Resep Pare Balado

Resep Pare Balado – Many people do not like watermelon because of its bitter taste. However, this vegetable can be made into various preparations as long as you know how to cook it. Although it has a bitter taste, the truth is that there are many fans of bitter melon, because bitter melon can be cooked in many dishes such as sausage, made into vegetables, and even boiled using meat such as somay.

Chili is a herb that is believed to prevent and treat many types of diabetes. Chili has good nutrients that the body needs. So consuming bitter melon can help meet the nutritional needs of the body which is definitely healthy.

Resep Pare Balado

Resep Pare Balado

According to Indonesian Food Composition Information (DKPI), per 100 grams of fresh and raw watermelon contains nutrients such as:

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The first way to cook bitter melon so that it is not bitter is to ensure the type of bitter melon you choose. Although all bitter melons have a bitter taste, the intensity of the bitter taste varies depending on several conditions below:

Because the tart or bitter taste will be more obvious in ripe or old bitter melon. One characteristic is that bitter melon skin feels harder.

The color of young watermelons is usually darker, dark green, compared to older watermelons. The green color of the watermelon fades as it ripens.

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People usually prefer to choose large bitter melons instead of many small bitter melons to save time and energy.

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After picking the watermelon, cleaning it properly is one way to cook bitter melon so that it does not become bitter, which is very effective. According to the page

, the way to cook watermelon so that it is not bitter is to scrape the surface of the watermelon. You can use a regular peeler or knife to remove the outer skin until the surface is smooth. Next, split the watermelon into two parts and remove the seeds and white center using a spoon.

Cutting watermelon into thin slices can be one way to cook bitter gourds so that they are not bitter. The smaller the bitter melon pieces, the less bitter the taste will be. Especially if you cook bitter melon by frying, where the bitter melon juice will come out and cook perfectly.

Resep Pare Balado

The salt will draw out the bitter water in the watermelon. The method is quite easy, that is, take a thin slice of bitter melon in a bowl. Next, pour in the salt and stir until dry and watery, then let sit for 20-30 minutes before serving. Be sure to use enough salt to maximize the amount of water the bitter melon can release.

Udang Balado (indonesian Spicy Shrimp)

The next way to cook bitter cucumber so that it is not bitter is to boil bitter cucumber in tamarind leaves. It is believed that the bitter taste of tamarind leaves will help reduce the bitterness of watermelon. The method is to boil bitter cucumber with some tomato leaves until boiled for five minutes. Then remove the bitter melon and wash again with clean water before cooking.

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Boiling bitter melon with a mixture of sugar, salt and vinegar is similar to making pickles. This method is said to work as a way to cook bitter melon so that it does not become bitter. To do this, boil bitter melon in a glass of white vinegar with two spoons of sugar and two spoons of salt. Next, boil until boiling for about two minutes before draining and rinsing with clean water.

, the method is to take the bitter melon that has been washed clean and sliced ​​in the juice for about 30 minutes. Then wash it thoroughly with the running water before cooking, this will make the flesh of the melon less bitter, more sticky.

The clay used is ampo special clay that can be eaten. Unfortunately, ampo is not easy to find. Usually we can only find this snack in traditional markets and not in large quantities. How to boil bitter melon using ampo can be a way to cook bitter melon so that it is not bitter. Just boil the bitter melon with a little ampo for 3-5 minutes. Wash and wash until clean.

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1. Prepare a bowl full of bitter melon, then mix with salt. Squeeze the bitter cucumber until the remaining juice comes out and then wash it.

2. Put oil in the prepared pan and add all the spices. Stir evenly.

1. Put the ingredients such as: meat, eggs, onions, spices, soy sauce, oregano, celery, salt and pepper in a large bowl. stir until mixed.

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Resep Pare Balado

1. Soak the chilies in salted water and sugar for 1 hour to remove the bitterness. Wash and drain.

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