Resep Mie Soto Banjar Limau Kuit

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Resep Mie Soto Banjar Limau Kuit – In fact, when it comes to database results, Mbul Tamas has learned a lot. I learned a lot of instant noodle cooking knowledge from my husband so that it doesn’t spoil quickly and the thickness of the noodles is just right. The dish is also extremely delicious because it tastes good. Because it is a mixture of soy sauce and chili sauce. The seasoning is not pure by default. It is also added to green vegetables, as well as eggs, so that the yellow part still adheres.

Thanks to God, I have now created many Mbul noodle creations with my own hands (an example of my homemade noodles is listed in the noodle section of the menu), of course thanks to learning from Tamas over the years. Although the teacher is a bit fierce, hohoho. But thank God, Mbul can cook. Maybe Mbul is getting smarter soon #because he says he looks up to Patrick Bintang Laud, hohoho… Even though Mbul has a sex body, he says he does. dense and deplond, but in Spongebob is very similar Etikkkk” !Huft!

Resep Mie Soto Banjar Limau Kuit

Resep Mie Soto Banjar Limau Kuit

This was well cooked late at night, because Mbul had a fever at that time, and needed what is called hot soup. So bim salabim tadaaa! For a double bowl, try Indomie Soto Lamongan plus Indomie Soto Banjar Limau Kuit. These… vegetables use kale. It is placed on the leaves of the mustard seed. There is only kale in the fridge. Be dressed. the right flower and the beaten eggs and the white part wrapped. Immediately, of course, there is the appearance of noodles.

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Beli Indomie Mie Instan Rasa Soto Banjar Limau Kuit

Taste, really. It happened that the night was not too hot. It’s so cool like that. As soon as the stomach is warmed up by the choice of vegetables, the taste is immediately calm, hehehhe. It is understandable that I could not eat because of fasting in the afternoon (then), so really delicious slurping at night, hehehe…

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