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Resep Olahan Ikan Etong – Is there anyone who likes to enjoy casual seafood or exciting seafood? Perhaps as a seafood lover, processed seafood such as shrimp, octopus, crab and shellfish have become commonplace, right? What about Etong Fish?

This fish lives on the bottom of the sea and is found in muddy and sandy coastal areas. Etong fish have tough and tough skin. In fact, fishermen did not pay much attention to it in the past. But later, when the skin was peeled off and processed by roasting, it turned out that the thick meat felt good to eat.

Resep Olahan Ikan Etong

Resep Olahan Ikan Etong

Visiting Subang City, something is missing if you don’t enjoy the typical food of this city. One of them is Etong A’ Badru Grilled Fish located on Jalan Eyang Dongdo, in front of SMP Negeri 1 Subang. Unfortunately, this restaurant is only open at night. If you want to visit this place, I suggest not to eat on an empty stomach. Why? The problem is that processing grilled fish takes time. So if you come with an empty stomach, you are afraid that you will faint first because it takes a long time…he..he…

Jual Ikan Kambing Kambing Ikan Ayam Ayam (etong) 1kg Ikan Segar Harian Kualitas Bergaransi

That’s not fair, it didn’t take hours! Just wait for about half an hour to 1 hour. Because like other seafood dishes, processing grilled fish takes a long time for the fish to be cooked inside. Besides the processing time, the number of guests also determines how long the grilled fish will take at our table. There are so many customers, that this restaurant offers its guests a queue number…

Want to know the taste? At first glance, the meat of this fish is almost like a boneless chicken. What makes people addicted to continue enjoying it is that the spices really get into their bones. It’s tasty and doesn’t have the usual fishy taste of seafood. This delicious grilled fish is perfect with a sweet and spicy soy sauce. The chili sauce consists of onions, cayenne pepper and tomatoes, all cut into small pieces. Top with pecel chili sauce and kaffir lime slices to add flavor to the chili sauce.

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What about the price? It’s quite affordable… This grilled fish is priced according to the size that we can choose in advance. This fish, between 40 cm – 60 cm, can be bought at a price between 25 thousand – 40 thousand rupiah.

Do you also want to taste the deliciousness of fried etong fish? Come, come to Subang! Enjoy delicious seafood in the typical area of ​​Subang city.

Resep Ikan Bakar Etong

A mother with two children. I love the world of reading and writing and I hope ink drawings can be helpful. For those who want to cooperate, you can contact Subang has a delicious culinary delight, gombayar ikan etong. Tender pieces of fish will be poured into a soup that becomes sour, spicy, sweet and sweet. Here’s what’s special about it!

Etong fish or known as jebong fish or goat-kambing is the most popular sea fish in Indonesia. Usually this fish is prepared by grilling, but in Subang, there is etong fish cooked in soup.

It is called gumshadow etong fish which looks like fish soup. This menu can be enjoyed at Lampu Satu Resto on Jalan Otto Iskandar Dinatta, Subang Regency.

Resep Olahan Ikan Etong

The restaurant’s chef, Yondi Riswansyah, explained that gomshadow etong fish is one of the most popular menus. Many people come to order this menu on purpose.

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“If the etong fish is usually grilled, now we will try to serve it with a sauce called gomshadow which is sour, salty, bitter, sweet and tasty,” said Yondi at Lampu Satu Resto, Friday (15/7/2022).

Chef Yondi has also added some special spices for the etong fish gomshadow menu at Lampu Satu Resto. “There’s a secret spice added,” he says.

One of the visitors to Lampu Satu Resto, Julia Santika (20), who is a resident of Dawuan, Subang Regency, said that the delicious swing of etong fish gives it a pleasant feeling.

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Especially, when eaten it has a fresh and sour taste that satisfies the taste buds. He admitted that the thick broth of the soup really tasted good in his mouth. It’s even better with warm white rice and emping.

Balasan Dari Mengenal Ikan Etong Khas Subang, Jawa Barat

“I think the price is also right, for IDR 45,000 you can get these many parts and the taste is as good as it is in my opinion,” he said.

Meanwhile, one meal of etong fish gomshadow has a price of IDR 45,000. At this price, people can satisfy their stomachs with minced etong fish gumshadow. Seaside areas are known for keeping delicious cooked food, especially plenty of minced fish. And Indramayu district itself is a coastal destination with delicious food delights that you won’t want to miss when passing through.

You can only find basic cooking skills, especially fish, in the Indramayu area, especially the coastal areas, namely Pantura.

Resep Olahan Ikan Etong

If usually mangut fish is cooked with only the meat part, this time it is different with pindang gombyang mangut. Pindang gombyang mangut is a typical Indramayu dish made from the head of mangut fish.

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The head of this mangut fish is cooked with vegetables using pindang-style yellow spices with sweet and sour taste and unique spices. However, before cooking, this fish is first boiled so that the mucus and fishy smell that remains in the fish disappears.

One pindang gombyang mangut is worth 50-70 thousand rupiah with a head size of 1-2 kg, you know. There is no need to doubt the taste of this fish, because many tourists come just to hunt pindang gombyang mangut.

Visitors to Indramayu beach will definitely not be surprised by the culinary delights of etong fish. This etong fish has become a favorite menu item among various fish-loving groups.

Etong fish has rough skin and dense flesh and rare spines. Handling: Before grilling, the fish is soaked in hot water 3 times. After that, the skin is removed and the meat is divided into two parts to be grilled.

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Menikmati Kuliner Seafood Lezat Di Pesisir Pantai Patimban

The spices used for grilling are very different, namely soy sauce and spices. This fish is served with a spicy and sweet tomato sauce. One part of the big etong fish has a value of only 50-60 thousand.

It’s not just fish, there is duck meat which is very tasty and you should try it. This duck meat is cooked using a sour, spicy and sweet sauce and the texture of the meat is not hard.

Please note that you can only find this spicy duck food in Indramayu and Cirebon areas. The taste and quality is much better than the pedesan duck outside the region.

Resep Olahan Ikan Etong

Just one piece of spicy duck meat can cost 35 thousand rupiah and it is guaranteed that the meat offered will be plentiful!

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For those who don’t know what cucut fish is, cucut fish is the meat of sea fish and it has a sweet and sweet taste and has the smell of urine. This smell of urine is the fermentation of smoked meat so that it can last longer.

Shark meat is divided into two, namely stingray meat and shark meat. This fish is often fried dry until the smell of urine diminishes and disappears. After that, the shark meat can be served with shrimp paste and chili seasoning, accompanied by the taste of sour lime.

There is no need to ask about the taste of this fish, because people from other regions buy this smoked shark to make it their menu. One piece of pecak cucut has a relatively low price, just 10-20 thousand rupiah, you know.

If the culinary delights on the coast are fish and meat, this time there is one common delight of Indramayu on the culinary coast that is less delicious, the rumbah. This rumbah culinary dish consists of steamed vegetables, namely kale, bean sprouts and long beans and sprinkled with a really delicious tamarind chili sauce. Even more complete, each presentation includes yellow noodle cakes and various types of fried food.

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One portion of rumbah has a very low price, that is just 5-10 thousand, you know, and you can eat until you are full.

Those are the five typical culinary delights of the coastal region of Indramayu. We can only find the Culinary delights above in Indramayu area and it is guaranteed to taste delicious. Can’t wait to try it?

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Resep Olahan Ikan Etong

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