Resep Otak Otak Telur

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Resep Otak Otak Telur – Fried brain recipe is a popular snack in Indonesia. There is no doubt that everyone will love this snack, from children to adults. We usually get these otak-otak snacks in front of school or in the school canteen.

But now we can’t get these snacks outside because of covid 19 still, for those who want to enjoy fried brain you can make these snacks in your home by using things that are easy to find and economical. Immediately refer to the recipe below.

Resep Otak Otak Telur

Resep Otak Otak Telur

Look carefully at the ingredients, don’t miss it. For a dip or a sauce, it’s free, you can use anything.

Diah Didi’s Kitchen: Otak Otak Goreng

1. Prepare a cooking pot and add 200 milliliters of water and boil the water until it boils. After the water boils, add one tablespoon of crushed garlic powder, grind 4 pieces of garlic, then add one tablespoon of flour, one tablespoon of ground pepper, one tablespoon of salt, then add 100 grams of flour or the equivalent of 10 tablespoons and make a convex dish. or munjung.

2. Then turn off the stove, and stir it until it is well mixed until the mixture is soft and there are no lumps, after the mixture is soft, then you turn the mixture into a separate container, and leave the mixture take about 5 minutes until the mixture is warm, after about 5 minutes it is already warm, add 2 eggs (egg) I use medium eggs.

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Then add 1 leka that has been washed and cut it well, then add 200 grams of tapioca flour or the equivalent of 20 convex spoons, then add the flour slowly and mix it well, then mix it with a spoon, you can handle it directly by hand.

4. Then add a spoonful of baking powder, don’t stop baking powder and make the dough soft and smooth. After the dough starts to mix well, I continue to knead it by using my hands to make sure the dough is smooth. it can be. establish. This dough is smooth and can be shaped so that the texture is soft and it won’t last long.

Resep Otak Otak Bandeng Khas Gresik, Cocok Jadi Lauk Makan Siang

5. In the future we will shape the dough, then we will take a little dough and roll it into an oval, for the size of the dough, according to my taste, take about 25 grams in each part, if you want it to be big or small. You can also do this until the dough is done.

6. After the dough is made, the result will be about 23 percent, then prepare the water in the pan, boil the water until it boils, use medium heat so that the dough does not take too long, then add 2 spoons of cooking oil in . pan, after the water boils, put the whole mixture in the pan and cook until all the dough floats.

7. After the water has flowed, remove it and drain it until the water drains. close tightly, then place it in the freezer compartment.

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Resep Otak Otak Telur

8. Prepare the oil in a frying pan on a medium flame, then turn it down a little, when the oil is hot, add the dough until it tastes good and fry until golden brown until the brain is cooked, turn the dough forward and back until it is cooked. always, after the color becomes brownish brown, the brain is cooked, removed and removed from the oil, until the oil drops and served while it is warm.

Resep Otak Otak Ikan Tenggiri, Cocok Buat Camilan Sore Hari

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Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on WhatsApp Share on WhatsApp Share on Telegram Share on Email Buying otak-otak outside the home is usually expensive with a limited area. Do you want to be able to enjoy otak-otak to your heart’s content? Try your brain, come on!

You can make economical fish dumplings. The texture is chewy and slightly chewy. It can be enjoyed with soup or peanut sauce. Come on, try these fish-free brain recipes!

Pour water into a pan, then mix with chopped garlic, salt, chicken powder, and ground pepper, then stir until distributed. Cook on low heat until the water boils, then add the flour and keep stirring until it becomes a dough.

Resep Otak Otak Tenggiri Gurih Rekomendasi Cemilan Anak Anak

Transfer the dough into a container. When the mixture is cold, add the eggs, good ebi, stir until it is well combined. Add chives and tapioca flour little by little while stirring with a spatula.

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After that, boil the water, then mix it with a little oil. Add the otak-otak, then boil until cooked and absorbed. Once cooked, remove and discard.

Heat oil, then add otak-otak to taste. Fry over medium heat until cooked. Once cooked, remove and discard. Serve the otak-otak with soy sauce.

Resep Otak Otak Telur

Well, this is a delicious recipe without fish. You can reserve some brains for frozen foods. Good luck!

Resep Otak Otak Goreng Telur Asin Enak, Camilan Lezat Untuk Menyambut Si Kecil Pulang Sekolah

Disclaimer: this article was published on with the title “Economical and Easy to Make Recipe for No-Fish Recipe”

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