Resep Patin Asam Manis

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Resep Patin Asam Manis – Cooking is a method of cooking fried cats in a sweet and sour sauce that is suitable for everyday food with a sweet taste.

Add the lime juice and let the catfish meat sit for 5 minutes so that the fishy smell disappears. After 5 minutes, wash the fish again.

Resep Patin Asam Manis

Resep Patin Asam Manis

Next, make a baking powder by mixing flour, salt, ground pepper, and flavorless water. Stir well.

Resep Pindang Patin Kuah Kuning Yang Rasa Enaknya Sukses Bikin Boros Nasi

Take 1 piece of cat meat and dip the fish pieces into the beaten egg and roll them in the flour mixture until they are evenly distributed. Do this process until all the ingredients are finished.

Heat oil in a frying pan. Fry the cats until cooked and golden brown. Uploading and downloading.

Once the sauce is cooked, add the fried fish to the sweet and sour sauce. Stir and cook briefly until the spices are well distributed.

This time, cats will be cooked in everyone’s favorite food, which is sweet and sour meat. This food is delicious and does not go bad on the tongue. With simple ingredients and ingredients you can try to cook this same menu at home for your favorite family. Good luck!!

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Resep Garang Asem Ikan Patin Dari @dapur_izma

Experienced in Food and Content Creation since 2017. Hobby is cooking different types of food and working as a home cook. Enjoy cooking dishes from regional to international cuisine. Home ยป Spicy and Sour Patin Fish Sweet and Healthy Fish Spicy and Sour Patin Fish Sweet and Healthy

A variety of processed fish is one of the most popular foods among the people. That’s because fish is not only delicious, but also contains nutrients that are good for health.

One of the most nutritious fish is catfish compared to other fresh fish. Catfish contains vitamins, proteins, and minerals.

Resep Patin Asam Manis

Other ingredients in catfish can lower blood cholesterol levels and prevent heart disease. Therefore, cats are now cultivated and spread throughout the islands.

Resep Ikan Patin Dengan Bumbu Khas Nusantara

One dish that is tasty and delicious, and can be addictive is the Spicy Tamarind Fish. This one dish is very popular among people and has a special taste.

For those of you who want to prepare and cook Spicy and Sour Patin Fish, here is a recipe and an easy way to do it.

This is how to make Spicy Patin Fish that you can try at home. The sweet and savory taste of this dish will surely make you drunk.

The ingredients are also very easy to find in traditional and modern markets. In addition, the process of doing it is also simple and easy, and it does not take long. Good luck. Which fish has the tastiest fat* in my opinion, hehe. The answer is catfish which means the same taste as me. This catfish is really good fried like that, in making soup, or pepper. Make the rice. This time I want to make Patin Fish with Sour Sauce, because it’s still cold here and I want to try something hot. Now, catfish in tamarind sauce is one of your favorite night menus.

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Resep Asam Padeh Ikan Patin Dari @dita_dwistyani

Since there is a large crop of star fruit in front of my house, sometimes they fall by themselves a lot. Although my neighbor was in front of my house, they were planting star fruit, but the tree died for some reason. This tree is actually mine as a gift, you know, Mas Bojo was shopping at Ace Hardware at the time, and luckily we got a little star tree as a gift. Now bigger and taller than me haha. Because it often bears fruit, the ladies and gentlemen around the house usually ask me for star fruit, but I’m pretty good at it.

There are only a few seeds left because the neighbor took them and I wanted to cook the cat in this spicy sauce, for those who do not have star fruit you can use lemon juice, the taste is like anger, there is at least a little difference but it is still fresh to eat.

5. Add the catfish (I put it in later so the fish doesn’t get crushed) add all the cayenne pepper, mix carefully and let it stand for a while until the fish is cooked.

Resep Patin Asam Manis

These are the results taken by my mother on my Cookpad. Those who are behind, waiting for a good photo, please give or comment on Instagram: @ dapur.ngepul.

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