Resep Mie Celor Palembang Asli 26 Ilir

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Resep Mie Celor Palembang Asli 26 Ilir – Mi celor is a noodle dish from the city of Palembang, South Sumatra, Indonesia. The word “selor” in Palembang Malay means soaked in hot water (boiled), then the noodles are mixed with coconut milk and shrimp broth that is thick and delicious and served with accompaniments such as boiled eggs, bean sprouts and chives . The size of the noodles used is larger than the general noodles, such as Acehnese noodles or udon from Japan.

The origin of celor noodles is not known for sure, but it is known that noodles come from China, it could be that celor noodles is a combination of Malay and Chinese hangang.

Resep Mie Celor Palembang Asli 26 Ilir

Resep Mie Celor Palembang Asli 26 Ilir

The word “selor” in Palembang Malay dialect means to soak in hot water. This refers to how the noodles are served by soaking them in hot water before heating them.

Mie Celor Palembang: 26 Ilir Hm Syafei Z Pelopornya

Mi celor uses yellow noodles or egg noodles. The noodles are big and wide, like the noodles used for Aceh noodles or udon. The noodles are soaked for a while in hot water to make the texture softer and then poured over them with thick sauce. These noodles and thick soup are similar to noodles from China.

This sauce is made with stock from shrimp or ebi, then mixed with coconut milk, milk, wheat flour, and other spices such as pepper, salt, sugar, and flavoring, so that the color It is yellowish white and the texture is thick. Boiled eggs, shrimp, chicken, chives and bean sprouts can be added as a complement. The noodles are served hot and can be topped with chili sauce, fried onions and sliced ​​spring onions.

Celor noodles contain carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and minerals. This snack can be a source of carbohydrates to replace rice. Get protein from a number of complementary foods such as shrimp, chicken and eggs. Vitamins and minerals can be found in complementary vegetables PALEMBANG, South Sumatra – Apart from pempek, celor noodles is one of Palembang’s typical foods. Made from a handful of large noodles stuffed in a colander, then dipped in a large pot filled with broth.

The noodles are then drizzled with a thick, thick yellow coconut milk sauce and topped with ebi, bean sprouts, celery, fried onions and boiled egg pieces.

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Makanan Khas Palembang Legendaris Beserta Lokasinya

Celor in Palembang language means soak. This refers to the way they make the noodle menu, which is cooked by soaking the noodles in broth.

“The noodles are dyed first before serving. “Dicelor is dipping,” said Nuraini, second-generation manager of Mie Celor HM Syafei, one of the legendary celor noodle shops, as quoted in

Previously, Mie Celor HM Syafei was known as Mie Celor 26 Ilir because its main shop was located at 26 Ilir. However, this shop, which has been established since the 1950s, now has about 10 branches.

Resep Mie Celor Palembang Asli 26 Ilir

One of the newest branches is on Jalan Jenderal Sudirman, and according to Nuraini, the shop is busiest with visitors in the morning.

Makanan Khas Palembang Dan Tempat Terbaik Mencobanya

There are 4 types of celor noodles available at the shop at the Jalan Jenderal Sudirman branch. The first is the regular noodles with a price of IDR 24,000, then there is the jumbo portion for IDR. 36,000. Then shrimp celor noodles Rp. 59,000, and finally there are special celor noodles for Rp. 62,000.

The thick sauce served in celor noodles comes from the use of coconut milk, the noodles are large in size and have a soft texture, making the tongue pampered by them. Moreover, it adds a savory and salty taste.

It’s just that celor noodles don’t seem suitable for friends who prefer clear soups. Because the texture of this celor noodle soup is thick.

Then relatively small portions and light toppings will feel inappropriate if eaten outside at breakfast time. Because this is the right time to eat those noodles in South Sumatra, namely in the morning before starting activities. Celor noodles? Hmm, my mind immediately thought of egg noodles sold in supermarkets. Curly-shaped noodles published by Inul Daratista. So, what is unique about these noodles recommended by Sis Mita? Without asking too many questions, I immediately sat in the back seat of my friend’s motorcycle who is originally from Palembang.

Mie Celor 26 Ilir, Santapan Pulang Kampung Halaman All

Sis Mita and I left the Ramayana in the village of 26 Ilir Palembang. The sky in Palembang this afternoon still looks cloudy. Yes, a few minutes ago, it rained on Sriwijaya Earth. Our destination wasn’t too far, it only took five minutes. That’s where the Mie Celor outlet is, just on Jl. KH Ahmad Dahlan No.2. The two-door shop seems to be full of customers eating noodles. Looks like we didn’t get anywhere this afternoon. However, not long after, a table in the corner of the shop was empty. Well, we’ll just move in. Fear that people are first 🙂

We also ordered the main noodles: Mie Celor 26 Ilir H.M Syafe’i. Why are there 26 Ilir and Haji Syafei? It must be because these noodles are from 26 Ilir area and belong to Mr. Haji Syafei 🙂 Not long after, the order arrived.

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It seems that my imagination of celor noodles was the same as egg noodles was wrong, brother and sister. These celor noodles are straight, meaning they are not curled and are larger in size than the egg noodles sold in the market. According to the owner’s statement, these noodles are also made from eggs, only the shape and some other compositions are different. In my opinion, these noodles are more like spaghetti in texture.

