basil.

Pepe tofu Sundanese basil is currently the prima donna of pepe lovers. Because the typical Sundanese pepe tofu has a soft texture. And it has a distinctive aroma and a unique spicy taste that is different from processed tofu pepe in general.

Although Pepe Tahu is a simple traditional Indonesian dish. However, processed tofu is always delicious to eat at any time. It doesn’t matter whether it’s breakfast, lunch or a delicious dinner.

Selain Pepes Tahu, Intip Resep Pepes Tempe Yang Tak Kalah Enak!

Pepe tofu is often a homemade dish that people look forward to. So don’t be surprised if Pepes Tahu is sold in many restaurants around, from wartegs, street stalls, cafes and also big restaurants with a variety of special ingredients.

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Well, just so you don’t get curious about basil tofu pepes, here I will tell you the ingredients used and the process of making a simple Sundanese basil tofu pepes recipe that is delicious and easy, and the tips to avoid failures as described below.

Processed tofu this is a must try! Because in addition to containing vegetable proteins that are good for the body, Pepe Tahu is also a tasty and nutritious rice side dish.

Resep Pepes Tahu Kemangi

The use of basil leaves creates a delicious and characteristic aroma. But there are also those who do not like it, because everyone has different tastes.

Resep Pepes Paling Populer Sedap Berempah, Cocok Untuk Diet

For those who don’t like basil leaves, please make this Basil Tofu Pepe recipe without the basil leaves using the same ingredients and manufacturing process. The Egg Tofu Pepe recipe can be made at home and recreated with other ingredients. Pepes itself is one of the typical dishes from Indonesia that tastes delicious and unique. Banana leaves acting as a wrapper add a more delicious taste to this dish. Want to make this recipe at home? Come check out this recipe!

Before you start making Pepes, you can use a tip: choose young or bright green banana leaves. This is so that the leaves are easily folded when wrapping the pepes. If fresh banana leaves are hard to come by, try warming the banana leaves over a fire before using them for wrapping so they don’t tear easily when folded. Here are some Spicy Egg Tofu Pepe recipes you can try at home:

The first recipe starts with a simple egg tofu pepes. You only need about 20-45 minutes to make this easy recipe:

Another creation of Egg Tofu Pepe here is the use of salted eggs as the main ingredient. This recipe can be made in about 30-50 minutes with a low level of difficulty:

Yuk, Praktikkan Resep Pepes Tahu Kemangi Untuk Lauk Makan Siang Atau Malam

You can also add meat egg tofu pepes to make the content more varied and also more complete the nutrition in it. This low-difficulty recipe takes about 20-45 minutes to make:

Anchovies can be added to Egg Tofu Pepes as it tastes delicious and adds texture. You can make this recipe in 30-45 minutes on low difficulty:

This final egg tofu pepe recipe uses quail eggs as the main ingredient. Quail eggs are not inferior to chicken and duck eggs in terms of nutritional value. High in protein and good for health. Quail Egg Tofu Pepe on Low takes about 30-45 minutes to make.

Resep Pepes Tahu Kemangi

Here are some suggestions for egg tofu steamed recipes that you can make at home. To make delicious pepes, make sure you use quality chicken eggs, such as those you can buy from Meats. Eggs obtained from the best farms are guaranteed fresh, so their nutrition is still well preserved. So what are you waiting for? Come, download and instantly shop Meats right now!

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Resep Pepes Tahu Kemangi Enak Dan Mudah

JI. R.A. Kartini Kav. 14, e.g. West Cilandak, Kec. Cilandak, Adm City South Jakarta, DKI Jakarta Province, 12430 Pepes is identical to the home menu of Indonesian families. This healthy steamed dish in banana leaves can be made with a variety of toppings and vegetables. One of my favorites is Pepe’s Tahu.

Materials are cheap and easy to find. It can also be prepared at home as a special menu for the family. Follow how to make these delicious tofu pepes.

White tofu, or dense yellow tofu, is the main ingredient in making tofu pepe. If you want it to look prettier and not look pale, you can use yellow tofu.

Choose tofu made from quality soybeans and with a dense texture for a more delicious taste and texture in your mouth. But if you’re forced to use regular sliced ​​white tofu, you can trick it by adding eggs to make it feel denser.

