Resep Nastar Empuk Lembut

Resep Nastar Empuk Lembut – Pineapple cake recipe is one of the most popular cake recipes, especially during Eid time. This is because pineapple cakes are often chosen to serve during Eid or other important holidays. This round cake contains soft and sweet pineapple jam. Meanwhile, the outside becomes dry, crispy and tasty.

This combination makes the cake melt when you bite into it. Nastar cake itself can be made at home quite easily. However, before preparing it, you need to know the complete recipe to produce a soft, fluffy and delicious nastar cake. Below we will write several pineapple cake recipes that you can follow at home.

Resep Nastar Empuk Lembut

Resep Nastar Empuk Lembut

Nastar Cake is a cake that has a sweet and crunchy outside and is filled with sweet and sour pineapple jam. Nastar cakes come in various shapes such as round, basket-shaped, rolled, leaf-shaped and so on. This nastar recipe is a classic round-shaped nastar. Here are the steps to do this:

Resep Nastar 1 Kg Empuk Enak Dan Mudah

The filling for pineapple cakes does not have to be pineapple jam, but also other jams such as durian jam. Even using durian jam, the flavor is still delicious and appetizing. The way to prepare it doesn’t differ much from other nastar recipes. Pineapple durian jam recipe is a must-try if you and your family love durian.

. This pineapple cake will look green but will be soft and tender. Curious to know how to do this? Here are the ingredients you should prepare first:

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So these are 3 recipes for soft, fluffy and not moldy nastar cakes. If you want to make a soft, fluffy and delicious nastar cake, follow the chicken egg recipe above. Make sure you prepare all the necessary materials and follow each step exactly. It is recommended to prepare quality ingredients to produce quality pineapple cakes as well.

One of the ingredients needed to make nastar cake is chicken eggs. Chicken eggs play a very important role in making this cake because they will produce a delicious and high quality cake. Therefore, choose chicken eggs that are still fresh and of good quality.

Cara Membuat Resep Nastar Supaya Lembut Dan Tidak Pecah

You can buy quality chicken eggs at affordable prices on the Carnes app. The Carnes app sells different types of chicken eggs such as free-range chicken eggs, domestic chicken eggs and omega chicken eggs. All eggs sold are fresh and prices are also affordable.

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