Resep Pajeon Asli Korea

Resep Pajeon Asli Korea – , Jakarta Are you a fan of the world of K-pop and its various aspects? Korea really has no end to talk about. From the music that is very popular, the drama series that always manages to sweep away the emotions of the fans, to various typical Korean foods.

It seems that Korean fever is still sweeping this country, not only in the world of music and fashion, but the culinary world is also affected by Korean fever. You may often find various Korean foods that catch your attention and seem delicious to eat.

Resep Pajeon Asli Korea

Resep Pajeon Asli Korea

Apart from kimchi, how to make Korean pancakes also often appears in scenes in South Korean dramas. Yes, this way of making pancakes in Korean “jeon” includes vegetables that make them even more delicious. Another name for Korean pancakes is Buchimgae. How to make Korean Pancakes itself refers to a dish made with a batter consisting of eggs and other ingredients and fried very thinly.

Resep Pajeon Pancake Daun Bawang Khas Korea Ala Jesselyn Lauwreen

Many types of jeon (pancakes) can be seen during the festive season in Korea. Jeon can be made with single ingredients such as dongtae jeon (pollack pancake) and hobak jeon (fried summer squash batter), or a combination of two or three ingredients such as pajeon haemul (seafood and scallion pancakes) and kimchijeon (kimchi pancakes).

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So, from several types of Korean pancakes, you can make them more easily. How to make Korean pancakes, compiled from various sources, Monday (5/11/2018).

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ONE of the foods we see most often in Korean dramas is pajeon. Aka pancakes or omelettes, they can serve as side dishes – cut into small pieces or fried in small sizes. Or as a snack to eat at Santal. Hot pajeon fresh from the pan, with a bowl of makgeolli (rice wine) on a rainy day… Ah, perfect!

Resep Pancake Kentang Korea (gamjajeon) Yang Renyah Enak Untuk Camilan

The main ingredients for pajeon are flour and spring onions. Pa itself means spring onion. And jeon means omelette. The most used filling is seafood (haemu). But the dough can also be filled with kimchi, or green beans (so nokdujeon). The taste is clearly different. However, they are all favorite snacks.

If you want haemul pajeon and you can’t go to Korea because there is still a pandemic, you can make it yourself. The method is not much different from making an omelette. “The only thing that is key is the ingredients. “The portioning has to be right, so that the thickness and crunchiness are right,” said Kim Hyo-sun, supervisor of Korean Bapsang.

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Instant flour (bhim garu) is available in imported grocery stores. This flour is also what ahjumma ahjumma uses in Korea to make their daily pajeon. Contains a mixture of flour, cornstarch, rice flour and a little baking powder. This mixture is what makes the pajeon texture chewy. But the edges are crisp.

Resep Pajeon Asli Korea

Can’t find instant flour? Do not worry. We can use flour for all purposes. Aka all-purpose flour. “To get the right texture, we can add rice flour and/or cornstarch. Plus baking powder. “Just like they sold a lot,” Hyo Sun said. “Well, to add flavor and aroma, we can add salt and minced garlic,” added the Korean woman who lives in the United States.

Resep Masakan Khas Korea Dengan Gochujang, Terasa Pedasnya Halaman All

As for the filling, it is free. We can use squid, green tuna, oysters or shrimp. If it’s just one or two types, that’s fine. Fresh seafood is recommended. However, if only frozen is available, it is not a problem. Mix it with the batter before frying.

There are several ways to cook pajeon. First, all the ingredients are mixed together in a bowl, then fried on a flat pan (pan). But there are also those who just mix seafood into the mix. Meanwhile, spring onions are placed on top of the mixture while frying.

The third way is leeks first fried. When it is almost cooked, pour the mixture over it. So leeks are crispier. You can try these three methods to get the texture you like best. Fry until the bottom is golden brown and then turn over. Wait until cooked. Take out and serve.

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Many people ask Hyo Sun how to make the pajeon texture more crispy. He has some advice. First, make sure all the ingredients are completely dry before adding them to the dough. Second, if you make your own dough, add cornstarch and/or rice flour to the flour.

Resep Gamjajeon, Bikin Pancake Kentang Ala Korea Pakai 4 Bahan Mudah

Third, Hyo-sun suggests mixing bhim garu with special flour for frying (twiguim garu) in a ratio of 1:1. Then we can also use ice water to make the dough. “Last resort, don’t be political about oil. “The more the dough is submerged in oil, the crunchier it gets,” said the mother of two. (Retna Christa)

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