Resep Ontbijtkoek Yongki Gunawan

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Resep Ontbijtkoek Yongki Gunawan – Mostly when I make cakes with fruit flavors, e.g. They definitely don’t react to banana cake, carrot cake, kabocha cake, etc… In fact, sometimes I have to “handle” it too, aka I finish it myself *cries and rolls around. Although I think it tastes great, apparently my husband and the rest of my family are not happy with this type of cake. That’s why I’m no longer interested in cake recipes that combine fruit/vegetables. You can see the recipe below..

Make sure the eggs are fresh, check one by one, if some are runny, set them aside to make an omelette hehe

Resep Ontbijtkoek Yongki Gunawan

Resep Ontbijtkoek Yongki Gunawan

Add the liquid ingredients (margarine, sm, syrup) that have come together, use the lowest speed for a while, turn off the mixer. Continue with the spatula, mix lightly again, make sure it’s homogeneous, don’t over mix

Lil’ Story From Eta And Dika’s Mom: Desember 2013

Put it in a baking dish, this time I used a Tulban teflon baking dish with a diameter of 20 cm, a height of 7 cm, bake for 60 minutes on a moderate fire

This last Mother’s Day I made it for myself hihiiii.. The recipe uses my usual technique, improvisation :p

Ontbijtkoek or “breakfast cake” but usually called spiced bread from Holland. Rye is the most important ingredient for light brown coloring. Often flavored with cloves, cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg. Some parts of the Netherlands have their own local recipes, the most famous being “Oudewijvenkoek”), which is eaten mostly in the north and is flavored with anise. Ontbijtkoek was originally served for breakfast with a thick layer of butter on top instead of bread. Since it is sweet, this cake can also be used as a snack.Wikipedia

There are many recipes for Ontbijtkoek on Google, some of these recipes basically use palm sugar and spike pepper in this cake, just follow one of the recipes. But in my kitchen vocabulary, sometimes (often) I have to improvise to suit the contents of my kitchen. Like when I wanted to make this Ontbijtkoek, the recipe called for 75 grams of palm sugar and I had 100 grams, so I was thinking, what do I use for the remaining 25 grams? I finally decided to make my own version of Ontbijtkoek. From trial and error the results were quite satisfactory, I was just a bit careless, the top skin was still a bit sticky, ok for the first try, the important thing is that it tastes good… You can see the recipe below…

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Kisah 4 Toko Roti Tua Paling Dicari Di Bandung

Put all the ingredients in a blender except the margarine, then beat them by slowly increasing the blender speed until thick and fluffy, 15 minutes using my mixer.

Why is it called Pancake Eta, because every time I make this menu, it is because there is a request from Sis Eta, my beloved little daughter. When I first learned to make pancakes, my kitchen was always full of furniture, now not anymore, I found a way to save energy, process several ingredients at once (I’m not lazy, you just like to be efficient 😉 ) Now I don’t use scales for measuring , I can only see by viscosity hehee..

Warm liquid milk, warm enough, immediately add 1 tablespoon of powdered sugar, blue belt, mix until liquid, add egg yolk and vanilla powder, mix again, set aside

Resep Ontbijtkoek Yongki Gunawan

Beat the egg whites with the remaining 2 tablespoons of sugar until soft peaks form, if they are too stiff, the mixture will be difficult to mix. Add a little to the flour mixture

Jual Buku Resep Cake, Kue, & Dessert Dari Dapur Tempo Doeloe Karya Tim Ide Masak

Heat the pan, only on a low heat, do not spread anything, pour 2-3 tablespoons or use a ladle, the size depends on the taste… after 3 minutes, turn it over, bake for another 2 minutes, remove from the heat.

It’s been a long time since I made this, I understand that I only had time for the blog, so I just edited the post, never mind hehehe… The recipe is just a basic sponge cake recipe, then I added chocolate paste, decorated it for fun and finished BC making Dika’s birthday cake yesterday. After finishing the cake, Sis Eta wanted to blow out the candles again using the decorated cupcakes, lol, my toddler is really addicted to blowing out the candles :p

Add the melted margarine, you can use the mixer for 10 seconds, turn it off, lift the mixer. Mix again with a spatula to make sure the mixture is homogeneous.

The next day I bought yellow kepok bananas that were still ripe but already ripe. This type of banana is the most popular in my family because it is very easy to process into a HEALTHY snack, cheap and certainly tasty. what is most often processed for fried bananas, it is best to use sasa flour… especially now that there are new variants of cappuccino and strawberry (not Sasa marketing… but I really depended on this brand of pisgor flour, I don’t want to change it anymore). But since there was no supply of flour, Ety and Diky’s mom had to think about plan B, she saw that there was still 1 block of cheese and 1 bag of Skm Gold in the fridge, so she thought of making only grilled bananas. , you don’t actually burn the bananas, that’s enough. Put the blue strip in the pan for a while until the color is brownish. Remember to use low heat so it doesn’t burn easily.

