Resep Membuat Mie Celor Khas Palembang

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Resep Membuat Mie Celor Khas Palembang – “Ummm… I think it’s time for lunch anyway. Do you have any recommendations? The one that is typical of Palembang, yes.’ I asked him.

“Yeah, don’t squeeze. The rest are for lunch.” Simply because pempek mulu is offered again in Palembang.

Resep Membuat Mie Celor Khas Palembang

Resep Membuat Mie Celor Khas Palembang

“Celor noodles are noodles with bean sprouts, boiled eggs, green onions, fried onions and then topped with coconut milk and shrimp broth. It’s delicious, sister.’

Resep Mi Celor Khas Palembang, Kuah Kental Nan Gurih Bikin Lidah Ketagihan

So there are many Palembang Celor noodles sold but the most famous one is Mie Celor 26 Ilir H.M. Syafei Z which is located on Jalan KH. Ahmad Dahlan, 26, Ilir, Bukit Kesil District, Palembang City, South Sumatra. The location is near Pasar 26 Ilir, so apart from cooking noodles here, you can also enjoy pempek and buy souvenirs like kemplang.

Arriving at the venue, I immediately ordered a Mie Celor. A portion of warm celery noodles was served. Also on one plate are noodles, shrimp broth, coconut milk, boiled eggs, shrimp, fried onions and soup leaves.

Once you dial it in, wow… it’s great. the noodles are soft with a strong flavor of shrimp and coconut milk. the addition of fried onions and soup leaves also makes the flavor nice. I can say that the taste of this Celor noodles is similar to the taste of Medan boiled noodles. The only difference is the taste of the broth, because the Celor Noodle Soup has a strong coconut milk flavor, so it tastes like coconut and is very tasty. Medan boiled noodles, on the other hand, have a thicker broth with spices and shrimp. ERIK IBRAHIM please wait… Freelancer – 🐇🦢🌱Upstream swim to shore I really mean it for you BUT you are just like that🌴🌿

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Pempek Palembang looks tempting on its own, especially with the typical Palembang noodles. Who else but Mee Sailor, let’s have some fun together?

Berkunjung Ke Kota Pempek? Ini Rekomendasi Mie Celor Enak Di Palembang

Before writing this, I also wanted to taste the taste of this Celor noodle. How authentic is it? How tasty is the broth? Well…! It is enough to temporarily postpone the feeling of hunger and temporary treatment of the liver…

Bumi Sriwijaya used to be the nickname of a province in South Sumatra, especially if it wasn’t the city of Palembang in South Sumatra. Let’s learn about Palembang’s other culinary delights besides Palembang pempek?…

The city of Palembang used to exist during the reign of Srivijaya at that time and at the same time Vanua was founded in the area.

Resep Membuat Mie Celor Khas Palembang

Apart from the fact that Palembang city is famous for its special food called Pempek Palembang, there is another culinary specialty that uses noodles as its raw material, especially if it is not Mie Celor.

Mie Celor Kapitan

Mie Celor is a typical dish from Palembang, South Sumatra, Indonesia. Noodles are used as the main raw material for making this food.

Now we will find out why it is called Mie Celor. In the Palembang language, the word “celor” means “to dip, to dip” and as the name suggests, these selor noodles are indeed made by dipping or immersing in boiling water.

The main reason is that the texture of the noodles when boiled in water will result in softer noodles before finally being served with a very distinctive broth. What is Mie Celor made of?

This is what makes the appearance, aroma, smell even more appetizing. It is no mistake that the Mi Celor sauce is unique, as there are ingredients that make it even more spicy and look even more delicious.

Mie Celor Khas Pelembang Lezatnya Emang Bikin Nendang

In general, the Mie Celor sauce is almost similar to a typical Chinese food, namely Lo Mie, which is characterized by a rather thick sauce. Of course, this is because the Celor noodle broth is made with several small shrimp or dried shrimp.

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It doesn’t end there, later this ingredient will be mixed with coconut milk and then added with flour and milk. And additional spices – pepper, salt, sugar and flavorings to taste.

The reason for adding milk, flour to coconut milk is to make it savoury, delicious and then you have a thick textured sauce and not runny like in noodle soup in general. at home Choose medium-sized shrimp: choosing shrimp that is not too large or small will make it easier for the reader when they are peeled and made as an additional ingredient to the noodles, this is very suitable because the shrimp meat is not too small and large. Be careful when choosing fresh shrimp: fresh shrimp have characteristic color characteristics, gray together with the heads and shells of the shrimp were still firmly and tightly attached. if the color is reddish and it has the opposite consistency, you can be sure that the quality of the shrimp is no longer fresh. Wash the shrimp in the right way: to avoid the fishy and spicy smell when processing the shrimp.

Resep Membuat Mie Celor Khas Palembang

This is the moment I’ve been waiting for, what sets this Celor noodle apart from others. One of the things that sets it apart is that this Celor Noodle was made again at the MCI Season 8 event.

Cobain Kenyalnya 10 Mie Celor Di Jakarta Asli Palembang Ini

One returning member is Mei Mei or better known as Qi Mei. according to the source that Qi Mei said, he never did, but when it was often said, he answered no.

Mie Celor Sauce, made by Ci Mei, comes from shrimp that are turned into shrimp stock. and on how to thicken the broth, Ci Mei Mei using wheat flour. This is a glimpse of Mie Celornya…

Youtube MCI screenshots related to Mie Celor by Mei Mei. Tuesday 07/06/2022. Hope this is helpful, Mr. Eric Ibrahim. 07/06/2022. Illustration: Recipe and cooking method for Palembang’s typical Celor noodles with a delicious and thick sauce. /Snapshot MGDALENAF

DIY NEWS – Check out the typical recipe for Palembang Celor Noodles, which has a spicy and thick sauce. The cooking method is also quite simple, easy and guaranteed to fail for beginners who have never cooked this food.

Resep Mie Celor Enak Dan Mudah

Palembang, a town famous for its pempek, seems to still have another hidden paradise in the culinary world, namely Mie Selor.

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If you are homesick or didn’t have time to come to Palembang to enjoy Mie Celor, this recipe can be your best choice to taste the special culinary inventions of the city.

Resep Membuat Mie Celor Khas Palembang

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Mie Celor Palembang South Sumatran Style Foto Stok 1917720710

This is a recipe and how to make Palembang’s typical Mie Celor with a thick and spicy sauce that is suitable for the family. ***

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Resep Membuat Mie Celor Khas Palembang

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Resep Membuat Mie Celor Khas Palembang

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Gurih Dan Creamy, Ini Resep Autentik Mie Celor Kuliner Khas Palembang Yang Wajib Dicoba

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