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Resep Nasi Kuning – , Jakarta Rice is not always served as plain white rice. Rice is made from various tasty and delicious dishes, for example fried rice, uduk rice, liwet rice and what is no less delicious is yellow rice. Making yellow rice is not difficult, you know, friends. Yellow rice is usually cooked with a mixture of coconut milk and turmeric water as food coloring.

Yellow rice is usually served along with side dishes of omelette, dry fritters, serundeng, shredded meat and many more. So, if you want to make your own yellow rice at home, you can try the following recipe. Come on, watch in full below.

Resep Nasi Kuning

Resep Nasi Kuning

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Resep Nasi Tumpeng Pulen & Cara Pembuatannya Dengan Praktis

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5 statements of Yenny Wahid after she met Prabowo Subianto, signals to be a presidential candidate in the presidential elections of 2024? 23 hours agoRecipe and how to make rice cooker yellow rice to celebrate the 77th Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia that is simple, fluffy and Salty

The recipe and method for making rice cooker yellow rice to celebrate the 77th Indonesian Independence Day is simple, fluffy and delicious. /

DIY NEWS – Check out the recipe and how to make rice cooker yellow rice to celebrate the 77th anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia (RI) which is simple, fluffy and delicious below.

Nasi Ulam Lezat Praktis Asli Khas Betawi Jakarta

Yellow rice is the most important thing in making tumpeng, and it is said to be one of the mandatory menus for events related to birthday parties and other special days, including the celebration of August 17.

However, sometimes intensifying the complicated process of making yellow rice makes us lazy to make it. In fact, we can practically just make it with a rice cooker.

The hope is that by making yellow rice there will be more prosperity and prosperity. Enjoying tumpeng rice together can also increase cohesion and harmony.

Resep Nasi Kuning

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Resep Nasi Kuning Untuk Selamatan

The yellow color of yellow rice is a symbol of gratitude. Usually it is made from ground turmeric, so it has a beautiful yellow color and a fragrant aroma.

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The basic ingredient for yellow rice is not too hard to come by. You only need simple ingredients like rice, turmeric, coconut milk and other spices.

The following is a recipe and method for making rice cooker yellow rice to celebrate the 77th Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia, which is simple, fluffy and delicious.

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Buku Resep Nasi Kuning

That is the recipe and method for making rice cooker yellow rice to celebrate the 77th Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia, which is simple, fluffy and delicious.***

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Resep Nasi Kuning

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Resep Nasi Kuning

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Resep Nasi Uduk Betawi

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