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Delapan Dekade Usianya”: Kenali Maison Weiner, Toko Kue Legendaris Di Jakarta

Enough yellow kepok bananas (depending on the fan, in my house where there are a lot of people, this means to prepare at least 10 kepok bananas), if possible a little thicker so that they don’t break easily… comb the bananas. Set aside 3-4 slices (depending on size).

The husband and children were waiting for grilled bananas hihihi…they make them in the afternoon, they ask to make them again in the evening…nothing, the important thing is that everyone is satisfied. … 🙂

I really want to try Mbak Ricke’s sponge cake recipe every day. According to Mrs. Ricke, who uses the all-in-one method (beat everything except the liquid margarine) with this method, it is very important to keep the eggs and emulsifier fresh, because they are the real fighters whose job it is to mix your dough well. If it’s not fresh, the dough is guaranteed to be difficult to rise (I’ve proven it, friends).

Resep Ontbijtkoek Yongki Gunawan

Coincidentally, all the ingredients were there and the crucils were already in the bowl aka bobok ciang. Finally, the battle begins in the kitchen, weighing the ingredients and placing them on my beloved friend, don’t forget to prepare the baking pan, which is quite a time-consuming ritual, starting with spreading the butter, cutting the baking paper, gluing. put on a baking sheet and brush again with butter.

Kue Dan Puding Archives

I used 2 22x22x4 baking pans for this recipe, because after measuring, mine did not fit 30 pans… I just poured the motif with a spoon, I was reluctant to use any utensils, including a plastic triangle, except that there was only a small amount of dough. After pouring the chocolate mixture, spread it with a toothpick or a spoon (whatever it is, it’s important that it’s clean…)

As I was afraid that the first Bogul would be tough, I baked them one by one, putting the waiting pans in the fridge first. Fortunately, there were no problems with waiting in line.

The result is a cake that is super soft and yummmmm… thank you beautiful miss Ricke, too bad she is in Korea now, try here in Tabanan, maybe she will come to classes with me every day hehehe

6 whole eggs (use fresh eggs, the whites are still thick and the yolks are still intact and good)

Penyebab Kue Jadi Terasa Kering Dan Seret Saat Dimakan

1. Prepare a baking tray, grease the bottom with margarine/baking oil, line with baking paper/parchment. Grease the pan again with margarine/oil. Set aside.

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2. Sift the flour, cornstarch and powdered milk and mix all the ingredients except the melted butter together. Beat with a high-speed mixer until fluffy, thick and white (check the consistency by lifting the mixer, the mixture will fall slowly, not liquid).

4. Pour into the pan, level the surface. Bake in a preheated oven at 200°C (high temperature) until it is baked and the surface of the skin is brown and completely dry to the touch.

Resep Ontbijtkoek Yongki Gunawan

Hahh…isn’t that headline wrong?! No friends… this is really not a wrong name hehehe… the story is that in the morning after cooking and breakfast as always, I prepared hot water for you to bathe. In the end, Eta’s sister asked for pancakes for several times, she likes this treat very much. To be honest, Eta is a bit picky eater, she doesn’t even want to cook anything, she likes to eat, one of her favorites is this pancake. Since I am alone with 2 babies (even if they are 3.5 years old, they still consider themselves babies :p), I keep thinking about it, because it’s hard for my sister to (learn to walk) like that. you need to keep an extra eye on her… luckily I’m calm at the time, so I just approved the request. My older brother was also making pancakes at that time, but it turned out that he only had a pinch of blue ribbon left, he was just so imprudent… I was in trouble he used a haan whip so it would be even smoother. pancakes now one by one, an idea came, just put the batter in… I used my 20 cm Teflon pan, I didn’t use it for quick ones. rub and sprinkle with flour where you have time… the kitchen is like a broken ship (thanks sister for your activity hehehe)

Heat the liquid milk and the blue belt, do not let it boil, just heat it, add the egg, mix well with a fork (if you have a whisk, you can use it)

Pour into the prepared pan, sprinkle with grated cheese (if you want the cheese not to be too dry, use a fairly large grater)

Well, it’s your birthday cake again, you’re not bored hihihi… The birthday boy really doesn’t want to blow out all the candles, he’s awkward with his age :p but since you don’t know what kind of gift. give him, ok, make a cake… There is something funny about this cake, when I baked the base of the cake, I openly baked it in front of a person, so I thought it was a cake for a simple snack, I made it on Sunday, while my birthday was on Tuesday. Well, decorate it while hiding, stealing time while daddy is working or cooking hohoho (that’s just what it’s called while diving into drinking tea hehehe..crispy!) or after a person is fast asleep (even children, so the decoration is calm ; ))

The recipe uses Mrs. Hesti’s Orange Cake with ABC Syrup (again!) I love visiting Mrs. Hesti’s blog

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