Resep Misoa Goreng Untuk Jualan

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Resep Misoa Goreng Untuk Jualan – Fried manning..hihi. Yes, nich..these fried menus are still popular with my housemates…I never get bored. of the cheap fried food and enjoyed by the three residents in my house..hihi..that is..Misoa Goreng. Even if it’s just misoa cheap..a pack of it is only yesterday there was no chicken, beef or shrimp stock in the fridge…because I ran out from the city and didn’t buy at the market…in the end, I only did the miso economic version. Without any meat..but how come it is still tasty and delicious friends..hihi. And it’s still over. It’s different when you make sweet snacks..Monday he makes klappi..coincidentally, I want to take a new picture..uh…I don’t want to. ..Yodha and her father are tired of eating sweets.. in the end I just shared them ..hihi. If it’s fried like this… you’ll love it for sure.

Oh yeah… I’ve shared this fried miso recipe before. Instead of some versions this time to make it complete I will also post the simplest version…no extra yeah..just think misoa..same carrots ..and green onions..hihi. But even though it’s simple and cheap…it’s not like friends…it’s still disgusting, isn’t it…hihi…make a snack of it. know…we can make mur mer food..but it still attracts the family members at home. Oh yes..this snack is also suitable for economic takjil..for example if you want to share it with the children at the mosque..or to sell open menus in the will definitely a win for you friends..because with minimalistic ingredients.. it could be a delicious snack.

Resep Misoa Goreng Untuk Jualan

Resep Misoa Goreng Untuk Jualan

Come on…try it…use a small size a pack of it is only 2500/3000 rupiah…if you do this…it’s not bad… it could be a plate of fried misao. So that it looks a little wow… even if the economic version… this time it is fried in an egg coating, friends… so from the outside it looks luxurious, doesn’t it look… hihi. Halah..exaggerated..fried really want..:D. Yes, you know..usually at such markets they sell the is even more economical..because the miso is only covered with flour dough. If this is what the miso looks like it is baking grade..but the price can be market grade..hihi. So it must be profitable for friends business.

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Kreasi Jajanan Misoa Goreng By Natasha Setiawan

Ok dech… let’s try it friends… it’s so soft and delicious… this fried miso. It’s just … you have to use misoa for the ingredients … you can buy it at supermarkets, there are a lot of small packages or each package, like here the price is 2500/3000. This Misoa is really unique…the noodles are small and when cooked they are very soft…and they can harden and clot when cooked…even if you don’t use eggs for the dough.

Economical Fried Misoa Ingredients: 1 packet of miso 1 carrot, finely grated with cheese shavings 2 stalks of green onions, cut into small pieces 600 ml of water 1/2 teaspoon of chicken broth powder (optional) 1/ 4 teaspoons of pepper 1/4 teaspoon of sand sugar Salt to taste 2 eggs for coating Ground spices Ingredients: 2 allspice 1 garlic clove How to do it: Save the ground spices until they are cooked and fragrant, add water, miso and the ingredients and other flavors to it. Cook until it boils and the miso is cooked and the water is absorbed into the miso. Prepare a baking sheet and line it with plastic or oil it. Pour the miso mixture, smooth it and slightly harden it. Refrigerate until completely cold, then cut into pieces. If necessary, you can put it in the refrigerator for a while. Beat eggs to coat. Dip each piece of miso into the beaten egg, then fry until browned and cooked. with cayenne pepper..nyam..nyam dech..! If for business, wrap each miso in clear plastic, add bird’s eye sell..hihi.Want a good snack to eat at WFH? How about making a fried miso recipe for your WFH friends at home? This recipe is very easy to make. It doesn’t take long, it doesn’t have to be complicated. Everyone can do it.

Usually, misoa is served with gravy or boiled. However, if you get tired of this version, you can try the fried version. The outer texture is crispy and the filling is soft to eat. Especially if it is added with chili sauce and chili. It’s definitely getting stronger.

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Do you know what this fried miso recipe looks like? Come on, just check out the full review of the following fried miso recipe!

Pasti Ga Bisa Berenti Ngunyah! 5 Resep Aneka Olahan Misoa, Cocok Untuk Camilan Dan Teman Ngobrol

This Fried Misoa recipe is very easy to make. No need for complex materials. How to make fried miso is also practical for beginners to imitate. If it is like this, he feels that Sweet Couple can try a business selling snacks and snacks at home.

