Resep Membuat Sambal Pecel Ayam

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Resep Membuat Sambal Pecel Ayam – Mom, you’ve ever eaten at a catfish pexel stall, a typical Lamongan chicken pexel, right? Wow, it’s a shame if you haven’t tried Pecel catfish/chicken with this delicious and amazing chili sauce. I remember when I was in college, I often ate chicken with this sauce. lose Chicken pekel is usually sold at roadside stalls along with other menus, namely catfish pekel, tofu, fried tempeh, etc. If you eat chicken pekel, if it is young , if it is old, replace tofu tempeh, it is a little cheap. It’s understandable that my pocket money is running low, hehe. That’s how the boarding house kids usually work.

When served, the dry fried chicken is served with warm rice, chili paste and fresh vegetables that include cabbage, basil and cucumber. The key to enjoying chicken/catfish apart from the taste of the side dishes is the taste of the Sambal Terasi. This chili paste is the specialty, so if you make catfish pekel or enjoy fried tofu and tempeh, you have to make the same sauce.

Resep Membuat Sambal Pecel Ayam

Resep Membuat Sambal Pecel Ayam

There is no need to doubt the popularity of Lamongan Sambal, because usually after enjoying Lamongan catfish pecel, no one asks. What is the recipe for Lamongan Sambal? In fact, there are no special features, but the type and composition of the chili ingredients used make this chili flavor very good. And perhaps along with the fame of Lamongan’s special food, this chili paste has become popular. So, if you are already curious about the recipe, let’s look at it first, then enter Lamongan shrimp paste sauce recipe, mam la Novalia Rika. Let’s prepare the ingredients, with small portions first. If you want more, just double the ingredients. If you want the shrimp paste to taste more, you can add more.

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Resep Pecel Lele Khas Lamongan Jawa Timur

5. It really does taste like shrimp paste. Not too spicy. What about her. Make your appetite increase, if you like spicy, you can add more chilies.

Don’t forget, mom, when you enjoy the Lamongan style shrimp paste sauce, share this delicious recipe with your neighbors, relatives and friends, so that it will be more useful.. – Who doesn’t know pekel catfish? One of the typical Javanese food has many fans everywhere. In addition to the relatively cheap price, this same food is also a comfort food that is suitable to eat at any time.

Actually, what makes pecel lele special lies in the sambal which tastes delicious and makes you addicted. Made using onions, chilies, and lime, the sambal pecel catfish is the perfect accompaniment to warm rice and fried catfish and fresh vegetables.

You don’t need to buy chili pecel catfish out there, because it turns out that the way to make it is quite easy and practical. You can also be creative with various ingredients and change the type to different types of chili sauce.

Pecel Khas Madiun Dan Bumbu Lengkap

Follow the chili catfish pecel recipe below. Compiled from various sources on Sunday (8/5), here are 11 recipes for catfish casserole that are easy to make and will make you want to eat.

3. Puree the fried baput and chilies, add the tomatoes, mash well. Add salt and soup powder, knead well, taste test, ready to serve.

2. Add salt, mushroom soup and sugar. Coarse grinding. If the hazelnuts are finely ground, add the lime juice. Mix well. Taste correction.

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Resep Membuat Sambal Pecel Ayam

1. Fry the shallots, garlic, curly red chilli, bird’s eye chilli, candle nuts, tomatoes until wilted. After that, add the lime leaves, don’t let it get too dry. Take off

Pantas Sambal Pecel Lele Rasanya Nagih, Pedagang Bongkar Cara Membuatnya, Ternyata Pakai Bumbu Rahasia Ini!

2. Grind all the fried ingredients and add the shrimp paste, brown sugar, salt, granulated sugar and soup powder If you are using sesame, add that too. Fried Chicken and chili sauce taste test… definitely a menu that no one can refuse, my friends. we are not an exception at home .. if we don’t cook anymore .. yes, in the end, we buy chicken penyet or Pecel Ayam which is typical of Lamongan. It’s not chicken with pesal seasoning… but fried chicken served with chili sauce. At the Pecel Ayam Lamongan stall, we usually get two types of chili sauce here. The tomato-style sambal, which is sweet and spicy, then the sambal kosek, which is spicy, because it’s just cayenne pepper and onions. Apart from the fried chicken in our subscription shop, it is also added creamy. It tastes pretty good. But don’t think about it, how is it expensive to eat like that…rice, creamy fried chicken with chili sauce, and fresh vegetables, how can all three of them run out of 60,000. If you cook it yourself, you can have a whole chicken..which is still left over..hahah..*mak Irit

Ok.. I want to prove.. how you can actually have one chicken. I bought a male chicken, in the market the price is 35-40,000 per person. If you want to do business … there are chicken suppliers whose prices are relatively low. With a capital of 60 thousand .. (the amount if you snack can have 3 pieces of chicken ..hihi ..). The rest is for spices and cooking oil, ok…a…taraa… make a big portion of Lamongan Chicken Pecel, it could be 5 to 6 portions…well…if you do the math , if you buy a cooked one, it’s only 120 thousand. So.. you can still make a profit, friends… if you want to do Lamongan Chicken Pecel business.. haha.

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Yep…hope it can be a business idea…I’m sharing the recipe for the Fried Chicken as well as two types of sauce. The taste…not as good as those sold outside…even better in my opinion. Usually… Lamongan chicken casserole sauce is semi-raw and cooked ingredients. Which I’ve reviewed before. Raw cayenne pepper, tomatoes, shrimp paste and garlic are fried. Now if I give you a new, special chili recipe again, okay? I got this chili tip from a friend who sells fried chicken. The secret…he has added some roasted sesame. After I tried it earlier.. hemm.. the chili sauce tastes better. No need for seasoning…use shrimp paste and sesame seeds…the chili sauce is very tasty.

Ok..want to try it is the recipe..hope it can inspire you too. I am sure … the name Pecel Ayam or Fried Chicken plus chili sauce will not die fans … everywhere you will definitely like it. If it’s cream… of course I’ll use ready-to-use Kremes Flour that I sell…hihi. And alhamdulillah, now the Kremes Flour that I sell has traveled around the archipelago … many friends have ordered for the fried chicken business and the orders are suitable and usual. ..:D

Sambal Pecel Pedas Enak Istimewa

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