Resep Mini Pie

Resep Mini Pie – Pie…or in Indonesia it is known as pie…you already know it friends of course…or maybe it has become a favorite snack at home. I haven’t made pies in a long time…although when I first started learning to bake I really enjoyed trying different pie recipes from outside…but…yeah, because I was the only one at home who liked pies… in the end I rarely made them anymore and the recipe got lost…I replaced it with various tests.try other cupcake recipes…lol. Well, yesterday I made a pie…until I forgot…which recipe it was very delicious and I made it often…in the end I only tried it a few times…and the last one was yesterday…yes…I managed to make a delicious one and soft crust as before.. Too bad I used sweet apples yesterday…so the filling didn’t have enough power…because I love a fresh and tart apple pie filling. Ok… so I’ll just post the recipe later… if I make it again, the stuffing will be great.

But..because the results of the pies are will be a shame if I don’t show the I just want to write about all types of pies…from the history…types and also tips for making pies . Hope it helps, friends… who knows, there are those who want to learn to bake… and there are those who want to learn how to make pies at home.

Resep Mini Pie

Resep Mini Pie

Historically, pies have been known since ancient Egyptian times. In the past, they were a dough that wrapped meat or other ingredients to keep them moist when cooked. Once upon a time, pie crusts were hard and dense, made from flour, eggs and fat.

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Over time…the pie transformed into a more modern type of pastry…with a more ideal composition of ingredients…as a result the pie crusts are tastier and can be eaten directly with the filling. The pie finally became popular as a sweet that is popular in America, England and other countries. So there are more and more varieties and variations of famous pies. Indonesia is no exception… the patty is also one of the favorite snacks that many people like. One of the most popular pies in Indonesia is apple pie. But besides apple pie… there are actually many other types of pie.

Nowadays, pies have different types and names. Based on the shape of the pie, it is divided into three types:

When making pies, use medium or low protein wheat flour as the main ingredient if you want it to be crispier. The fat used is margarine or butter or a mixture of both. Using margarine makes the pie crispy, while butter makes the pie more crispy or mushy. You also add eggs…some people use all parts of the egg…or just the yolk. A little sugar is added to improve the taste of the pastry.

Mix all the ingredients together using a knife or fork…or your fingertips so that it forms a dough that is grainy / masir / maur and will come together when ground.

Jajanan Khas Bali

You can also beat the mixture with a stand mixer, beating the margarine/butter with the sugar first, then add other ingredients, making dry cakes.

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Once the dough is ready…it is then thinned out by rolling to make the dough a uniform thickness…this makes it easier to fit into the pie pan.

The process of baking a pie can be done by first cooking the pie crust until half done, then filling it with the filling ingredients and cooking it again. Don’t forget to prick the bottom of the dough that will be in the oven…with a fork…so it doesn’t bubble. Half-baked pie crusts can be saved for stock…or save time if you want to make them in bulk.

Resep Mini Pie

Pie filling can be sweet or savory. The most familiar to us is the sweet pie filling, namely apple pie. But we can actually be creative with other fruits…eg pineapple…strawberries…etc which are no less delicious than apples when used as a pie filling.

Membuat Kulit Pie Tidak Sesulit Dugaan Kamu, Ini Caranya

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