Resep Mie Basah Untuk Mie Ayam

Resep Mie Basah Untuk Mie Ayam – Mie Yamien, Bandung style chicken noodles… or Jakarta style… What is clear is that it is usually sold in restaurants that sell Miw soup. So it is usually served in two separate bowls. Noodles with toppings, then another bowl with sauce and steamed dumplings or meatballs. At a restaurant, the soup is poured directly into the water bottle, so it’s still hot and fresh. I often eat at Mie Restaurant in Semarang.

When I went to Bandung, I also ate mee akung…the portion was quite jumbo. But what is clear is that it is not difficult to make your own, friends.

Resep Mie Basah Untuk Mie Ayam

Resep Mie Basah Untuk Mie Ayam

For the noodles, use small noodles… this is typical of Mie Yamien. I bought small wet noodles at the supermarket. So just boil it. I want to make it myself, but my noodle mill cuts slightly wide noodles, so it’s not suitable for these yameen noodles. But the noodles I bought at the supermarket were very tasty and soft… just like at Mie restaurant… so yeah… ok… so yameen noodles are good. The soup is also fresh, as it uses real stock rather than clear chicken stock.

Resep Mie Ayam Wonogiri, Kuah Kentalnya Susah Ditolak

The dumpling filling is also good, as it uses fresh chicken and shrimp, so it’s really tasty. For the dumpling skin, if you make it ready-made, use a special sauce so that the results are soft. So there are two types of dumpling skins in supermarkets, for soup and for frying. Don’t go back, okay? If you do it the other way, the result will be hard dumplings in the soup, or if the dumpling skins are fried in the soup, the results will not expand enough. It’s actually easy to make your own dumpling skin… but how long does it take to cook… hahah. See what has been cooked to make several bowls of delicious yam noodles, there are 3 types, soup, stir-fried chicken and dumplings. If you make the noodles and dumpling skin yourself, it might take a whole day..hihi.

Broth: Bring chicken stock to a boil. Add onion. Cook until boiling. Add salt, stock powder, pepper powder and granulated sugar. Cook until well done. Correct it. I rang the bell twice, but no one from the family came to open the door. I casually pressed the handle and the unlocked door opened easily. My sister, Vivian’s, house looks deserted and empty. “Hello! Asalamualaikum”! I screamed and was greeted only by the sound of the wind blowing through the door to the wide open backyard terrace. As I put down my heavy bags and belongings, Vivian’s house assistant Septi appeared from the back room. “Mom and dad are out with Mba’s kids, taking their brother to the school entrance exam at Al Azhar,” Septi explained. “Okay, but where are Umi and the others?” I answered by asking my mother and aunts who were usually in the front room. At that time my mother was in Jakarta and Paron had not returned.

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“Umi and the others were invited by Mas Dimas to take the bus into town. They said they wanted to see the old town.” Ah yes, some time ago my mother had planned a trip to Kota Tua, and it seemed that my younger brother Dimas had finally invited them all. Not knowing what to do in the quiet house, I finally sat down in the dining room and looked at the various dishes and dishes there. The white styrofoam package also caught my attention. When I opened it, it turned out that the contents were a full package of Yamin Chicken Noodles which looked delicious!

I don’t know where Wiwin bought it, but the chicken noodles look tempting. Contains small yellow noodles, stir-fried brown chicken, a few bean sprouts and pieces of boiled mustard greens. Don’t forget the little plastic sauce with the three beef meatballs in it. I was hungry because I had breakfast and it was almost time for lunch, so I quickly took out my plastic chopsticks and quickly ate the noodles. It tastes as good as it looks, and my head immediately fantasizes about making it myself at home one day.

Resep Makanan Khas Medan Yang Enak Jadi Lauk

Full stomach, quiet home environment, then sleep attacks. After laying down on the bed in the front room for a while, I heard my two nephews chattering from the front door. Ah, apparently Wiwin and her crumples have gone home. As I went out to greet them, little Fatih was seen running towards the dining table and shouted, “Mba Septi, do you still have chicken noodles? Do you want anything else?” I was immediately shocked, “Well, Aunt Andang ate the noodles, sis,” I felt guilty. “That’s right, never mind Fatih, he already ate a portion before he left,” Vivian said. “Sorry sister, Aunt Andang was really hungry,” I said to a disappointed looking Fatih. “Okay, Aunt Andang. Aunt Andang likes it that way.” What does jia mean? I thought as the horse smiled.

