Resep Minuman Berbahan Dasar Strawberry

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Resep Minuman Berbahan Dasar Strawberry – – Afternoon is the best time to enjoy a refreshing drink that can quench your thirst. A sip of ice water may not be enough to cool you down during the day. It will be tastier if you add other ingredients to add freshness. Choosing a variety of fruits can be an interesting idea to freshen up your drink. In addition to being healthy, processed fruit drinks will also lift your mood.

A fruit that is famous for its freshness is strawberries. This little red has a sweet and sour taste that will restore your body’s natural state. Strawberries are also many people’s favorite fruit.

Resep Minuman Berbahan Dasar Strawberry

Resep Minuman Berbahan Dasar Strawberry

Easy to find, affordable price and practical processing in many advantages of strawberry. The benefits of being rich in vitamin C will make your body stronger, keep your heart healthy, prevent premature aging and reduce your risk of cancer, you know.

Resep Minuman Kekinian, Bisa Untuk Ide Jualan

So, let’s try to make a fresh drink using strawberries. See the recipe for a strawberry drink, in the review on Friday (16/10) from various sources.

We make strawberry jam by chopping the strawberries and cooking in a non-stick pan until they thicken with the sugar. If you are afraid of burning, you can add two tablespoons of water.

To mix the drink, dissolve the grated cheddar cheese with half a sachet of sweetened milk and cook it with 100 ml of water. Cook until foamy, cool.

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Add the powdered milk, half a sachet of sweetened milk and the cold cheese solution to the blender. Blend for about 5 minutes until frothy.

Resep Kreasi Minuman Berbahan Yoghurt, Bikin Mood Langsung Naik

Pour the strawberry jam into a glass, then add ice cubes, add the jam again until the jam is gone, then pour the mixed milk. Ready to enjoy.

Clean the strawberries from the stems and then wash them well. The strawberries are divided, there are 100 grams for blending and 50 grams of strawberries for cutting.

Make strawberry juice. Mix 100 grams of strawberries together with granulated sugar, sweetened milk and boiled water, mix until smooth and homogeneous.

Resep Minuman Berbahan Dasar Strawberry

Then pour enough strawberry juice, then tie it, do it until it’s done, then put it in the fridge in the freezer and wait until it hardens.

Resep Strawberry Matcha Latte

Simple syrup/liquid sugar (made with boiling water and sugar in a ratio of 1:1. If you use 100 grams of sugar then 100 ml of water. If 1 liter of water then 1 kg of sugar) boil until it boils over a low heat until it thickens, so the 1/2 of the beginning)

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