Resep Opor Bebek Empuk

Resep Opor Bebek Empuk – “Just rest first, okay? Dare to be hungry while driving is not good! This is what the nutritionist said: “I asked the lady for three quarters of a pound.

So, the basic question is, can duck meat be turned into soup, softening the texture and reducing the fishy aroma?

Resep Opor Bebek Empuk

Resep Opor Bebek Empuk

As the creatures in my stomach started to rebel after the long distance drive, I decided to visit the cooking stall located on the edge of Tagalgundu-Jonti road. To be precise, it is located on the land of Sidoharjo Village, Polanharjo District, Klaten, near the Solo – Jogja Toll Road Project.

Kuliner Solo #kulo

“Sir, order some duck broth and fried duck,” I asked Pak Trimanto, a second-generation Bo Yedi who also serves as the village chief of Sidoharjo.

Well, apparently duck orders are served in two separate dishes. A piece of duck meat on a plate and sweat sauce in a bowl. Tomato sauce plus something white rice that is free flowing and free to consume.

The texture of this type of chicken meat can be modified to make it soft and tender without the smell of fish. The spices are just enough, creating an oily and sweet flavor typical of South Javanese cuisine.

Part of the secret is that the raw ingredients of Mrs. Yedi’s potion are made from ducks that are no longer useful for laying eggs. Then it is slaughtered and the feathers are plucked by hand and then pressure cooked with various spices to produce quality meat fibers that are not tough.

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Tip Cara Memasak Ayam Enak Terbaru

Creatures with webbed feet, known for negative traits such as stalking, stalking or ducking, can actually excite and attract anyone. Even Pak Bundan Vinarno, Om Indru Warkop, Kay Menteb Sudarsono are among these three people.

“Kulu mobah yadi, inkong ezviti oppur adak nikki.” Mobah Yadi who was still fit in his old age said when we were chatting, “Kulu pon yusuo bede sengang dosu, mas, grandfather kolli wulu, pon wonten inkang mardamal”.

Now my soulmate has also fallen victim to the spell of a bird with a spoonful of artichoke, which is called a duck in campus language!

Resep Opor Bebek Empuk

Meanwhile, the bones left on the plate actually took my fancy to the face of the singer who dominated the duck style rock show. Fried duck is a dish that is widely known in Indonesia. You need some special tricks to prepare duck, because duck meat is tough and firm but has a distinct flavor and texture. But what happens if ducks become waste? One of the dishes on the menu is the same as the chicken and egg filling, but one of the eateries in Klaten uses duck as the filling on the Opor menu, namely Opor Bebek Bu Yadi.

Memasak Resep Opor Bebek Yang Lezat Menggoyang Lidah

If the duck meat is usually tough and seems fishy, ​​unlike Opor Bebek Klaten’s smelly cooking, the duck meat here has a tender texture and the right spice flavor. What is the secret? Come on, follow MinLo.

This deli stall, with the full name of Bo Yadi Babak and Farid Babak deli stall, was established in the 1980s by a husband and wife couple, Suyadi and Suyamti, in the same place 30 years ago. This deli stall is always busy with visitors every day and is never empty. On holidays, this food stall can serve 60 ducks and around 40-50 ducks on weekdays. If there are special moments such as Eid al-Fitr or Christmas holidays, this number can increase drastically.

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Delicious Klaten Opor Bebek Bo Yedi cuisine has two main menu items, namely Opor Bebek and Fried Duck. Despite relying on only two menus, this food stall is still a favorite among those who enjoy its food, especially because the taste remains the same and the texture of the duck meat is soft and tender on the tongue. Even the late Bundan Vinarno came and tasted the culinary delights of Klaten Opor Bebek Bu Yadi.

In fact, there is no particular secret as to why the duck meat at this stall is so soft and tender. The process of cooking duck is first in a pressure cooker with different herbs and spices. Therefore, the meat is not only cooked from the outside, but the spices penetrate into it as well. For the duck menu, the opura sauce is cooked separately from the duck meat, only after the duck empong is cooked together so that the spices are fully absorbed by the duck meat and the opura sauce is thick and fragrant with the spices and thick. It has a more delicious taste

Menu Lebaran Sederhana Tapi Mewah

Another thing about the unique taste of duck is that the process of killing the duck is still done manually. This stall selects the best meat by only selecting ducks that are no longer productive (rejected ducks). So the meat is tastier and it reduces the smell of fish.

If KuLo’s friends order some of the duck broth, a piece of duck meat (a duck divided into four parts) is served on a separate plate with the sauce in another dish. Meanwhile, the fried duck is served with warm rice and hot pepper sauce. For a portion of duck, the price starts from IDR 25,000 only, if you come as a group, you can order a whole duck for only IDR 100,000 per head.

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So, for KuLo friends who like processed duck meat, there is no harm in eating Klaten Opor Bebek Bu Yadi cuisine located in Sidoharjo, Polanharjo, Klaten, Central Java. The location of this pavilion is close to several tourist attractions such as Kokro Tulong, Ombol Ponggok and many others. Hmm, this is really convenient, after you are tired of enjoying the water tourism, drop by and enjoy the culinary delights of Klaten Opor Bebek Bu Yadi.

Resep Opor Bebek Empuk

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