Resep Membuat Sambal Tomat

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Resep Membuat Sambal Tomat – – In every Indonesian culinary dish, chili sauce has become an additional dish that seems mandatory on the dining table. Even if it’s just as a complement to a meal, the presence of chili sauce can make the main dish even more delicious.

Chili sauce can indeed make food more delicious and appetizing. Sambal can be made from various ingredients and spices. One of the most popular is none other than tomato sauce.

Resep Membuat Sambal Tomat

Resep Membuat Sambal Tomat

Tomatoes are usually cooked by frying or boiling then mashed with other ingredients and spices. It can also be mashed first and then fried into cooked chili sauce. However, raw tomatoes also offer their own taste when processed into chili sauce, you know. Mixed with shrimp paste, so it’s even more delicious.

Sambal Teri Pedas Gurih Dan Lezat

To enjoy the freshness of this tomato chili sauce, you can try various creations by looking at the following recipes. Reported from various sources on Thursday (20/1).

3. Stir, season with salt and sugar, cook until the chili sauce is cooked and cook (the water reduces, the color of the chili sauce starts to turn dark red and the oil separates). Taste correction.

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1. Fry ingredient 1 until cooked (don’t let it burn). So that they don’t explode, slice or chop the chilies and onions first. Drain well.

2. Puree the fried ingredients 1, add ingredients 2, then puree again. Check the taste and ready to serve.

Resep Sambal Terasi Tomat, Ikan Goreng Dan Ayam Goreng Jadi Semakin Nikmat

2. Grind and add salt, sugar and stock powder. Lastly, I sprinkle it with chili lime juice. Grind evenly. Taste correction. Serve.

4. Then add a little water. Keep cooking. Just add thinly sliced ​​tomatoes, brown sugar and salt. Cook until done. You can add a little oil while continuing to stir. Taste correction.

3. Heat the oil. Use low heat, add the ground chilies, followed by the green tomatoes, stir. Season with salt, sugar and stock powder.

Resep Membuat Sambal Tomat

3. Saute the ground chili sauce again with a little oil, add brown sugar, salt, seasoning, finally add lime juice.

Jenis Sambal Enak Asli Indonesia

2. Fry the shallots with 3 tablespoons of oil until half cooked, add the shrimp paste and tomatoes, cook until the shrimp paste is cooked and the tomatoes are wilted. Turn off the heat then pour everything into a mortar.

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Resep Membuat Sambal Tomat

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Aneka Resep Sambal Tomat, Dijamin Bikin Nagih!

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