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Resep Masakan Utopia – The millennial era is the highlight of rapid development, information from the outside is easily absorbed, but it also makes the younger generation quickly forget things that are native to Indonesia. However, there is one thing that can revive our love for this country and make us realize the richness of Indonesia, that is through Indonesian food.

There are many stories revealed behind some of the delicious dishes. The colors, shapes, and combinations of spices that make it are linked to the stories of culture, history, and philosophical values โ€‹โ€‹of life that have been passed down for hundreds of years. Remember rice pudding? The conical shape that resembles a mountain represents the relationship between the Creator and humans and humans and each other. A side dish that comes with its own prayer and meaning.

Resep Masakan Utopia

Resep Masakan Utopia

“The food culture of Indonesia is very rich and dynamic. Each dish reflects the characteristics of the origin of each region and shows the influence of other cultures. So, have fun. Cindy Purnamasari (26) who met at the luncheon for the opening of the Indonesian Food and Art Festival at Plaza Indonesia, Thursday (3/8).

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This variety of flavors was also presented on the opening night of the Food and Art Festival. Indonesia, “I love Indonesia” at La Moda, Plaza Indonesia on Thursday (3/8). The presented food menu is selected by Chef Petty Elliot from the menu created by the F&B restaurants participating in this event. In the opening night, Plaza Indonesia invited VIP members and ambassadors to introduce Indonesian food. .

“From this event, we understand that Indonesian food can be enjoyed in a beautiful way. Because Indonesian food is synonymous with simple home cooking. In fact, we can make Indonesian cuisine a classic. I am still waiting for the restaurant to get a Michelin Star, because we actually have very good chefs and Indonesian food deserves a Michelin Star,โ€ he added.

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The mother, Jeanne Palar, also added that the development of good food and fusion styles in the Indonesian cooking world has become a positive wind to reach the people of the world to get to know Indonesian food more.

The fusion style in Indonesian cuisine is now hitting many young entrepreneurs who show a variety of new creations. Martabak in the form of ice cream, for example. Or, sushi with special Padang ingredients.

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27-year-old Sandra Olga, who is often known as a sports host and Indonesian cook, said, “This is how people who love Japanese food can still enjoy it, without forgetting their identity as Indonesians.”

Actually, Indonesian cooking is not new to the food lovers of the world. However, it is not as popular as the food from neighboring countries. Neighbors such as Thailand, China, Korea and Japan. However, the trend to promote Indonesian food today continues to increase. Up.

This movement comes from the government’s campaign which is increasingly active in Indonesian cooking market abroad, industry players, and community making Domestic food. “In the past 4 years, 5-star hotels in Indonesia have been promoting Indonesian food more and more. count more. At least, we ourselves can appreciate it,” Chef Petty Elliot who is the curator of the menu and opened the Master Class at this Indonesian food and festival event.

Resep Masakan Utopia

Chef Petty admits that Indonesian food is diverse, but has only one identity. “Strong flavor!” He said firmly. All without exception because each serving contains a number of herbs and spices. A lot of binding taste.

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Many spices, that is the definition of Indonesian cuisine, so it is often the reason why people are lazy to learn. For Sandra, this is actually a challenge and a joy in itself. “We must be able to love the process. Indonesian food requires patience. If a person can love something for a long time, it means that the person has patience and high determination. That’s why I really appreciate Indonesian food,” said Sandra, who learned to cook from a special Indonesian recipe book with old spellings, owned by her mother from Germany.

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He added, “This festival commemorates the cooking of our mothers and ancestors. . Remember, taste again, and get to know the variety of Indonesian food again. As the name implies, Plaza Indonesia not only presents goods from foreign countries, but also The taste of Indonesia is also increasing. Don’t forget who he is.”

In line with Sandra, Marcia Julia (21) thinks this is another way to contribute to Indonesia in appreciating Indonesian food. He said, “Remembering the abundance of Indonesian food for this event is not only important, but It is also necessary. [ADT]

The Indonesian Food and Art Festival is an event organized by Plaza Indonesia to celebrate Indonesia’s Independence Day. Indonesia’s 72nd anniversary. Throughout the month of August, many events have come with it to revive the pride of being part of Indonesia.

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One of the programs is Taste of Indonesia, which is participated by various F&B outlets from Plaza Indonesia. “As an Indonesian, without any background restrictions, you love Indonesian food. Cheers because it reminds you of your home. Therefore, this month we invite various F&B restaurants to serve special menus from different regions so that they can be enjoyed by the tongues of food lovers who miss Indonesian specialties,” explained PT Plaza Indonesia Realty Tbk Astri Abyanti Permatasuri, Senior Manager of Marketing, PR & Digital. .

The food creations presented are also unique and tickling. Restaurants that are usually only known for serving European and international menus also present Indonesian specialties in their creations. AMKC Atelier, for example, offers Barramundi-Scallop crispy skin with banga sauce. There are 7 flavors of rendang from Sari Ratu. Or if you go to Cork & Screw, there is a STMJ menu (milk, eggs, honey, jagermeister) and brewed coffee that is a mixture of rye whiskey and Union Blend coffee. At MDL Restaurant, enjoy a menu from 17 provinces with a variety of rice dishes and side dishes from various provinces in Indonesia.

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Especially in August, visitors can enjoy a variety of special Indonesian menu promotions for 72 thousand IDR from food stalls located at Plaza Indonesia. Astri added, “This event is also our appreciation for the culinary industry. We recognize that Indonesia is very rich. With any spices and ingredients, it can always be a unique dish. And Plaza Indonesia, provides a perfect experience to enjoy Indonesian food.”

Resep Masakan Utopia

Being held for the first time, Plaza Indonesia aims to make this festival an annual event. . General Manager of Marketing and Communication of PT Plaza Indonesia Realty Tbk Zamri Mamat also added: This event is expected to promote people’s love for the richness of Indonesian culture, through the provision of a variety of specialty foods, and contribute to the momentum of. Indonesian cooking industry in the world market.

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For 27 years, Plaza Indonesia has maintained its position as a premium shopping center offering the best shopping experience. This event also shows another side of Plaza Indonesia which used to be a fashion shopping place, but also a food tourism place.

Also in the series of the festival, starting on August 6, 2017, there will be an exhibition of photos, videos and installations of Sumba textiles with the title “Lukamba Nduma Luri”, a joint proposal from the Dian Sastrowardoyo Foundation. Meanwhile, on August 16-27, 2017, a fine art exhibition was held with the title “Become Indo “Nasia”, with 45 Indonesian artists. [ADT]

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