Resep Molen Renyah Tanpa Telur

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Resep Molen Renyah Tanpa Telur – , Jakarta Molen is actually not difficult to make, it just requires patience. Because there is a process in making the molen where the contents of the molen have to be wrapped one by one, which makes the process very long.

But of course, knowing how to make a mixer and going through the long process doesn’t hurt. In addition, this dish, made from flour dough that usually contains bananas, has a delicious and tasty taste.

Resep Molen Renyah Tanpa Telur

Resep Molen Renyah Tanpa Telur

As a snack, Molen is also suitable as a friend to relax with a cup of coffee. Therefore, knowing how to make mole can certainly be an advantage in itself.

Resep Pisang Molen, Snack Anti Bosan Untuk Disantap Bersama Keluarga Tercinta

In addition to being able to provide your own snacks, the skill of making moleni can also be a promising business opportunity. Also, if you remember, Molen is a snack that has quite a lot of fans.

For those of you who want to know how to make molen, here are 13 molen recipes with different fillings from different sources condensed on Thursday (July 14, 2022).

Banana lovers are sure to be familiar with various banana fruit menus. One dish that has a lot of fans besides fried bananas is banana molen.

As a first attempt, it would be better to try making a simple mixer. This simple method of making mole is the easiest in terms of difficulty, so it can be tried by beginners who are making mole for the first time.

Resep Donat Bomb Brulee Kekinian Tanpa Kentang Montok Buat Jualan

At the beginning of its appearance, Molen was usually prepared with a banana fruit filling. However, with its evolution, molen now comes in many flavors, including banana cheese. This is how you make banana cheese crumble.

Simply put, this is the original version of the mixer, only in a smaller size. This is how you make mini banana moleni.

E. Flatten the dough 8 cm long and 1 cm wide. Cut the banana into small pieces. Roll the dough over the bananas.

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Resep Molen Renyah Tanpa Telur

G. Fry the mole until the color changes to a crispy brownish yellow. Lift and empty. Mini Mole ready to serve while still warm.

Diah Didi’s Kitchen: Molen Pisang Coklat

In addition to being able to add cheese to Molen, it can also be added with different toppings, such as banana, cheese and chocolate. This is how you make chocolate cheese banana mole.

We usually see sesame as a filling for dumplings. But that doesn’t mean you can’t spread sesame on moles. This is how you make sesame banana mole with a crunchy taste.

A. Mix flour, cornstarch, powdered sugar, butter, vanilla and baking powder. Pour water gradually while continuing to knead the dough until smooth.

B. When the dough is smooth, store it in a container covered with a clean cloth. Leave it on for about 30 minutes. Then deflate and flatten the dough with a rolling pin or machine (if you have one). Cut a square from the dough, the size of which is about 5 x 5 cm.

Begini Resep Bakpao Roti Tanpa Telur

C. Cut the banana into pieces. Then roll the dough over the banana. Do this until all ingredients are used up. Heat cooking oil. Fry on low heat until cooked.

The existence of eggs as an ingredient in Molen skin dough really affects its texture when it is baked. However, mole can be made without eggs, and the results are not as delicious. This is how you make crispy pancakes without eggs.

B. Add the eggs and water to the dough. Knead until smooth. Roll out the dough thinly. Divide the dough into several parts and then roll it out lengthwise.

Resep Molen Renyah Tanpa Telur

As technology becomes more and more advanced, mixers also experience changes. Molen now not only contains bananas, but can also be filled with honey sweet potato. The sweet, honey-sweet taste certainly offers an interesting experience when eating molenia. This is how you make Mole with honey and sweet potato filling.

Resep Molen Pisang Dari @tyasprabowo

A. Mix all skin ingredients except cold water and margarine. Mix well, add water little by little, kneading until smooth. Add margarine, knead again until smooth. Leave on for 20 minutes.

C. Take the dough, roll it thin lengthwise. Cut lengthways about 2 cm wide. Take 1 slice of sweet potato, wrap the sweet potato with the skin mixture until all are covered, tighten both ends.

Chocolate is really quite a versatile ingredient for making snacks from cakes, ice cream and even drinks. If chocolate is indeed so flexible as a food ingredient, this ingredient can of course also be applied to the preparation of molen. This is how you make chocolate mole.

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Glutinous rice is usually used as an ingredient to make lemper or mochi cakes. This is due to its tough and slightly sticky texture. Using glutinous rice as a batter ingredient is definitely not a bad idea. It is precisely its unique structure that makes the taste of molen interesting. This is how you make Mole from glutinous rice.

