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Resep Nasi Kebuli Jordan – As the residential area of ​​residents of Arab descent in Jakarta, the Condet area has long been known as a paradise for Middle Eastern food lovers. One of the culinary delights that can be found here is cable rice, a typical Middle Eastern dish known to be rich in spices.

Well, there was a cable rice restaurant that caught my attention. This restaurant has not been open for a long time, but it has been long Masha Allah. The name of the restaurant is Cable Jordan. The location is right on Jalan Raya Condet, near Alhawi area. You know Alhawi, don’t you? It is a place that sells perfume. The place is also easy to find, there will be a sign ‘Jordan Cable’ with a picture of an Arab-faced man with a crooked smile.

Resep Nasi Kebuli Jordan

Resep Nasi Kebuli Jordan

So, out of curiosity about Kebuli, finally Me, Intan, and Hendri decided to stop by this restaurant. Before going there, we first look for menus and prices. Apparently not too expensive for the amount of foreign food. Yes, the standard staff price is ~

Kebuli Jordan, Neglasari, Tangerang

Therefore, in Cable Jordan there is a menu and a sheet menu (usually for groups of more than two people). Perhaps this pan package corresponds to the Middle Eastern tradition of eating together in one pan. * This is WKWK’s sotoy w analysis

These tin packs vary in size (mini, medium, large) with different numbers of chicken pieces, starting from 3 pieces, 5 pieces, and 10 pieces of chicken. , there are three ways, five pieces, and 10 goats. So we ordered the cable chicken. A small plate with three chickens, they can be used for 3-5 people. That’s right~

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This small package for three people is also cheap, only IDR 100,000 but can be used for 3 people. That is, everyone only needs to spend IDR 33,000.

For the drink menu, it is standard. There is sweet iced tea, mineral water, soft drinks. And wait, there is one drink that is quite quirky, namely Arabic Tea. What tea is that? For research, the three of us each had Arabic Maklum tea for 10,000 IDR. Can you eat brown rice but drink sweet tea? It’s not good.

Resep Nasi Kebuli Ayam, Cita Rasa Timur Tengah Yang Gurih

The service here is also quite good. In less than 15 minutes, my order was ready. Wow, fast. Are you curious? Let’s work one by one.

As I said before, I ordered a small pan with three pieces of chicken. The size of the pan is very large, with a diameter of 45cm. The height of the pan is also good, around 5cm-8cm. It turns out that there is a sauce too.

Until now, I know cable rice with medium grain size, brown in color, and a little oil (oily). BUTIII it is said that the cable rice here is different from the cable rice that I usually eat. The rice grains are long, and the color is yellow (in fact, it looks more like yellow rice). The rice was also dry and not greasy.

Resep Nasi Kebuli Jordan

It turns out that the type of rice used here is basmati rice, a rice commonly used in Indian and Middle Eastern dishes, such as cable rice and biryani. The taste of rice also tends to be mild, and is more dominated by dry spices such as cardamom, pepper and cloves. It’s very different from the cable rice I’ve eaten so far, which is mostly dominated by the flavor of mild spices like onion season and the color tends to be darker (probably because of cultural enhancement things this season huh).

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Mencicipi Nasi Kebuli Otentik Khas Timur Tengah Di Kebuli Jordan Condet

The chicken didn’t lose either! It’s really sweet and really soft! The perfume seeps down to the bones. What I like the most is the chicken skin, it’s really crispy. Don’t forget to try sambal cable (sambuli). Naudzubillah spicy! More spicy than the question “When did you get married?” to people aged 25 and over 🙁

Originally, even though I just inhaled a little bit of chili pepper, uh, the spice really felt up to my throat, wow. If you like spicy, this is really heaven. But if you don’t like spicy food, think twice.

Have tried cable rice, fried chicken, and sambal. There is only one menu item that I haven’t tried yet, namely Arabic Tea. The color of the tea is light brown, at first glance it looks like milk tea in general. When I smelled it visually, the smell of this tea smelled of spices. When I drink it.. Hmmm it comes out that tastes really spicy WKWKW. No wonder its name is Arabic Tea, you know, it’s delicious, please understand :(. A tip, for those who don’t like tea mixed with spices, it’s better to order regular iced tea.

So, for those who want to taste authentic cable rice from the Middle East, you can really come to Jordanian Nasi Cable. Not only in Condet Raya, Cable Jordan is also available in Bintaro, Palem Semi, and Tangerang Old Market. *PS : Nasi Kebuli Jordan provides delivery service. Kebuli rice is known as sweet and spiced rice. Here is authentic kabel rice with roasted goat mixed with original Jordanian spices.

Resep Nasi Kebuli, Cocok Untuk Menu Buka Puasa Utama Usai Santap Takjil

Condet District, East Jakarta is known as one of the settlements where many people of Arab family live. It is not surprising that in this area it is easy to find restaurants that offer Middle Eastern menus. Including one of them cable dishes.

A cable restaurant that cannot be missed is Cable Jordan which is located on Jalan Condet Raya. This common restaurant area is located in a large building so we can easily find it.

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A sign that says ‘Jordan Cable’ is also displayed in front of the restaurant. This panel also shows the figure of a man wearing a turban with facial features typical of a Middle Eastern man.

Resep Nasi Kebuli Jordan

Not wanting to wait, we immediately got in line to order food. Because we came right at lunch time, the queue was quite snaking. Some people choose to eat at a restaurant, while others choose to buy to take home.

Kebuli Jordan Karawaci

There aren’t many menu choices here, just cable rice with side dishes of grilled chicken or goat. However, shares vary from personal shares to group shares, aka they can be combined.

We ordered Chicken Cabbage (Rp 40,000). This self-contained unit comes with an aluminum plate holder. The filling is cable rice, grilled chicken and chili sauce. As soon as this menu is made, the fragrance immediately smells strong.

Rice from basmati rice is orange yellow in color, it looks dry and not greasy. Some of the spices are still visible, even we can see a lot of cardamom, cloves, black pepper and cinnamon in the rice.

As for the taste, we agree that the cable rice here is sweet with the right amount of spice, aka not too much. Even though it uses basmati rice, the texture is fluffier to eat because it is not too hard.

Selalu Diperbarui! Menu Kebuli Jordan, Bekasi Barat, Bekasi

The grilled chicken is also a champion, the breast pieces are huge. Caramel brown color and shine make this chicken more tempting. Plus there is a sprinkling of dried oregano which covers almost the entire surface of the chicken.

The tender chicken meat is irresistible. Moreover, the marinade permeates well into the interior of the meat.

What’s more, the winner has chili sauce, which is not spicy. Just a little poked straight let the eyes open. Eating cable, fried chicken and sambal, makes you go crazy and forget about your food. Moreover, the fees are quite affordable.

Resep Nasi Kebuli Jordan

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