Resep Ongol Ongol Hunkwe

Resep Ongol Ongol Hunkwe – Ongol Ongol Hunkwe (Mung Bean Starch Cake with Grated Coconut) – This naturally gluten-free, vegetarian and dairy-free cake is made with mung bean starch and coconut sugar and rolled in grated coconut.

There are many Indonesian kui kui (cakes) that are not made with wheat flour (all-purpose flour). Thus, they are naturally gluten-free. Not because gluten was a concern in the old days but because wheat was rarer than other types of flour commonly used in cooking and baking, just to name a few: rice flour, glutinous rice flour, tapioca flour, potato flour, corn flour/starch. and mung bean flour.

Resep Ongol Ongol Hunkwe

Resep Ongol Ongol Hunkwe

Hunkwe is basically a type of starch extracted from mung beans. It will give a soft and bouncy texture when cooked. It is a favorite type of flour used to make Kui Kui in Indonesia. Don’t go wrong with mung bean flour, which is made by grinding the beans. Although I can tell you in Asia the terms mung bean starch and mung bean flour are often used interchangeably, they are not the same thing.

Resep Jajanan Pasar Yang Selalu Ngangenin, Bikin Yuk!

This is the brand of Hoon Kew that my mother always bought. I couldn’t find any Indonesian-made hun kwa here, but there is mung bean starch made in Korea, which is also a perfect substitute.

Ongol ongol hungwe is made with hungwe dough cooked in coconut sugar and then rolled in grated coconut. Ongol Ongol originated in West Java. It has a soft, almost translucent appearance and a jello-like crunch. It has a mild sweet taste with slightly salty grated coconut. Such a simple cake but a huge favorite among the locals.

There is a recipe printed on the package on how to make ongol ongol. If I follow this recipe, ongol ongol will never be good for me. The ratio of flour to water is 1:6, which I found too strong!

Making Ongol Ongol hungwe is very easy. All you need is: hunkwe flour (or use mung bean flour), water, coconut sugar, regular sugar, grated coconut and a pinch of salt.

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Kue Cantik Manis Pandan

Ongole Ongole’s dark brown color comes from gula jawa/coconut sugar/palm sugar. I like gula jaba because it enhances the flavor of food without being too sweet.

My son loves to slather on the cake without any coconut (look at those eager hands).

3. Stir the hunkwe flour into the coconut sugar mixture and cook until it thickens and turns dark brown and translucent.

Resep Ongol Ongol Hunkwe

Store: Leftovers can be covered in plastic wrap and then refrigerated for up to 5 days.