Misoa itself is a well-textured and thin-shaped noodle made from wheat flour. This noodle is different from vermicelli that comes from mung bean flour and vermicelli that comes from rice flour.

Misoa is usually sold dry. Next, it is processed into misoa soup or fried misoa like this. It all depends on your taste as a customer and customer.

Resep Misoa Goreng Untuk Jualan

Misoa comes from China and is very popular in Asia, including Southeast Asia. You can find misoa dishes in Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Vietnam, and the Philippines. In China, this dish symbolizes longevity and is often cooked to celebrate a birthday. Very interesting, isn’t it? Food originating from China is already popular in Indonesia. So that it is easy to find in various shops or food stalls.

Video) Resep Kroket Misoa Buat Camilan Sore, Seenak Ini, Lo!

Not only in Indonesia, this type of noodle is also popular in several Asian countries. But in China itself, misoa is considered a symbol of longevity. So this noodle is often served as a traditional food on birthdays.

Fries are one of the most popular misoa dishes. Fried miso itself is very easy to make at home. With basic spices and simple ingredients, you can provide a delicious menu.

In addition to being suitable for a menu, processed fried miso can be made into a delicious snack, you know. If you want to do it, just look at the following 13 recipes for processed fried miso that are summarized from various sources, Monday (12/9).

2. Heat the garlic, onion and cayenne pepper until fragrant. Add the cabbage, stir-fry until the cabbage grows. Scrape the eggs, add salt, mushroom stock, ground pepper, add miso and mushrooms, mix well, pour in all the soy sauce and sesame oil ingredients.

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Resep Risol Udang Mayo, Lengkap Dengan Tips Membuat Kulit Risol Anti Sobek, Dijamin Keluarga Pasti Suka!

2. Add water and let it boil, then add carrots, add salt, sugar, pepper and broth powder, mix well. Leave it for a while until the carrots are slightly soft.

4. Pour into a tin (20 cm square tin) that has been lightly greased with cooking oil. Make it smooth. Store in the fridge, let them solidify.

3. Add the boiled miso then add the oyster sauce, sweet soy sauce, sauce, sugar and ground pepper, adjust the taste, remove and serving.

Resep Misoa Goreng Untuk Jualan

2. Saute the garlic until fragrant, add the meatballs and prawns, cook until the prawns are cooked, add the eggs, scramble until the eggs are breaking up, add the carrots and cheese, stir-fry for a short time.

Resep Misoa Goreng Jajanan Yang Banyak Disukai

3. Add the boiled misoa, add the mushroom broth and sweet soy sauce, stir-fry until fragrant, add the pepper and chips, stir-fry for a while.

2. Fry until fragrant and then add the spring onion, chives, shredded chicken, saute for a while and then add carrots, oyster sauce, water and miso, mix well.

3. Add salt, sugar and taste, cook until the water is reduced and then transfer to a mold lined with parchment paper.

3. Add the stir-fried beef for a while and then add the miso, boiled water and all the ingredients and seasonings except the tomatoes and green onions.

Diah Didi’s Kitchen

4. Add miso little by little while stirring. Cook until the miso is soft. Cook over low heat while you keep stirring until all the water is absorbed and it is soft. It will harden when cold.

5. Pour into the pan while pressing, let cool, refrigerate. When it is hard remove it from the pan. Cut into thin squares to taste.

6. Dip the miso pieces into the egg white, coat with bread crumbs, then let rest for about 5-10 minutes. Fry in hot oil until golden brown.

Resep Misoa Goreng Untuk Jualan

3. Add vegetables and fish cake, then miso. If it is too dry, you can add water. Add salt soy sauce, those who like sweet can add sugar. Taste test.

Misoa Kuah Super Gampang Cocok Untuk Diet

1. Heat the oil, saute the shallots until fragrant, add the garlic, ginger and scallions, stir-fry until fragrant.

2. Add the chicken, cook for a while. Add mushrooms, then add fish sauce, sweet soy sauce, oyster sauce, sesame oil, dark soy sauce and water, mix well.

3. Add broth powder, pepper and sugar, cook until thickened and absorbed. Taste correction, the taste must be strong.

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