Resep Pepes Tahu Kemangi, Aromanya Bikin Ngiler

Mash the tofu with a fork, then mix it with the subtle spices of shallot, garlic, candlenut, turmeric and curly red chilli. Also add sugar and salt, mix well.

Eggs or coconut milk are usually added to the pepe mixture to add a spicy flavor. In addition to the salty taste, using eggs in the pepe tofu batter will also make the pepe denser and not break easily.

Even if you use eggs, add a little thick coconut milk to make the pepe tofu even more delicious and fragrant. Add a little thick coconut milk to 350 grams of tofu, about 50 ml. Another alternative is to add 1 egg.

Resep Pepes Tahu Kemangi

To give the pepe a nice flavor, add spice leaves such as bay leaves, kaffir lime leaves, spring onions, basil leaves or turmeric leaves to the pepe mixture. You can also add fresh herbs like lemongrass, galangal and ginger.

Diah Didi’s Kitchen: Pepes Tahu Ebi

All you have to do is chop the fresh spices and mix them with the pepper mixture so that they are easily discarded and not eaten. Crushing will help release the essence of the spice or seasoning. This technique is also often used in various Chinese dishes,

Banana leaves are widely used as containers and wrappers for several traditional Indonesian dishes. Banana leaves not only keep a nice shape, but also give the food a characteristic delicious aroma.

Use some banana leaves to wrap the pepes. To avoid tearing, roll in the opposite direction to the grain of the leaves. Pin both ends with a stick. Be sure to roll it two or three times so that the pepe contents don’t splatter while baking.

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Ok, also coat the pepe leaves well with a little oil so they don’t burn easily when roasting on the fire. Use only a little charcoal. Make sure it’s not too hot or the coals are too big so the pepes don’t burn quickly.

Resep Dan Cara Membuat Pepes Tahu Kemangi, Hidangan Favorit Dengan Cita Rasa Yang Khas

The purpose of roasting the pepe is just to increase the flavor without making the wraps dry and burnt. It is not necessary to roast all the leaves, and when they smell nice and are wilted on some sides, that is good. It also ensures that the leaves do not burn and the ash falls on Pepe when they are opened.

It is coated with 3 layers of Teflon Xtra which is PFOA free and safe to use. The shape is rectangular, so the pepes are easy to arrange.

Has educational experience in catering and journalism. Hobbies include writing, traveling and cooking. S2 Gadjah Mada University Communication – Tofu is a healthy food because it is rich in nutrients. It contains protein, fiber, carbohydrates and fat. Tofu also contains amino acids, calcium, phosphorus, iron and magnesium.

Resep Pepes Tahu Kemangi

Beyond these benefits, tofu has many good benefits for the body. For example, controlling blood sugar, improving bone health, inhibiting cancer growth and lowering cholesterol. Of course, very safe and healthier to consume.

Resep Pepes Tahu Kemangi

To make it healthier and more nutritious, you can process the tofu pepes. Since pepe tofu is cooked by steaming, this cooking method is much healthier than frying. Basil leaves can also be added to make the aroma more fragrant.

Want to know the Pepe Tofu Basil recipe? On Wednesday (11/17), 11 ways to make pepe tofu basil have been collected from various sources.

1. Mash tofu in a bowl with a fork, then add ground spices, sugar, salt, pepper and broth powder.

1. Fry the rebon until dry, then add the ground spices, lemongrass and lime leaves, mix well, stir and fry until the spices smell good.

Resep Pepes Tahu Ayam Kemangi Dari @fifinimartiyana

2. Add the tofu puree, salt and stock powder, mix well again, then adjust the taste and turn off the stove.

4. Prepare a piece of banana leaf, put the pepper mixture, sprinkle with basil leaves and add whole cayenne pepper, then wrap it. Do this until all the batter is used up.

1. Mix tofu, ground spices, eggs, anchovies, basil leaves, sliced ​​red chilies, add mushroom broth, sugar, then stir until well mixed, then adjust the taste.

Resep Pepes Tahu Kemangi

1. Sauté the ground spices until they become fragrant, mix them with whipped tofu, then add beaten eggs, salt, mushroom broth, sugar and mix well.

Resep Pepes Tahu Kemangi Mudah Dan Nikmat

3. Prepare the leaves, take part of the tofu dough, put a peeled salted egg and then wrap it. I divided the dough equally into 4 parts. Then steam until done.

1. Mix all ingredients except banana leaves and whole bird’s eye chili and add onions.

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