Resep Nastar Keju 1 2 Kg

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Resep Nastar Keju 1 2 Kg – How to make Nastar cheese without mixing in the oven – Nastar cake filled with pineapple jam is one of the very popular Eid cakes in Indonesia. Now there are many types of common Eid breads that are tasty and delicious. However, A pineapple cake filled with grated cheese and pineapple jam is generally eaten during Eid al-Fitr. It is a must-have menu item on the guest table during Eid al-Adha and Christmas.

Now that Eid is around the corner, it is very easy to find various types of bread. Homemade Eid cookies sold in traditional shops and supermarkets. Nastar cheese cakes and other Eid pastries such as kastengel, snow princess cheese sago simple cake kembang goyang Peanut cakes are usually sold in transparent plastic containers in different shapes and flavors at different prices.

Resep Nastar Keju 1 2 Kg

Resep Nastar Keju 1 2 Kg

For example, The classic nastar, which weighs approximately 1/4 to 1/2 kilogram, varies in price. The price difference may depend on the quality of the nastar itself. Cheesy pineapple with cheap pineapple jam or special pineapple cake made with premium ingredients, so the taste is delicious, soft and melts in your mouth.

Resep Nastar Gulung Renyah Dan Garing

The price of cheap nastar in small pots is usually around IDR 35,000 per jar. Meanwhile, A large pot of specially processed Nastar cheese is sold for around IDR 50,000 to IDR 75,000. It cannot be denied that pineapple cake contains pineapple jam, which is a favorite of most people. Now, pineapple cheesecake doesn’t just hold the flavor of pineapple jam.

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Because now you can replace the fillings for the pineapple cake with other fats according to your taste. apple jam blueberry jam strawberry jam Grape jam and many more now even pineapple cakes have crumbled cheese. The taste is also good. I feel like I like the stakes.

In my opinion, using a variety of jams makes nastar more popular among many people. Therefore, to make the shape more attractive, Pineapple jam, cheese as decoration for pineapple cake. It can be mixed with grapes and cloves and applied. or mold pineapple cakes or make them chili pineapple; Apple, pineapple, leafy pineapple orange pineapple, It can be shaped like a cartoon head, pineapple, etc. In this way, The appearance of nastar is more unique, like the Blue Band-style nastar apple crumble cake; It gets cute and cute.

Currently, There are many recipes for pineapple cheesecake with different production processes. So it’s no wonder that there are tons of pineapple jam and pineapple cake recipes everywhere. Grilled nastar, starting with no-oven nastar recipe. nastar no mixer nastar recipe without egg (nastar no egg) Ny. Black Nastar Pineapple Jam; It just melts in your mouth. This time I will share Teflon nastar recipe.

Jual Kue Kering

Cheese nastar recipes and methods without oven and mixer, made with the help of Teflon or non-stick frying pans, are very popular on Instagram and social media cooking groups. Because the recipe for making Teflon cheese pineapple is very useful for beginners who don’t have an oven or a mixer. You can use a spiral mixer instead of an oven (or just direct kneading is fine) and Teflon to help with mixing the ingredients and the baking process.

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So that the cheesy pineapple filled with pineapple jam does not stick to the pan. You can line the pan with a colander at a very hot temperature. or a smooth piece of paper; You can also put a sheet of oil on top of the Teflon that matches the non-slip part on the bottom. The goal is to prevent the pineapple from burning too quickly on the bottom.

Oh Practicing at home seems practically easy, mom. Yes, It takes a little longer than using the oven, but the flavor is guaranteed to be delicious and melt in your mouth. Come and see if you want to know how to make cheese nastar with ingredients without oven or mixer.

Resep Nastar Keju 1 2 Kg

Want to make pineapple cookies but don’t have an oven or mixer? So, let’s try the Teflon cheese pineapple recipe below.

Resep Kue Nastar Gurih Dan Lembut Ala Chef Devina Hermawan

That’s all I can share, how to make Teflon cheese pineapple without an oven and mixer, which is suitable for sale. This recipe can be made with black nastar by adding enough dark chocolate powder and black forest paste.

Enjoy how to make cheese Nastare without oven and mixer and it melts in your mouth. Create your own home business opportunity. I hope this Teflon pineapple recipe is helpful 🙂

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