Resep Nasi Telur

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Resep Nasi Telur – Who does not know egg rice? This dish, which spread some time ago, is really quite interesting. How could it not be, with a very cheap price, it is able to provide such a delicious taste. A combination of salty, sweet, spicy combined into one spoils the tongue. Especially when bitten together with the melted egg yolk, it feels like more and more!

One that was a hit back then was the Pontianak Egg Rice. Yes, you can guess from the name that this dish comes from the capital of West Kalimantan province. How can fried egg rice alone make people stand in line? Although the preparation is very simple, which is fried eggs together with crushed garlic, adding sweet soy sauce, salty soy sauce, and served over white rice.

Resep Nasi Telur

Resep Nasi Telur

The popularity of simple dishes like egg rice is enough to prove that simple dishes are no less delicious and can very easily entertain the tongue.. Well, apart from the Pontianak version, Jawarain wants to share egg creations that you can try at home.

Resep Nasi Goreng Kampung Telur, Spesial Dan Praktis

Eggs for breakfast is a universal dish that has many versions from all over the world. Even in Indonesia, every household has its own formula. As a quick morning meal, scrambled eggs or sunny-side-up eggs offer not only protein, but also appetizing and varied taste.

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For example, as a refresher, you can make a simple stir-fry with sliced ​​shallots, red chilies and tomatoes. Top with Jawara Chili Tabur Jambal and saute until fragrant. Spread it over the fried eggs. You can add sweet soy sauce or extra hot chili to make it harder. Simple, right?

Korean drama fans are here, raise your hand! If you often watch Korean dramas, you must know how many dishes from the country of ginseng roam the screen. One of the tempting ones to try is the Korean fried egg. rice.

To prepare it, first mix white rice with egg yolks, then mix until smooth and without lumps. Do not forget to add salt and pepper to taste. Then heat the pan, fry the onions until fragrant and season with soy sauce to taste. Add the pre-mixed rice and mix until smooth.

Nasi Telur Ceplok

Be sure to sprinkle the Jawara Chili Soy with the fried onions to make the flavor even better. Finally, prepare a sprinkle of chopped seaweed, sesame seeds and kimchi to accompany this delicious simple fried rice!

Japan is one of the countries with rich culinary heritage with simple dishes but tastes very easy to like. One of them is tamago kakegohan, which is usually enjoyed as a breakfast menu. All you need to make it is white rice, chicken eggs, soy sauce and a sprinkle of chili. Wash the eggs thoroughly to prevent bacteria from the eggshells from entering the food.

Three easy steps to create this menu. First, pour the hot rice into the bowl and leave a little space in the middle. Then, in a separate bowl, break the eggs to make sure there are no pieces of skin. Continue by pouring the eggs into the middle of the rice, then add the Japanese soy sauce and Jawara Chili Tabur Jambal. Mix everything until smooth. and add other toppings if desired.

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Resep Nasi Telur

The crispy egg rice is no less interesting. In fact, this dish is an omelette, fried in a lot of hot oil, so that the edges have a crispy feeling.

Resep Weekend: Nasi Telur Jepang

The ingredients are very simple and can always be available in your kitchen, namely eggs, chicken, garlic, green onions, Jawara chili sprinkled with fried onions, salt and pepper. Whisk, for example, when making an omelette. Then fry until done. Serve with warm rice, crackers and don’t forget the Jawara Sambal ExtraHot sauce to add to the indulgence.

On another occasion, there are also many simple dishes that you can serve without egg rice. So there’s no reason not to cook at home anymore because everything is easier now, right? Well, how about that? So I can’t wait to make these egg recipes? Come, hurry! kitchen! This simple dish has become a favorite among Indonesian culinary hunters. Its simple taste makes this dish suitable as an everyday comfort food.

Waking up late for sahur when it hasn’t been cooked is everyone’s nightmare. It’s impossible, isn’t it, to order food in the middle of sahura? As long as we have the rice, we just need to prepare the side dishes. Therefore, you need to find a supplement that is simple, the ingredients are available in the kitchen and it is quick to prepare. Even as long as there are eggs, we can prepare a menu that is tasty, quick and suitable for eating with hot rice.

We can conjure up the spare egg in the fridge to make Pontianak Egg Rice. This menu sounds simple, but as simple as it is, this Pontianak Egg Rice really went viral on social media. Although the name is NasiEgg Pontianak, don’t think that this menu only serves hot rice with fried eggs.

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Resep Nasi Goreng Telur Super Praktis, Rasanya Nampol Gak Ada Obat! Cek Bumbu Bumbunya Yang Simpel

What sets this fried egg apart is that it is served with a spicy and sweet soy sauce. The ingredients for this soy sauce are definitely in our kitchen. To prepare it, all you have to do is mix the ingredients, then add soy sauce and sweet soy sauce. After making the soy sauce, we fried the eggs as usual. When the eggs are done, simply pour the soy sauce over the fried eggs. When pouring the sauce, it should not be boiled for a long time, so that the sauce does not burn because it has been boiled for too long. Cook rice, pour a fried egg over the rice with the sauce. Although it is simple, it is guaranteed that you will want to add rice all the time, come on, let’s make it now!

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