Resep Pastel Isi Bihun

Resep Pastel Isi Bihun – How to give an aesthetic reminder to a “rich girl”!!! You can style anything to look expensive🤭. #stylesetter #lemon8diary #hellolemon8 #fashionfinds #whattowear tamaran . 1577 likes

Taco pasta recipe Less than 10 ingredients! ⭐️Overall rating: /5: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ *Save it for later #recipeideas #dinner #pastarecipe #pastaforlife #lemon8 #recipe #foodideas #foodwithlemon8 #lifestyle #healthyrecipeideas Paige 597 likes

Resep Pastel Isi Bihun

Resep Pastel Isi Bihun

Journaling IdeasSome cool journaling page ideas that I actually created in my own journal🥰 🔏About Me Page: To introduce your current journaling to your current self so that one day when you come back, you can remember who you were when you journaled🥰 🔏Vision Board : to completely visualize your future and who/what you are 💕🌱Z🌱💕 449 likes

Resep Pastel Isi Abon

Journaling Ideas Part 2! Here are some ideas for your bullet journal. Since my first post is the most popular, I thought I’d do it again because everyone seems to like it! I love Pinterest, I get all my ideas from Pinterest and just bring them here to share. I do not own any of these images or ideas that EmilyPaige likes 248

Doodling Tips | iPad Art | Procreate 🎨 Doodling on lemon8 might be my favorite thing EVER!! I’ve been designing on the iPad for a while now, but this app makes it so much more fun! I’m using the Procreate app and just having fun! The imperfections are the best part and that’s what makes your work unique! As soon as I stop KE N With 1,125 likes

REFILLING THE FRIDGE 🤩For those of you wondering that we are a family of 6, sometimes 8-9 on weekends and holidays 😆 I restock produce, milk and juices every week, while other products may last from a few weeks to a month. During the summer, I do most of my grocery shopping at Meijer & (Costco). All this includes Katarzyna 1603 likes

Decorating a Cherry Cake in Vintage StyleLet’s decorate a cherry cake in vintage style! I recently received the cutest cherry nail press from Paintlab and once I put it on, I knew I had to create a cake to match! I really like cherries and started with the base of my cake with pastel pink buttercream frosting. Then I beg you Michelechung_ 39 likes

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Pastel Kampung Isi Bihun Wortel

Cute Amazon Pencil Set Write your notes in style with this Amazon pencil set! ✏️ Includes: •3 mechanical pencils (.5 led) •3 erasers •6 6.5 led refills •Replacement pencil erasers #pencils #backtoschool #college #amazonfinds2023 #cute #dormfinds #stationary #pastel #trending #school Alanapasseri 650 likes

I made some gift baskets 🫶🏼 This year I decided that gift bags are over for me and the baskets are ready 🤩 they look so pretty and I love putting them together! #lemon8diary #hellolemon8 #giftbasketideas #teacherappreciationgiftideas #boobasket #birthdaybasket Selena 🧚🏼‍♂️ 111 likes

🌸 🫧Nail growth journey 🤍📒Notes: February 2023 I buy the #polygel set on Amazon. It was a great idea, but I know that my nails were seriously damaged because the nails were falling off due to the lack of a base. Shortly after making an appointment with a nail stylist… I liked my nails, but the #acrylic was too overdone and looked unnatural h EParis 🫧 29 likes

Resep Pastel Isi Bihun

Make a prayer board with me🛒 list: Pins: Target Post her: Target Bible: Hosanna Revival Journaling Bible Fujifilm Instax Mini Smartphone Printer: Target U Brands 17″x23″ Birch Frame Cork board: Target U Brands Gel-Pastel Spot Pens: Target Highlighters Mildliner: Michael’s 5 simple steps to create Angelicamarie🤎 4,260 likes

Resep Pastel Renyah Dan Gurih Dengan Bermacam Isian

He or She, who will be the bee? 🐝 Gender Reveal Picnic 🧺 is such an intimate way for parents-to-be to find out if their little bundle of joy is going to be a boy or a girl! 🧢🎀 🧁 Sweet cupcakes will reveal the baby’s gender! Then go for a family picnic. 🫧 #genderreveal #luxurypicnic #luxuryaesthetic #bye SweetTpicnics 4 likes

Dr Pepper Strawberry Float RecipeGo over Root Beer Float, Strawberries & Cream Dr Pepper Float has appeared ⤵️ @influenster sent me a brand new #drpepperstrawberrycream flavored soda from @drpepper and I used it to create a mocktail recipe combining the nostalgic flavors of a classic soda shop ✨ Rich Housewife Hosp 260 likes

Cornflowers Did you know that blue and purple are my favorite colors? This process transforms into a loose, lively nature that is therapeutic and enjoyable. I really love where my art is going. 🩵💙💜 #art #artistssoninstagram #artwork #drawing #portrait #portraitdrawing #portraitpai Ruff Sketchings 13 likes

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ACNH house vs my real home ₊˚🍃⊹✨♡The animals exploring new horizons during the pandemic really piqued my interest in interior decoration. I didn’t have my own space at the time, so being able to do this, especially when we were all in lockdown, was a good creative outlet for me. this cozy game Hayley has ⊹⋆˚꩜ 723 likes

