Resep Pepes Nila

Resep Pepes Nila – – Many types of freshwater fish are often consumed by the public, one of which is tilapia. Tilapia is popular and sought after by many people because it tastes good and is affordable. Fish is also easy to find in various traditional markets or modern supermarkets.

Tilapia can be processed into a variety of dishes by frying, frying, dipping or using sauces. In addition, tilapia is also suitable for preparation with yellow seasoning. This yellow spice tilapia preparation can be made with or without coconut milk. Although it is made without additives, the taste is still delicious and the spices penetrate deep.

Resep Pepes Nila

Resep Pepes Nila

This preparation of yellow spiced fish produces a delicious and pleasant taste. The method of making is also very practical and easy to imitate. Only by using the simple spices available, you can prepare a special menu. It has a delicious and savory taste, suitable as a side dish with rice.

Tidak Ada Yang Bisa Menolak Resep Pepes Ikan Lezat Ini

For the recipe and how to make it, let’s take a look at the collection of prepared tilapia recipes with yellow seasoning compiled from various sources, Monday (7/11).

1. The tilapia fish is washed until it is clean, smeared with lime and then wait for a while, then it is washed clean again, it is sliced ​​and then it is put in salt and then it is left for a while. Fry the fish until cooked, set aside.

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3. Wait for some time until the lime and bay leaves begin to wilt and then add enough water. Add salt, sugar or flavor. Add whole cayenne pepper and green beans.

4. Then add the fried tilapia fish. Leave it until the water reduces and then add the onion slices. Correct the taste and the yellow fish is ready to serve.

Pepes Ikan Patin

1. Coat the cleaned fish with lime and a little salt, then fry until brown. Lift and drain.

4. Add water, chopped carrot and cucumber, red chilli, cayenne pepper, onion and tamarind juice. Season with salt, a little sugar and spices. Cook briefly until the vegetables are half cooked.

5. Add the fried fish, then boil for about 3-5 minutes until the spices are absorbed. Remove and serve.

Resep Pepes Nila

1. Wash the tilapia fish, clean the inside of the stomach, wash it thoroughly. Coat with marinade, refrigerate for 1 hour.

Resep Pepes Nila Kemangi Enak Dan Mudah

3. Stir-fry the fine spices and complementary spices and then stir-fry the spices until cooked. Add water, sugar, salt and mushroom broth, mix well.

4. Finally add the fish and whole cayenne pepper and cook until cooked, adjust the taste. Turn off the stove, remove from heat and serve while warm.

4. Roll the fish and then add the seasoned spices. Cook the fish until fragrant and cook in a covered pan over low heat.

3. Coat the fish with ground spices and sliced ​​ingredients, cover and place in banana leaves, steam for 45 minutes.

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Resep Pepes Ikan, Lauk Makan Yang Nikmatnya Bikin Ketagihan

1. Wash the fish, remove the scales and gills. Cover with lime to avoid fishiness. Leave it for 10 minutes. Making Pepes Iwak Tilapia is guaranteed to make your weekend brighter with dishes that have character and colorful flavors. Want to prepare tilapia with a delicious pepes seasoning for your family? Anti-fish and odor, as well as delicious taste and aroma penetrates the flesh of fish. Come on, immediately prepare the ingredients for cooking and go straight to the kitchen to be creative. Happy Cooking Ria, I hope your cooking is delicious and delicious!!.

Tilapia fish @ 2 fish: 500 grams Lime: 1 piece of banana leaf for wrapping: as needed Onion: 10 pieces Garlic: 6 cloves Hazelnuts: 3 pieces Turmeric: 2 segments Coriander: 1 tsp Red chili: 5 pieces Cayenne pepper: 5 Orange sheet. leaves: 2 leaves Salt: to taste Sugar: to taste Tomatoes, cut into pieces: 2 leaves Basil, leaves taken: 2 bunches Cayenne pepper: to taste.

Tilapia fish is cleaned, then lime is added. Leave it for 10 minutes, then wash it again, add all the spices that have been added: onion, garlic, hazelnuts, turmeric, coriander, cayenne pepper, lime leaves, salt and sugar, take one banana leaf, a hundred fish and ground. spices, add chopped tomatoes, basil leaves and cayenne pepper to taste. Roll it up and pin the ends with a stick, steam the dried fruit for 45 minutes until cooked. When it’s cooked, briefly roast the peppers in a Teflon pan so that the smell is more fragrant. Tilapia fish sauce is ready to serve.

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Resep Pepes Nila

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