Resep Membuat Klapertart

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Resep Membuat Klapertart – Clappertart is a typical Manado cake that is influenced by the cuisine of the Netherlands. The hallmark of this classic clappertart is the mixture of young coconut meat and toppings such as almonds, raisins and ground cinnamon.

If you usually buy clappertart packaged in a small container, now you can make it at home, you know.

Resep Membuat Klapertart

Resep Membuat Klapertart

And here we present a clappertart recipe with an addictively sweet taste as epitomized by the old Blue Band

Resep Klapertart, Kudapan Manado Yang Lembut Dan Lumer Di Lidah

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Resep Cara Membuat Klappertart, Enak, Manis Dan Lembut

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Resep Membuat Klapertart

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Diah Didi’s Kitchen: Klappertaart Kering / Panggang

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There are 2 types of production methods, cooked and uncooked. The baked version of Klappertaart is baked in the oven au bain marie method and usually uses a meringue topping (beaten egg whites), for the unbaked version all the ingredients are cooked over a fire (stove) and then cooled and frozen. Like making a fridge pudding. I think the texture is soft because even though it is cooked using the au bain marie (steam bake) method, the result is still soft.

The Klappertaart I posted this time uses the unbaked method, so no baking, aka no oven required. This recipe is Wilton’s recipe, UCU Tea and Hannah’s Klappertart, heheehee… Of course hobbyists can modify it, xixixixiiiii… The recipe is a variation of Wilton’s and UCU Tea, the method of making it is a variation of Hannah’s Klappertart using the no-bake method. Pretty sure as a Muslim I don’t use rum/rum paste/rum extract which is still illegal for Muslims as per MUI fatwa (please read info here)

It is easy to do, but you have to be careful when you stir it on fire, you have to continue on low heat. Stir in the same direction, don’t go back and forth and stir to the bottom, so it doesn’t harden and make lumps at the bottom. Incomplete mixing will make the dough coarse.

Cara Membuat Klappertaart Kukus

250 ml fresh cream/liquid whip cream (or can be made from powdered whip cream mixed with water as per package instructions)

5 young coconuts, scraped (choose the white flesh but still soft) ~ add as much/less as needed, the more young coconuts the more fun 😉

1. Mix the fresh cream/liquid whip cream, cornstarch, flour and eggs. Blend well until smooth and without lumps. aside.

Resep Membuat Klapertart

2. Heat the liquid milk and granulated sugar, stirring until the sugar dissolves and the milk boils (use only low heat and stir constantly so as not to break the milk). Add the fresh cream/whipped cream mixture to the milk. Stir quickly until smooth and smooth until thickened. Stir gently and continue until the mixture is hot and bubbly. Turn off the fire.

Resep Klapertart Kukus Yang Lembut Untuk Camilan Di Hari Natal

3. Heat, add butter/margarine, stir well until all the butter/margarine melts. Enter young coconut. Mix well. Enter the vanilla extract. Mix well.

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4. Pour into a glass dish or aluminum cup. Cool until the hot steam goes away, add the toppings (raisins, walnuts and cinnamon powder) and chill in the fridge/refrigerator. Ready to serve cold and more delicious.

1. Beat the egg whites, salt and lemon juice until foamy (semi-fluffy), adding sugar little by little while continuing to beat until stiff. Enter the flour. Stir gently with a spatula. Put in a triangular bag (piping bag).

2. Spray the top of the clappertart dough until it’s high enough (it doesn’t matter if it’s higher than the surface of the aluminum dish or cup because the egg whites will drop a little when it comes out of the oven). Add raisins, walnuts and cinnamon powder. Bake au bain marie until the top is golden brown.

Video) Resep Klapertart Karamel, Resep Klapertart Paling Enak Yang Wajib Dibuat

* If you want to use custard apple, add 50 grams. Reduce the amount of flour to 50g and cornstarch to 50g (as per Wilton’s Clappertart recipe).

