Resep Nasi Tim Daging Cincang

Resep Nasi Tim Daging Cincang – I remember when I was little I had a very hard time eating. So mommy has to be creative every day to change the menu so that little Calista wants to eat. And one of the menus I like the most is when Mama makes me Nasi Tim!

Until now, Mom still has the stainless steel bowl she used to make nasi tim. *I’m amazed at the old school products, why do they last so long and don’t break???*

Resep Nasi Tim Daging Cincang

Resep Nasi Tim Daging Cincang

Well, now that the bowls are available…hmmm, I’m even more motivated to make Mama Nasi Tim instead. Since Mama, as the source, can’t ask more questions (fear it makes the pain worse)… so I just looked for the Nasi Tim recipe from tabloids and recipe books. Hopefully it suits Mom’s taste 🙂

Resep Nasi Tim Daging Telur Asin Enak, Menu Sarapan Yang Pasti Langsung Diserbu Begitu Disajikan!

For the team rice recipe, I took it from the Saji tabloid issue 186/ th.VII/ 4-10 August 2010 of the original title: Mushroom Tomato Team Rice. But there are parts of this recipe that have been modified, especially the basic ingredients. In the original recipe, the nasi tim is made from raw rice… well, since I already cook rice at home… that’s fine, just use ready-made rice 🙂 Actually, it’s actually tastier than raw rice that is processed into rice .span, rather than ready-made rice…but, unfortunately, there is still a lot of rice at home…hehehe….

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Then for the recipe for Tim’s Rice Sauce, I got it from the book 100 Recipes for Healthy & Nutritious Organic Dishes, written by Tuti Soenardi.

1/2 chopped onion (you can skip it, I use onions because I just waste the onion)

1/2 leek, wash clean, take the green part, chop finely (if you don’t use onions, use 1 leek, or according to your taste)

Cara Membuat Nasi Tim Ayam Jamur

I saw the picture in the tabloid, it looks delicious 🙂 the rice looks reddish (because it uses tomato water) hmmm…delicious and nutritious!

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