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Resep Palekko – Nasu Paleko is a typical dish of the town of Binrang in South Sulawesi. Many people like it because the spicy taste kicks in the tongue. Originally, the basic ingredient of paleco was duck, but many people make paleco using chicken. So, let’s see how to do it!

14 Ingredients for Cooking Paleco Chicken (Bugis Typical) in this tutorial To make Paleco Chicken (Bugis Typical), you need to prepare only 14 ingredients. So, prepare the below items. 1 Prepare the chicken by cutting it into small pieces. Prepare 8 cloves of onion. Prepare 4 cloves of garlic. Please provide umbrella chillies (According to taste, spicy ones can add 30 pieces. Please provide 2 galangal. Please prepare 3 cm of ginger. Prepare 3 cm of ginger. Please take 3 stalks of lemongrass. Please take .stem part crushed) Please provide 2 bay leaves. Please prepare turmeric powder. Take required amount of pepper. Take enough sour water. Take enough salt and taste. Provide oil to saute the spices. 5 Tips for Cooking Paleco Chicken (Typical Bugis)

Resep Palekko

Resep Palekko

After you have prepared the above 14 ingredients. Now let’s see below the complete steps to prepare Paleco Chicken (common to Bugis).

Resep Nasu Palekko Ayam

For spices, mix garlic, onion, chillies, galangal, ginger, turmeric and lemon grass (chopped white part). Mix it with oil to make it more fragrant and tasty. Wash the chicken cut into small pieces, soak it in tamarind water, salt and pepper and let it stand for about 15 minutes. until the fragrance comes out…..stir and when it gets a little dry, add the chicken to the soaked water, add salt and spices, add required amount of water again and let it boil until the chicken is cooked well. Paleco Chicken is ready to serve. Serve with rice and some cucumber slices for good luck. Bugis Paleco Chicken is famous for its spicy and tangy taste. The combination of spices used to make typical Bugis palekko will make anyone addicted when they taste this typical cooking of Citrap Regency.

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Initially, Nasu Palekko, a common product of the Bugis, was made from duck or duck. However, in its development this recipe is processed using the basic ingredients of chicken meat.

Paleco chicken tastes completely different because chicken has a thicker and softer texture and fewer bones than duck. Even so, both have their own fans.

Paleco chicken seasoning is no different from the duck version, which uses many spices. But in the early history of its production, paleco products used simple spices.

Nasu Palekko, Primadona Kuliner Lebaran Khas Bugis

Bugis-Makassar Humanist Hasanuddin University (Unhas) Dr. Firman Saleh said duck breeders from Sitrap prepared the typical Bugis palekko product as a way of thanking the owners of the land where they breed. Since it is done in paddy fields, the materials used are very limited.

“In the past, in the paddy fields, yes, it was very simple as needed. The main thing is that there is salt, galangal, tamarind, turmeric and lemongrass,” Firman told South Sulawesi, Sunday (25/). 9/2022).

“But if we’re in a store, it’s not (simple), there’s already a lot of spices, it’s mixed with onion, it’s got galangal, it’s got lemon grass, it’s got chili, it’s got cloves, it’s got lemon, it’s complete,” he said. Added.

Resep Palekko

Firman said duck farmers at the time used water from paddy field drains to make paleco. Rice drain water is said to have a unique taste.

Resep Nasu Palekko Asli Hidangan Khas Sulawesi Selatan, Lengkap Dengan Sejarahnya

“If it’s original, they use tap water. So they say it’s better, and I tried it,” Firman said.

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As opposed to the current processed duck or paleco chicken that uses cooking oil. But duck farmers at that time heated duck skin to produce oil for frying.

“And paleco, for the original paleco, he doesn’t use (frying) oil. So the breeders open the skin of the duck and cook it in oil first,” he explained.

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