Pisang Molen Renyah Tanpa Telur (hanya 6 Bahan)

Imagining melt-in-your-mouth cheese while eating pizza can be common. What if the cheese melts when you eat the mole? This is how you make melted cheese crumble.

You may often listen to discussions on the Internet about how to make a pineapple as a pizza topping. However, there will be no debate as to whether pineapple is the filling of the mole, because in addition to bananas, pineapple is also another ingredient used to fill the mole at the beginning of its appearance. This is how you make pineapple mole.

If you are tired of the appearance of moles that are only light brown, you can try this method of making two-tone moles.

Resep Molen Renyah Tanpa Telur

Green beans are better known as an ingredient in porridge or as a filling for the original bakpia. However, green beans can also be used for the contents of molen. This is how you make green beans.

Cara Membuat Pisang Molen Enak Gurih Dan Mudah

A. Mix the flour, margarine, sugar and salt until smooth. Add water gradually, knead the dough until smooth.

Jackfruit is a fruit with a sweet and fragrant taste. Using this fruit as the content of molen will definitely add flavor. This is how you make jackfruit mole.

These are 13 molen recipes with different fillings that can be a snack and a friend to relax in the afternoon while sipping coffee. Congratulations!

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Cuma Tepung Dan Pisang Tapi Enak Banget Ya

Donald Trump is released from prison after paying IDR 3 billion bail, a peek into the assets of the former US president According to, this yellow fruit is high in fiber, carbohydrates and also vitamin A. If consumed regularly, this content can speed up the digestive system and thus increase the body’s resistance.

In addition to being eaten directly, bananas can also be processed into various delicious dishes. Among the many options, you can treat bananas as the basic ingredient of moleni.

How to make Banana Mole quite easy. Bananas cut into pieces just coat the entire surface with the pastry dough. Well, usually this pastry dough is ground with a grinder so that the end result is thin and crunchy when chewed.

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Resep Molen Renyah Tanpa Telur

But there’s no need to be sad if you don’t have this grinder at home, because you can still make a banana blender. YouTube user Together Styfani shared a recipe and a guide to making banana mole dough without milling. Regardless, the results of the mole still taste crunchy and don’t absorb much oil.

Resep Simpel Pisang Molen Mini Renyah Tanpa Telur

Put 300 grams of low-protein flour, 60 grams of margarine, 4 tablespoons of cooking oil, 1 egg, 1/3 teaspoon of salt and 65 grams of powdered sugar in a bowl. Stir until well combined.

Add 60 ml of cold water to the tank. Add cold water gradually, stirring to mix evenly.

“The cold water is the key to making the skin of the mole crispy and last a long time and not absorb a lot of oil. Just mix it until it’s smooth, don’t let it get smooth and it gets hard,” he said, quoted on YouTube with Styfan on Thursday (6/8) .

When the Mole skin dough is ready, cover the container with a dry cloth and let it stand for 30 minutes. The purpose of this process is to rest the mole skin dough so it can expand.

Resep Molen Mini Tanpa Telur

Take enough dough when you let it stand for 30 minutes. Place the dough on a cutting board and flatten it by rolling it out.

You can use a non-stick silicone rolling pin with a wooden handle to flatten the molen dough. This kitchen tool is useful for rolling dough easily and quickly. This tool is made of high quality silicone that is non-stick and heat resistant. The wooden handle is sturdy and comfortable to hold. This device is suitable for making cakes, bread, pizza and pasta. It is about 40 cm long and has a 20 cm long roller part. So you can buy it online by clicking below.

If it feels thin enough, put a piece of banana on the other end. Then slowly roll Mole’s skin until it reaches the other end. As a result, the banana pieces are wrapped perfectly.

Resep Molen Renyah Tanpa Telur

If so, place the Mole individually in warm cooking oil. Remember to also put in a used stove so that the molen results cook evenly.

Resep Olahan Pisang Enak Dan Praktis, Cocok Untuk Takjil!

“Just use a low heat on the stove to cook it all the way through. Fry until done and golden brown,” he explained.

Remove the mole if it is ripe and browned. Drain until the oil content has reduced. Banana Molen is ready to serve.

This YouTube upload with Styfan also got a lot of enthusiasm from netizens. This video has been viewed 2.2 thousand times.

“Wow, it’s great, Molen’s bananas skin is crispy… thanks mom for the recipe L 26,” wrote the Mutiara Hati YouTube account.

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