Resep Pastel Isi Cakalang Pedas Tanpa Mikser

First post! Monday is for Dreamlight Valley 🏷️ #ddlv #DDLV #DisneyDreamlightvalley #DDLVCommunity #pinkaesthetic #Pinkgamingsetup #Pastelpink #rgblights #rgb #gamingsetups Sydney 1,105 likes

Pasta alla vodka🍝✨Also known as Gigi Hadid’s vodka pasta, this iconic delicacy is a staple meal when I’m short on groceries – and it takes less than 30 minutes to prepare!!! Ingredients: 🥛 270 ml double cream 🥫 3 heaping tablespoons of tomato paste 🧄 3 large cloves of garlic 🧅 1 whole onion 🌿 basil, oregano, chill Zoe 129 likes

MY RECOMMENDATIONS FOR NAIL PHOTOS! 💅🏻 🌸 visit my Pinterest for more! @gianinalewiss #nailsinspo2023 #nailsoflemon8 gianina lewis 307 likesKalau di tempat suamiku ( makassar)  ini namanya jalangkote, bedanya kalau disana isiannya gak pakai kentang jadi biasanya isiannya pakai ubi jalar dan dikasih mie gitu.

Resep Pastel Isi Bihun

Semoga resep yang aku share selalu bermanfaat ya, oiya maafkan plintiran bentuk pastelnya yang belum sempurna. Kalau punya cetakannya lebih enak cepet dan praktis. Kebetulan aku emang gak punya. Jadi aja instructions 😁

Resep Pastel Isi Pisang Cokelat Keju, Kreasi Kekinian Bikin Nagih

High Protein/Low Calorie Breakfast QuicheA high protein/low calorie breakfast that actually tastes like it’s cooked will keep you full and help you lose weight. 🫶🏼 Ingredients: -2 low carb tortillas – 1 cup liquid egg whites – 1 tablespoon diced tomato – 1 tablespoon diced onion – 1/4 cup mixed peppers – 1 cup chopped spinach – 2 Mariah Hairl 18 likes

2 Dark Academia Novels You’ve Never Heard Of – Part 1 Hello, Lemon8 readers and dreamers! Since we all agree that Dark Academia is the perfect genre for this time of year, I’ve put together a short series of posts on underrated dark academia novels that you may (probably) haven’t heard of. You won’t find Secret History or Ninth H Amanda 🍷🐾📚 79 likes

Welcome to my Lemon8 Let me introduce you to one of my favorite Haitian snacks! Pate kode! Street food is the best food! Kote ayisyen lemon8 yo?! Follow me for more recipes! #haitianfood #patekode #fanmokap #streetfood Tatie’s Corner 1 like

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How to Make a Collage I had so much fun creating a collage for my journal entry! Here’s how I made mine for FREE and easily! HOW TO MAKE A COLLAGE STEP 1 Take photos throughout the day TIP: I was in the office almost all day, so I took a wide-angle photo of the corner of the office which was Krystal Kotesky 54 likes

Diah Didi’s Kitchen: Pastel Goreng Isi Komplet

Tortang Talong (Filipino Omelette with Eggplant) 🍆🍳 Tortang Talong (Filipino Omelette with Eggplant) is delicious and easy to prepare. All you need is eggplant, salt, eggs and banana ketchup for optional dipping. Be sure to roast the eggplant first (on the stove or in the oven) until dark for flavor and easier peeling. Enjoy! 🍳🍆 #cake Sikfan Kuchnia 6 likes

My ARC (Advanced Reader Copy) TBRA is a great way to get books for free and help authors by applying for an ARC or Advanced Reader Copy. These are copies that authors will distribute in exchange for honest reviews. These reviews not only help the author improve the book before release day, but can help build popularity around Hala K 🤠📚 106 likes

Daily Social Media Planner Do you have trouble staying organized when posting on social media? Download my daily planner! #dailyplanner #socialmediatemplate #affiliatemarketingforbeginners Kateynadine 1 like

Resep Pastel Isi Bihun

✨🥭 Mango Yogurt Clusters 🥭✨ Up your snacking game with these irresistible Mango Yogurt Clusters! 🥭🍦 It’s simple yet divine: start by mixing protein-rich yogurt with freshly chopped mango. Creamy yogurt and the intense sweetness of mango combine in a tempting combination. Pour this wonderful mixture into m Fawn Siri 314 likes

Diah Didi’s Kitchen: Tips Membuat Pastel Murah Meriah, Renyah & Enak

LEMON8 Review 🍋I heard that LEMON8 is all about creativity, so I decided to give it a try and I was obsessed with making cool collages! I also write personal and informative articles, which is a great way to utilize my love of writing! 🍋🍋🍋🍋🍋🍋🍋🍋🍋🍋🍋🍋🍋🍋 HERE’S WHY I LIKE LEMON8: 🍋 I love Krystal Kotesky 8 likes

I feel like a Y2K icon 💙Another fact about me: I love themed parties! Not only am I doing the most, but so is he. 🥹 We often save our outfits together for almost every theme party we attend. I can’t wait for the next one! 🫶🏽 #thriftypicks #y2kfashion #fashionfinds #hellolemon8 #shoporsave Adorebadu 1 like

How to Start a Blog I have been experimenting with my blog for about 10 years. I always

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