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Ever since tasting chicken noodles, I’ve been trying to make it myself at home. Many years ago I also made chicken noodles, and I found it very tasty, so this time I will make some modifications for Yamin Chicken Noodles recipe. Yamin noodles and chicken noodle soup are actually almost the same, the difference is that usually yamin noodles are served dry with spices and soy sauce while the soup is served in another bowl. Whether to pour the soup into the noodle bowl or sip the soup separately is up to the buyer.

Usually, yamin noodle seasoning is added to each bowl when the vendor prepares the noodles. The seasoning includes sweet soy sauce, salty soy sauce, chili sauce and tomato sauce, a little pepper and chicken oil. Making chicken oil is actually very easy, just saute chicken skin pieces with some crushed garlic cloves and a little oil until fragrant and the chicken skin doesn’t leave much oil. So this oil is used to season the noodles. Because I used chicken breast fillets with the skin missing, I didn’t use chicken oil to season the noodles. But you don’t have to worry, even without the chicken oil, these yam noodles are still delicious.

Resep Mie Basah Untuk Mie Ayam

For the vegetables, I used stir-fried chicken with bean sprouts, pak choy leaves and a little salty mustard greens to give it a different flavor. I soak the bean sprouts in boiling hot water for 1 minute until they wilt and drain immediately. The goal is not to make the bean sprouts ripe but to remove the unpleasant smell of raw bean sprouts. Meanwhile, I boiled the pak choy leaves until half cooked. You can replace the pickled mustard greens in the stir-fried chicken with pickled radish or leave it out if it’s hard to find. This slightly sour and crunchy salty mustard greens really gives a different taste and sensation to the stir-fried chicken.

Resep Mie Ayam Jamur Hotplate Singapura, Mudah Dibuat Rasanya Seenak Di Restoran

For the noodles, I used small fresh yellow noodles. These noodles are divided into small bundles, enough for 1 serving in each circle. Since the noodles were already cooked and still fresh, I boiled them in boiling hot water until soft and drained. Of course, other types of yellow noodles are still delicious to use in this recipe, you can use egg noodles that are sold dry in supermarkets and boil them until they are soft and cooked.

The chutney in yamin noodles is actually a complement. However, without his presence, Yamin Noodles’ presence feels less than good. The sauce is very simple, I just roast a lot of chopped garlic and ginger along with some kaffir lime leaves. I made this stir fry with chicken stock that I have plenty of in the freezer. Add a little salt and sugar to make the taste more palatable. You can add baks0 or dumplings to the soup to make the yamin noodles more complete.

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So, if all the ingredients are ready, we go to the process of mixing the noodles so that they are ready to eat. The method is very easy, you put a little soy sauce, sweet soy sauce, ground pepper, a little bottle of chili sauce and sesame oil in a bowl. A portion of the yellow noodles is then placed in a bowl and stirred until evenly mixed. Various accompaniments such as stir-fried chicken, bean sprouts and boiled mustard greens are then arranged on the surface of the noodles. Yamin noodles are ready to eat after cooking the sauce and meatballs in a separate bowl. So sweet!

Prepare the chicken and spices. Prepare a frying pan, heat 1 tbsp oil and saute garlic, ginger and lemon leaves until fragrant. Stir fry while cooking and take care not to burn the onion.

Cara Membuat Mie Pangsit Sederhana Ala Rumahan Yang Enak Dan Gurih

Cook until the chicken changes color, then add the salted mustard greens, stirring well. Add pepper, soy sauce and sweet soy sauce. Stir well and cook until chicken is cooked and watery. Add the leeks, stir well and cook until the leeks are wilted. Taste for flavor, remove from heat and set aside.

Soak bean sprouts in boiling hot water for 1 minute, drain. Boil till the mustard greens are half cooked, drain. Arrange the vegetables in the container.

Prepare a frying pan, heat the margarine. Saute garlic, ginger and lime leaves until fragrant and onion is cooked. Turn off the stove flame.

Resep Mie Basah Untuk Mie Ayam

Prepare a pan, add chicken stock, stir-fry spices and meatballs. Boiled until boiling. Add salt and sugar, adjust taste and saltiness. Remove and sprinkle the spring onions over the surface of the sauce.

Resep Mie Yamin Enak Dan Mudah

Prepare a bowl, add 1/2 tsp chopped spring onion, 1 tsp sweet soy sauce, 1 tsp light soy sauce, ½ tsp sesame oil and 1 tsp bottled chili sauce/tomato sauce. Add 1 portion of noodles, stir well with chopsticks, arrange the stir-fried chicken and boiled vegetables on the surface. Everyone knows the joy of a bowl of chicken noodles. It is true that noodles are not the original food and not the staple food in Indonesia, but still, compared to other heavy foods, noodles are also a popular food. That’s the thing

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