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Resep Olahan Oncom – – Ever heard of oncom? Culinary lovers are certainly no strangers to this West Javanese cuisine. Oncom is a fermented nut meal product that is rich in nutrients. The texture of oncom is similar to tempeh, but oncom is a different type of food. The production process is also long because it waits for the fertilized yeast spores to grow, unlike tempeh which only waits for the hyphae stage.

In addition, oncom is very cheap and easy to find. Oncom has a high protein content and can be used as a protein substitute. Generally, oncom is rarely eaten in its raw form. But if it is processed and made into different side dishes, the taste will be delicious.

Resep Olahan Oncom

Resep Olahan Oncom

Therefore, for those who have never tried to turn oncom into a delicious snack, you can try the recipe below immediately. What are you interested in? Here are 7 recipes of the most delicious, useful and often processed in oncom, as compiled by from various sources on Wednesday (8/7).

Sudah Ada Sejak Abad 17, Ini Perjalanan Panjang Oncom Hingga Bisa Dikonsumsi Masyarakat

3. Add crushed oncom, stir well while pressed, and pour a little water. Don’t forget to add sugar. Continue to stir until the water settles and dries.

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1. Pour coconut oil into a non-stick pan, rub the ground spices until fragrant. Add bay leaves and lemongrass, stir-fry with just a little water.

1. Cut the oncom into pieces, then heat it until dry (do not burn it). Then lie flat on your back, lift to the side.

2. Prepare a frying pan with enough cooking oil, rub the ground spices until fragrant. Add ground pepper, sugar, and flavoring, mix well.

Mengenal Oncom Dan Aneka Olahannya

3. Add the burnt and cleaned oncom, mix it well with the ground spices. Then add the basil leaves, stir again. Lift.

4. Prepare a medium bowl, add white rice and pour fried oncom. Mix well until the rice is mixed with the oncom, print the rice. Serve it with side dishes such as salted fish, tofu/tempeh and chili paste. When visiting the West Java region, you should be familiar with oncom. Food ingredients made from soybeans or peanuts are fermented to produce seeds.

There are many wonderful oncom creations. Among them are the ten best things that have been analyzed by the oncom universe below!

Resep Olahan Oncom

1. Nasi tutug oncom is a rice dish mixed with fried oncom. It is often served with chili sauce, tofu, tempeh, fried chicken and fresh vegetables

Resep Tumis Oncom Kemangi Dari @malichatun88

2. Combro aka ‘oncom di jero’ is not that great. Oncom inside is cooked with spicy spices, so it tastes better

3. Pecak oncom is a typical Betawi dish with a mix of spicy, sour and sweet flavors. Seasoning includes onions, tomatoes, chili, ginger, and others

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4. Ulukutek leunca oncom is made from a mixture of leunca, basil and oncom dipped in a spicy sauce. When sauteed in a pan, the smell of the combination of ingredients is very good, you know

5. Serabi oncom is a variation that is no less unique and has a different taste. The sprinkling of oncom on top of the rice flour dough creates a different taste sensation.

Masakan Nusantara Tumis Oncom Leunca Ala Auntieckitchen

6. Oncom coated in flour and fried until brown is often found on the side of the road. It is usually served with chili for extra flavor

7. Sambal oncom is often used as an additional dish that makes your appetite rise. It is made with a mixture of chilies, onions, kencur, and a little cooking oil

8. Lontong oncom is served with a sprinkling of sweet peanut sauce. The filling includes a mixture of oncom, coconut milk, chicken stock, basil and onion.

Resep Olahan Oncom

9. Pepes Oncom is chewy and red in color. Before making pepes, the oncom is usually burned first so that the smell is not unpleasant

Resep: Ulukuteuk, Olahan Oncom Yang Gurih Dan Ngangenin

10. Perkedel doesn’t only use potatoes as its main ingredient. There are also oncom cakes served with slices of cayenne pepper for extra flavor

Those are some of the best things made in oncom that can be your cooking recommendation in West Java. Have you ever tasted anything before?

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