Kue Apem Tepung Beras Rose Brand, Cita Rasa Tradisional Yang Menggoda

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Marvelina is a food blogger, recipe developer, photographer and publisher of What to Cook Today. A food blog that brings you tried and true Asian recipes Tapioca Flower Cake Slice (Ongol-Ongol) – Ramadan Day at #powerhousecreatives 8thekitchenfairy (71) • 4 years ago Hi There Steemians 🙂 Yesterday I was having a nostalgic moment of my oldest days sister and I were walking home from school, and our At the end of the street, there was this family that had a house based on a traditional cake, called, ongol-ongol. Our parents didn’t have a lot of money growing up, and every time we passed this house the smell and look of the cake was just amazing, we often had to beg our parents for small change to be able to have this cake haha ​​I’m yup Hadn’t this cake, I kid. My last time was back in elementary school, when we lived near that house, seriously. 2 months or so ago, my neighbors, Nita and Lily were discussing this, and we planned to do it together but we just couldn’t find the time. But those talks made me want to do it, and only yesterday I had time to do so lol hai teman, gimana nih puasa kalyan sejauh ini. Dah Hari K-10 Aja Disana Yak, Semoga Langkar Teras. Kemarin aku buat kue ongol-ongol. Kalyan tau ga ki ini? Aslinia dari sago, tapi banyak juga yang pakai tapioca, terus ada juga yang pakai tepung hunkwe atau bahkan pakai singkong. Kakak perempuanku yang sulung sarta aku, sinta banget sama ongol-ongol, tapi masya allah, terakhir aku makan nih yah zaman sd, lama bena deh pokokanya hahahaha 2 bulanan yang lalu tuh si nita dan-olongbunong maongbunong lilin, gan , tapi ga sempat mulu kami Eh kemarin aku kepikiran ongol-ongol, ngiler. Puasa ngiler boleh ga hahahaha Jadilah aku bikin kemarinan dan kirim-kirim ke manwanya Nita dan Lily 😀 Anyway, I’m tagging you @allyinspirit, if you want to try it. I have to say, many Indonesian traditional cakes are considered “wet cakes”, because they are steamed as opposed to baked in the oven 🙂 And since it’s tapioca, you know the texture is soft and juicy. 1 bag tapioca starch/flour, 425 g 1 can coconut milk, 400 ml 1 tablespoon vegetable oil 1 teaspoon vanilla extract 1 1/2 g brown sugar 1/4 – 1/2 g sugar 2 screwpine leaves, 750-800 ml Water 1/2 bag unsweetened sweetened coconut 1/2 tsp salt 2-4 tbsp water HOW TO Preheat your steamer and a mold (you can place a banana leaf under the inner mold for easy release) Bring water, sugar and to cook the screwpine leaves Meanwhile, mix the flour, coconut milk, oil and extract in a bowl, when the sugar syrup is ready, pour while hot, stir the flour bowl with a whisk to combine well, no lumps Steam for 1 hour 15 minutes Remove from steamer and let cool to room temperature Meanwhile, place coconut in a bowl, mix salted coconut with water, cover with cling wrap, microwave for 1 minute 425g tepung tapioca 400ml santan kalengan siap pakai 1 sdm minyak goreng 1 sdt vanilla essence 750 – 800 ml air 1 1/2 jelas gula merah 1/4 – 1/2 jelas gula pasir 2 daun pandan, ikat simpul pasparsing 1/2 1/2 sdt garam 2- 4 sdm air Cara Membuat Panaskan kukusan serta loyang Campurkan air, Gula, daun pandan, Rebus Campur tapioca, Minyak, santan kalengan, serta esens Saat air Gula sudah boiling, tuang dukitkased, tuang dukamised hinga lambut, tanpa gumpalan tuang pada longang yang sudah dipankan, kukus selma sesame dan 15 min Angkat, dingingkan suhu ruangan taruh kelapa parut siap pakai kedalam wadah tahan panas, berry trung tunggang air berry garam tungsung air sana sini microwave selma 1 Dump the cake on a cutting board, wrap your knife in cling wrap to hold it when slicing. If not, then serve with coconut and enjoy 😀 Thanks for watching! Lapisi pisau dengan plastic beer mudah pas mengiris keluaarkan que dari long, iris, lalu gulingkan ke kelapa jadi de 😀 jangan lupa gunakan tagar #Ramadan-TKF dan sampai jumpa besok lagi 😀 Day 1, https://///fachenykreative /grilled -bananas-with-brown-sugar-sauce-pisang-gapit-ramadan-day-1 day 2, https:///powerhousecreatives/@thekitchenfairy/rice-flour-porridge-with-syrup-bubur-sumsum-ramadan -day -2 Day 3, https:///powerhousecreatives/@thekitchenfairy/brown-sugar-jelly-agar-agar-gula-merah-ramadan-day-3 Day 4 & 5, https:///powerhousecreatives/@thekitchenfairy /grass -jelly-ice-es-campur-ramadan-day-4-and-5 Day 6, https:///powerhousecreatives/@thekitchenfairy/rolled-crepes-with-coconut-filling-dadar-gulung-ramadan-day-6 Day 7, https:///powerhousecreatives/@thekitchenfairy/cassava-porridge-bubur-singkong-ramadan-day-7 List of Sweets from Ramadan 2018 – Takzil Ramadan 2018 Srikaya Roti Pisang – Steamed Banana Bread Pudding Mango Cupcakes Labu Kuning – Steamed Pumpkin Cakelets Bengkwang – Jicama Iss Colak Kolang-kaling – Todipam Fruit Ice Bubur Candle – Glutinous Balls Dessertroti Pisang Banjar – Banana Bread Cakelets e Cendolcera I Green Sirans and Pea Syrup I Pumpkin Ah – Pancakes in Coconut Syrup Blewah – Cantaloupe IceKlappertaart – Coconut Puddingdugo – Steamed Glutinus Rice with Collapter – Bittergourd Shaped Coconut coconut Cakeletspisang Cokelat – Chocolate Banana Spring Rolls Wadai Karaban – Palm Sugar and spice Cake Slice – GW Pancosing Blutins Cucumata – Eye Caesmod Cuchew – Stims Cucumber – Eye Carmel Cupcakes Pie Susu – Milky Piputu Ayu – Steamed Coconut Cupcakes Wingko – Coconut Cake Slices Bubur Madura – A Bowl of DessertKlepon – Coconut Glutinous Balls  Vote Witness! https:///~witnesses OR If you leave a link on my blog, I will flag you down. 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Saya Banga Mengenal Orang Indonesia Mempromosican Tradition Kita. Semoga makin banyak orang Kanada yang bistursi dengan kuliner tradisional kita.

Resep Jajanan Pasar: Ongol Ongol Hunkwe

Oh my, it looks delicious. What are screwpine leaves? I’ve never heard of them before. Steaming dessert is something I haven’t tried but I love tapioca, yum! Beautiful presentation – Ongol-ongol known as jayaran tradisional khas Jawa Barat yang sering served saat ada acara-acara besar. Ongol-ongol biasnya dihidangkan dalam nampan bambu yang labor bersama dengan jajanan pasar lennya.

Because it is made from tepung kanji or tapioca, ongol-ongol has soft texture and soft texture. Taburan kelapa membuat jaznan traditional ini punya ras manis dan sedikit gurih yang pas.

Selan pemada dari tepung kanji atau tapioca, tseban bahan lain dalam peumaatan

Resep Ongol Ongol Hunkwe

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