Resep Pentol Ayam Kuah Untuk Jualan

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Resep Pentol Ayam Kuah Untuk Jualan – Jakarta – Bentol Kojek, a popular snack in East Java and Central Java, is also available in Jakarta. It looks like meatballs but smaller in size. What is it like?

Meatball size is usually about the size of a peckel ball. But this meatball is different. It is the size of a marble. His name is Bendol Gojek. Bentol Kojek is a typical East Javanese snack. We found this snack in East Jakarta area. Precisely near the park Jl. Small Industries Centre, Dhruval.

Resep Pentol Ayam Kuah Untuk Jualan

Resep Pentol Ayam Kuah Untuk Jualan

Street food is sold in small carts similar to carts. The front of the cart bears the words Bendol Kojek. Based on the seller’s description, Diman, Kojek Pentol is from Grobokan, Central Java.

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The reason is that the motorbike taxi bentol he sells is different from the usual Surabaya motorcycle taxi button. There, these little chicken balls are served with peanut sauce.

If Diman’s kojek pentol is actually served like meatballs. Drizzle with the pergua broth and then the celery and onion. Gojek Bentol can also be combined with meatball tofu or meatball tofu.

The texture and taste is similar to chicken meatballs. Its small size makes it easy to eat in one bite. The delicious gravy can be combined with tomato sauce, chilli sauce and soy sauce. Celery sprinkled with onions is more fragrant and tasty.

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Perfect for those of you who like to have a snack. Because regular meatballs are too big. Although it contains soup, Kojek Bentol is supplied in a plastic bag. Therefore, it is better to buy packaged Gojek Pentol to eat at home.

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About the price, very cheap. Three motorcycle taxi bentols costing Rs. 1,000 are sold. The contents of tofu per fruit are Rs. 2,000. So if you pay five thousand rupees you will get 15 Kojek Pendols. Very much, yes.

Interested in trying this Kojek Pentol? It is enough to come to the mill area from 4 pm to 10 pm. (dwa/odi), Jakarta – Bentol has long been a favorite snack of many people. This meatball-like dish can be eaten at any time, rain or shine.

Apart from its familiar texture, the variety of ways bentol is served is another reason why this dish is so popular. Can be made without gravy or with gravy. This gravy pendole can also be chosen according to taste.

Resep Pentol Ayam Kuah Untuk Jualan

There are spicy, sweet and spicy versions of bentol sauce. Don’t just buy it, you can copy the following Gravy Pentol recipes and make it yourself at home.

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4. Add soy sauce to taste. Wait until the water reduces a little and the masala is absorbed. Taste correction. Drain and serve hot.

1. Mix all Pentol ingredients. Add water little by little until a dough forms. Fill with beef or plain, round shape.

3. Prepare the sauce: Saute the garlic on low flame until fragrant. Add some water and add celery leaves. When it boils, add 1.5 liters of water. Cook until boiling.

Resep Bumbu Pentol Setan

4. Insert the pin. Add salt, curry powder and ground pepper. Taste correction. Add chili powder and chopped onions and serve hot.

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Resep Pentol Ayam Kuah Untuk Jualan

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