Resep Mie Celor Palembang Asli 26 Ilir

Apart from noodles, there are also boiled eggs, bean sprouts, fried onions and green onions poured on top. Then it was poured with thick yellow sauce. Hm… Yummy. Original, it tastes delicious and delicious. Especially the sauce. But I do not recommend these noodles for those of you who suffer from dyslipidemia or hypercholesterolemia. The thing is, the sauce is made from thick coconut milk and shrimp. They use themselves in the shrimp, and that’s where the deliciousness of these celor noodles lies. I ate these noodles with the kempang crackers provided on every table.

Backpacker Alam Dan Sejarah: Mie Celor, Santapan Siang Yang Lezat Di Palembang

According to the story of Sis Mita, 26 Ilir celor noodles are quite famous. The brother-sister duo who are famous presenters, Tantowi Yahya and Helmi Yahya, never miss eating these noodles when they return to Palembang. Likewise with the late Taufik Kiemas, her husband Megawati Soekarno Putri who also came from this province. In fact, when Mbak Mega was president, these noodles were often ordered when there were events at the state palace.

Wow, this noodle game is no joke 🙂 After eating the celor noodles, I was full. In fact, before I met Sis Mita, I had already made a list of what food I should taste while in Palembang city. “Ummm… I think it’s time for lunch anyway. Do you have any recommendations? Typical of Palembang, yes.” I asked him.

“Yeah, don’t poke too, brother. The others are for lunch.” Just because in Palembang, pempek mulu is on offer.

“Celor noodles are noodles made with bean sprouts, boiled eggs, green onions, fried onions, then drizzled with coconut milk and shrimp stock. That’s delicious, sister.”

Mie Celor Palembang

So there are many people who sell Palembang celor noodles, but the most famous is Mie Celor 26 Ilir H. M. Syafei Z on Jalan KH. Ahmad Dahlan, 26 Ilir, Bukit Kecil District, Palembang City, South Sumatra. The place is not far from Pasar 26 Ilir, so apart from enjoying those culinary fun noodles around here you can also enjoy pempek and buy souvenirs like kemplang.

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When we arrived at the place, I immediately ordered celor noodles. They served a portion of hot celor noodles. Noodles, shrimp broth, coconut milk sauce, boiled egg, shrimp, fried onion and soup leaves are also in one plate.

As soon as you spoon it, eh… it’s good, man. The noodles are soft with a strong flavor of shrimp and coconut milk. The addition of fried onions and soup leaves also makes the aroma delicious. I can say that the taste of these celor noodles is the same as the taste of Medan boiled noodles. The only difference is the taste of the soup, because the celor noodle soup has a great taste of coconut milk so it tastes coconutty and delicious. Meanwhile, Medan boiled noodles have a thicker sauce with spices and shrimp. So far we only know that Pempek is a typical food from Palembang. You should also know that there is another typical food called Mie Celor Palembang. A must-try noodle dish from a blend of Malay and Chinese cultures.

Resep Mie Celor Palembang Asli 26 Ilir

Like pempek that we can find on the road wherever we are in Palembang, Mie Celor is the same. Moreover, if you are in the city center, you will often see banners selling Pempek or Mie Celor Palembang.

Jual Mie Celor Terlengkap & Harga Terbaru September 2023

For as long as I can remember, I have never tasted Mie Celor. If it’s egg noodles, that’s normal. For this reason, I decided to try Mie Celor Palembang, while I was in town.

Everyone is targeting Mie Celor 26 Ilir HM. Syafei, the pioneer of Mie Celor since 1953. But did you know that Mr HM Syafei is not originally from Palembang? He and his wife are immigrants from West Java, the father is from Bogor, while the wife is from Cirebon.

Celor in Palembang means diving. The process of cooking Celor noodles  is soaking until cooked like a normal noodle dish. The noodles used are usually larger than normal noodles.

The cooked noodles are served first with boiled bean sprouts cooked together on the plate. Then doused with thick yellow sauce made from thick coconut milk and shrimp stock.

Sekilas Sejarah Mie Celor, Makanan Legendaris Asli Palembang

Before serving, pieces of boiled egg, sliced ​​chives, shrimp, and a little bit of fried onion complete the ready-to-eat Mie Celor.

The taste is savory and the dominant prawns feel and the noodles have a very crunchy texture. The more you eat, the creamier it feels but doesn’t make you feel too tired. In addition, if you add chili sauce and lime, the natural fishiness of the shrimp will be reduced.

While eating, I briefly remember that Mie Celor Palembang is more similar to Mie Koclok Cirebon, only different in terms of the ingredients used in the sauce.

Resep Mie Celor Palembang Asli 26 Ilir

A serving of Palembang Celor Noodles costs Rp. 22,000 with an authentic taste that fills your stomach. If you have recommendations for other culinary places in Palembang, do not hesitate to write them in the comments column. Kuy, der!

Mie Celor Poligon, Miliki Cita Rasa Berbeda Yang Bisa Buat Wong Palembang Ketagihan

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