Resep Mie Bakso Solo

Resep Mie Bakso Solo – , Surakarta – Meatballs is a food that has existed since the 5th century and is available in every country with different recipes. At the same time, meatballs were first brought to this country by traders from China who immigrated to Indonesia. In Indonesia, meatballs are the most sought after meal, no wonder many restaurants and steakhouses are popular with customers.

This meatball dish with its delicious flavor is served with twisted noodles, vermicelli, slices of beef, chopped celery and fried onions, then poured into a sauce with chewy meat dots.

Resep Mie Bakso Solo

Resep Mie Bakso Solo

Prepared an article related to the recipe for making easy and chewy meatballs with a delicious sauce, here is the meatball recipe and the ingredients that must be prepared first:

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How to make meatball dough starts by grinding all the meat, if the meat has started to crumble and is still a little rough, take a quarter kilo of the mixture and set it aside. After that, put all the ingredients and ice cubes into the first meat mixture and grind until all the ingredients are mixed. Do not knead for too long to avoid the mixture becoming soft when moulded.

Transfer to a large bowl to begin forming the meatball dots. Previously, season the mixture of beef that was previously set aside with onions, peppers and candles that have been crushed and fried with a little salt and spices, mix well.

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Before making the meatballs, heat the water in the pot to boil the meat, when the water boils, reduce the heat. After that, start packing the big balls by scooping 2 heaping tablespoons of the meatball mixture into your right palm, then take half a spoonful of the thick, thick mixture and place it in the center of the dough.

Cover the rough mixture using the meatball mixture flattened in the palm of your hand and place the meatballs in the boiling water in the pan.

Resep Mie Bakso, Hidangan Tepat Pembuka Musim Hujan

Do this until the raw meat mixture is used up, these meatballs will later be called tendon meatballs. If there is still some dough left after making the cut tendon meatballs, make the remaining dough into small meatballs, do this until the dough is gone.

At the same time, grind half a kilo of onions, 1 ounce of pepper, and 2 ounces of candles, puree and fry until the color turns golden yellow and develops a good aroma. Then heat the water in a large pot, after boiling, add the beef knee bone and the ingredients that were fried earlier.

Put the meatballs in a frying pan, reduce the heat. Prepare a bowl filled with twisted yellow noodles, vermicelli, chopped celery, and sprinkle fried onions on top and then pour in the spicy sauce along with the meatballs boiled in the sauce.

Resep Mie Bakso Solo

A bowl of delicious and chewy meatballs is ready to be enjoyed with crushed chili sauce, soy sauce and boiled bird’s eye chili sauce. Good luck and enjoy.

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