Resep Ongol Ongol Labu Kuning

Resep Ongol Ongol Labu Kuning – Ongol-ongol is a traditional snack with a soft, chewy texture and a sweet taste. Served with shredded coconut, this snack can be prepared using a variety of creative ingredients.

This time we will make ongol-ongol with yellow pumpkin as the main ingredient. The sweet and salty taste of yellow squash makes this snack even more delicious. In fact, you can even try it later as a snack to break the fast.

Resep Ongol Ongol Labu Kuning

Resep Ongol Ongol Labu Kuning

Prepare 200 grams of yellow squash, peel and wash it and then steam until the yellow squash is soft. If so, immediately remove and mash the pumpkin using a fork or the back of a spoon.

Resep Ongol Ongol Tepung Kanji, Lembut Dan Legit

After that, mix 150 grams of grated coconut with 1/2 teaspoon of salt and 1 pandan leaf. Stir briefly until mixed. Then steam the shredded coconut until cooked. If so, remove it and set it aside.

Place the tapioca flour, rice flour, salt, sugar and water in the prepared bowl. Stir until all ingredients are evenly mixed. When smooth, add the yellow squash puree while continuing to whisk.

After mixing all the ingredients well, cook the mixture in a pan until it thickens. Remember to use low heat when preparing the mixture so that the mixture does not burn easily and cooks perfectly.

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Pour the mixture cooked until thickened into the baking dish. Don’t forget to spread enough margarine or vegetable oil on the surface of the baking pan.

Resep Ongol Ongol Labu Kuning, Camilan Legit Buat Buka Puasa

After that, spread the dough evenly using the back of a spoon, and then tap the pan so that no air remains in the dough. Steam the dough for approximately 20 minutes or until the dough is cooked.

To know if the dough is cooked or not, you can take a toothpick or stick and stick it in the dough. If the dough is still sticky, it means that the dough is not cooked.

Next, lift and leave the mixture for a few minutes until the temperature cools down. Then cut the dough and cover with steamed shredded coconut. Ongol-ongol yellow pumpkin is ready to enjoy.

Resep Ongol Ongol Labu Kuning

The yellow pumpkin ongol-ongol recipe above is very easy to implement, isn’t it? You can enjoy Ongol-ongol yellow squash while breaking your fast with a cup of tea or coffee. Wow, this would be the perfect iftar menu!

Resep Ongol Ongol Labu Kuning, Ide Jualan Kue Di Pasar Yang Kenyal Legit Gurih, Jual Harga 1000an Pasti Ludes

Cooking, writing, and exercising… Do your part and all you can, and let God do His part and be done with it.

IDN Times is a media that provides a platform for community writing. All written works created are the sole responsibility of the author. How are you? Thank God it’s still rainy season, it rains almost every day. Thank God the air is fresh and cold. When it’s cold, the snacks are delicious, yes, but this time the snacks are gluten free. in my place it is better known as waluh. In addition to being easy, the price is also quite cheap.

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If we want to be a little hard (creative), pumpkin can be made into various delicious and varied foods, not only steamed or compote. In Bojonegoro there are several home industry centers that process pumpkin into egg cakes. Because it is the main ingredient. it’s pumpkin, the egg rolls turn a beautiful yellow. .The flavor is also legal, it just doesn’t taste like flour. Apart from egg roll, there is also something else namely jenang waluh or dodol waluh. The flavor is also legit, typical of dodol, but you definitely wouldn’t think that the base ingredient is squash or pumpkin.

Honestly, I personally prefer to process pumpkin into various foods, rather than making it into compote or steaming. What is… ummmm, I don’t like the texture, it’s a bit lumpy, not as hard as sweet potatoes. or telo.Kids don’t like it either but hubby who basically likes things steamed please go ahead.But instead of just finishing the pumpkin steamed, finally my husband gave in,lol…….Giving Processed in other foods following those of us who like pumpkin. Like the “yellow timbal” pumpkin that I made before, it is very delicious, actually my husband said that the yellow pumpkin was the best timbal. But this time I want to make another one. traditional snack, namely ongol-ongol. Ongol-ongol in West Java- It’s one of the traditional dishes of ko. This chewy texture makes you want it again and again, hehehehe…..I took the recipe from the blog “mb Luluk Williams”

Resep Kue Ongol Ongol Enak Dan Mudah

Don’t ask about the taste, it’s delicious, MasyaAlloh. It is delicious, slightly sweet and tasty. Children like it very much. And, of course, it doesn’t get boring. This can be an alternative healthy gluten free snack while introducing children to traditional snacks. Ms. Luluk, thank you for sharing this traditional snack recipe, it will become one of the children’s favorite snacks…..

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