Resep Mie Kuah Simple

Resep Mie Kuah Simple – This typical Taiwanese beef noodle soup has a fragrant spicy broth. Tender beef tastes even better when eaten with soft Hokkien noodles.

Originating from China, noodles in the world today come in many different shapes and fillings. Like typical Taiwanese pho using beef slowly cooked with spices. The broth is clear and fragrant.

Resep Mie Kuah Simple

Resep Mie Kuah Simple

Beef with a layer of fat is the most suitable for making this noodle dish. Tender and juicy with a clear, spiced broth, perfect for pairing with soft, stretchy Hokkien noodles.

Resep Praktis Mie Ayam Enak Dan Sederhana

Eaten hot and sprinkled with chili and green onions, it is even more delicious. Warms the stomach and body. If you’re bored of chicken noodles, make this spiced beef noodles. Recipe and tips for making it below.

1. Hokkien noodles are cylindrical noodles that are larger in size than regular noodles or similar to spaghetti. Many varieties are sold wet or fresh.

2. This beef noodle dish has a delicious, slightly fatty sauce. Use beef coated with a little fat to make it delicious.

3. This noodle dish uses spices so use low heat to absorb into the meat and the broth remains clear.

Resep Mie Godog Jawa Rumahan, Lezat Dan Hangat Di Perut!

Best pho recipe, beef pho recipe, typical Taiwanese beef pho recipe, beef pho, spices for beef pho, tips for cooking meat pho. These past few weeks I have been addicted to making homemade noodles, so at home I often cook noodles in many different ways, maybe one day you will be able to make a delicious noodle concoction hehehe….

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This recipe is very easy to make and doesn’t take much time. Because I was hungry yesterday and needed to fill my stomach right away, I made this simple noodle dish.

* Salt to taste (Depending on each person’s salty taste and the brand of soy sauce). Each type of soy sauce has a different saltiness.

Resep Mie Kuah Simple

* Enough water. I like noodles with a lot of soup so I like to use quite a bit of water.

Resep Kwetiau Kuah Yang Sederhana, Rasanya Sedap Dan Istimewa

1. Boil the noodles but don’t overcook them. Add oil when boiling the noodles so they don’t stick together. then drain the water. Set aside.

2. Heat oil to fry, then add garlic and shallots and stir-fry until golden and fragrant.

4. Add the meat cut into small pieces, cayenne pepper and mustard greens and cook gently. I usually break the cayenne pepper when I’m ready to eat it. I just puree the cayenne pepper with a spoon.

5. Add soy sauce, salt and stock powder/machine and stock powder. Oh yes, I use soy sauce that has pictures of elephants and is a genuine Bangka product.

Resep Mie Koba, Mie Kuah Ikan Khas Bangka

8. Taste the sauce to see if it is to your taste. If not salty, you can add soy sauce. I like the color of the sauce to look slightly brown, so I add less salt so I can feel the taste of the soy sauce. But don’t use too much soy sauce, otherwise it will taste like all soy sauces, hmm… it’s hard to explain because I rarely cook by measuring but always taste until I get the flavor Fit. Oh yes, remember, I used Bangka soy sauce. I wonder if other types of soy sauce can create the same flavor? What is clear is that using goose soy sauce to cook these noodles is not delicious at all.

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I got this simple noodle dish from my mother. Usually mom likes to cook these noodles without chives and without eggs. But if you use eggs, the taste is even better. If I have bean sprouts, I also like to add bean sprouts or green onions.

At home we don’t use a machine so instead I add a little sugar for extra flavor. But the taste of sugar cannot replace the taste of the machine that makes the dish delicious.

Resep Mie Kuah Simple

Even though these noodles are simple, they also taste delicious, especially if you eat them warm in the rain… what’s the point in trying them? ahahaha…. Yes, this is my family’s way of enjoying noodles, to avoid consuming too much instant noodles. The flavor of the noodles along with the salty sauce and spicy taste of cayenne pepper further enhances the appetite. My mom, dad and Koko really enjoy eating these simple noodles and I’m also happy that they are so easy to make.

Resep Mie Yamin Khas Bandung Sederhana Dan Mudah Dibuat

Well, this is the vermicelli version that I mixed with vermicelli, hehehe…. It’s best to just use noodles, but unfortunately when you boil the noodles and vermicelli, they’re a bit overcooked, so when you add them to the soup, they don’t cook for long. You should only cook it 1/2 way to remove the slime in the noodles, and when adding it to just-cooked soup, you can cook it longer to let the flavor penetrate deeper.

Oh yes, this time I used a mixture of goose soy sauce, Bangka soy sauce and Kikkoman soy sauce hehehe… it’s a lot of mixture and the sauce looks more brown, right? and I added a little sugar instead of sugar. Oh yes, I also added onions and 4 cayenne peppers, turns out using onions is also delicious, the broth is sweeter and the spicy cayenne peppers are delicious when bitten and the rich sauce makes you feel refreshed and sleepy. hehe. I was happy to be able to finish this pho because I knew the ingredients used. If I eat instant noodles with soup, I definitely don’t have the courage to finish the entire bowl of soup so I don’t want to eat it. But if you want to eat homemade noodles to the last drop of soup, it’s not a problem, because the ingredients are definitely healthy and clean.

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As for meat, I usually use pork but this time I used chicken. Is using pork really better? haha… But using chicken is fine, but I’ve never used beef, because I don’t like beef heheh… So don’t be surprised if you don’t find beef in my posts. But next time I will learn to cook beef, because my husband loves beef. My husband and I have different food preferences. My husband likes beef, I don’t. I like seafood but my husband doesn’t like it, so sometimes I’m confused about what to cook for him…

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