A clappertart like this is a clappertart pudding that should be spooned out without cutting into pieces. Now there are many variations of clappertart, cheese, blueberries, durian, tiramisu etc. All that remains is to create it.

Thank God, using this recipe, yesterday I made Young Coconut Taro Pudding (using Processed Taro Beneng ~ Local Taro from Pondeglang). Especially for those who use Tarot, it is easy to understand because it is named instead of ClapperTart. I eliminated the flour and added cornstarch, also mashed steamed taro. The results were taste tested and showcased at the local food festival, Banten Expo 2010. At a glance the results of the data I read from the visitors, on average they said it was delicious. There are also tourists who don’t like the smell of cinnamon (like the smell of medicine, they said, hehehehe…). There are those who say it’s weird because they’ve never known it and never had a clappertart, hehehe… Apart from the original yesterday, they also make cheese (add grated cheese to the dough and use cheese as a topping).

Resep Membuat Klapertart

Even though I don’t have an ordinary kitchen business card, many people ask for business cards, so I gave them my cellphone number. Then immediately there were those who asked questions about the recipe, a lady from hospitality (sorry I forgot her name) asked that she should be ready to ask anytime to give a simulation of making a clappertart as a hotel class dessert, wahhhh… – the original clappertart recipe is often searched for by many people. . How to make it, including how to make it smooth or thick to taste. I just eat when I go home. Because aunties in Manado make them to eat and bring as souvenirs.

Fakta Klapertart, Kue Natal Khas Manado Warisan Belanda

Klappertart is a cake with the sweet and savory taste of young coconut with a moist and fluffy texture. We can find this typical Manado food in many cities in Indonesia. There are many cake shops that sell it. Both original and modified with different flavors.

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For those of you who want to try this cake, you can try making it yourself. You can try the original recipe or various modified recipes. It can be halal with rum or without rum.

These are the ingredients for the original clappertart recipe I collected from my aunt and cousins ​​in Manado. Here, the frying is done twice so that the top does not burn. There are those who roast only once every 10-15 minutes.

You can try the original clappertart recipe and its various variants at home. Both original/authentic, flavored with durian, chocolate, blueberries, mixed with white bread, etc. How to make this klappertart is very easy, simple and straightforward. Make a good effort.

Cara Buat Klapertart Ekonomis

Sharing information resulting from personal experiences and the experiences of others. Satisfying the curiosity of many people who are diligent in searching. Clappertart recipe is a typical cake or snack of Manado city with savory, sweet and fresh taste. This cake is liked by children and adults alike. For those of you who are making it at home, it is classified as very easy and this recipe is perfect for your selling ideas. Come on! Let’s see how to make it.

1. First, prepare a container, add 50 grams of cornstarch or the equivalent of 5 tablespoons of starch, pour it or dissolve it with 50 milliliters of water, then stir until mixed. After the cornstarch is dissolved, add 2 egg yolks, half a teaspoon of vanilla paste, if you don’t have vanilla, you can replace it with a quarter teaspoon of vanilla powder, then stir again until well mixed. .

2. Prepare a pot for cooking then add 400 milliliters of coconut water, followed by 120g of sweetened condensed milk or the equivalent of 3 sachets then stir until well mixed. Then turn on medium heat and boil until it boils, after it boils and bubbling, add the cornstarch solution that you set aside before adding it, stirring it first so that there is no sediment at the bottom, then. Continue to cook until it thickens and boils, stirring so that the base does not burn easily.

Resep Membuat Klapertart

3. After the mixture thickens, boils and explodes, adjust the margarine equivalent to 50 grams of margarine or 3 convex tablespoons, stir until the margarine melts and the mixture is evenly mixed throughout the mixture until it is smooth and does not burn easily, can reduce the stove fire.

Resep Klapertart Durian Enak Dan Mudah

4. After mixing the margarine evenly throughout the mixture and bringing the mixture back to a boil over the stove flame, stir in 1 piece of coconut meat, shaved or cut into small pieces.

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