Resep Masakan Palembang Celimpungan

Resep Masakan Palembang Celimpungan – Laksan is one of the takjil dishes made from Palembang pempek, which is highly sought after by Muslims in Palembang, South Sumatra (/ Nefri Inge)

, Palembang – Various Ramadan takjil menus in Palembang City, South Sumatra (Sumsel), guaranteed to make you addicted. Not only Palembang pempek is a takjil menu during the fasting month, but there is also another food that is always in demand by the people of Palembang.

Resep Masakan Palembang Celimpungan

Resep Masakan Palembang Celimpungan

There are two types of food that come from processed Palembang pempek, which have a taste that is no less delicious than Palembang pempek.

Resep Laksan Palembang Yang Gurih Pedas Kuahnya

These two foods even become the main menu when breaking the fast, because they are filling and taste as delicious as Palembang pempek.

Takjil merchants on the side of the road usually sell one piece of laksan for IDR 1,000. However, buyers will usually buy at least 5 pieces of laksan with fresh sauce, so that they are filling when the fast is broken.

Laksan has a softer texture compared to Palembang pempek. Because when it is made, the Palembang pempek pieces are soaked in the sauce which makes the texture softer and a bit chewier.

Then another takjil menu that comes from processed Palembang pempek celipungan. The texture is quite similar to laksa, but slightly softer.

Jajanan Palembang Yang Pas Jadi Menu Takjil Ramadan

Celimpungan is one of the takjil dishes made from Palembang pempek, which is very popular among Muslims in Palembang, South Sumatra (/ Nefri Inge)

The price is also very affordable, one bottle of celipungan is IDR 1,000. Just like the laksan, this takjil menu is usually bought between 5-10 pentol so you are full when you eat it.

Usually the fish used is mackerel, snapper and some people also use snake fish, but the price is more expensive than the two fish ingredients before.

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Resep Masakan Palembang Celimpungan

One of the takjil stalls that open every month of Ramadan on the side of the road in Palembang City, South Sumatra (/ Nefri Inge)

Celimpungan, Olahan Ikan Berkuah Santan Yang Menjadi Simbol Semangat Masyarakat Palembang

Eka, a takjil vendor at Jalan RE Martadinata Palembang, said the best-selling takjil menu items are celimpungan and laksan.

“If people get bored of eating Palembang pempek with cuko, they often turn to celipungan and laksan. “The flavor of the pempek is not lost, but the presentation is more varied by using a fresh sauce,” he told , Wednesday (5/4/2023).

The stall itself has been open from However, since this morning, dozens of workers have been producing various types of takjil menus at Reni’s production house, at Jalan RE Martadinata Lorong Satria Palembang.

Apart from Palembang pempek, celipungan and laksan, Eka’s stall also sells other takjil menus. Such as fried foods, banana compote, sweet cakes and more. Eka’s stall is only open during Ramadan.

Selera Nusantaraku: Masakan Khas Palembang Celimpungan

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The film Women From Rote Island brings Home 4 FFI Citra Cups 2023, highlighting stories of victims of sexual violence. However, it is not only pempek that is a typical Palembang food. There are several typical Palembang foods that are equally delicious, one of which is celipungan. This food is synonymous with savory taste because the base of the sauce is thick coconut milk.

Mix all the ingredients together, such as ground fish, starch, eggs, salt and spices. Then add water a little at a time until the mixture is evenly mixed and like a meatball batter.

Resep Masakan Palembang Celimpungan

Shape the dough into balls. Next, cook the mixture little by little in boiling water until the mixture is cooked as indicated by the liquid of the dough. Finally, lift and drain. Set it aside first.

Burgo, Celimpungan Dan Laksan Favorit Menu Berbuka Warga Palembang

Ground spices such as shallots, garlic, turmeric, coriander and pine nuts. Then heat the oil and fry all the spices that have been ground and crushed.

Then add the coconut milk and stir constantly so that the coconut milk does not break. Add salt, spices, a and sugar to taste. Wait until the coconut milk sauce boils and thickens.

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After the coconut milk sauce thickens, add the cooked dough balls. Stir and wait until the coconut milk sauce has been absorbed into the balls. Then turn off the stove.

Finally, remove from the heat and pour enough of the dilungan and sauce into a serving bowl. Add fried onions and chives to taste on top of the celipungan. Serve.

Resep Celimpungan Enak Dan Mudah

So, are you interested in trying to make celipungan? Please try the recipe. Guaranteed the taste is not inferior to pempek, you know. If you like it spicy, just add some ground chili to make it even more delicious. Good luck!

IDN Times Community is a media that provides a platform for writing. All written work created is the sole responsibility of the author. Taste Palembang’s typical Celimpungan cooking, how to do it? As the capital of South Sumatra province, Palembang is famous not only for its fascinating natural beauty but also for its rich culinary traditions.

Palembang,  – As the capital of South Sumatra Province, Palembang is famous not only for its enchanting natural beauty but also for its unparalleled traditional cuisine.

Resep Masakan Palembang Celimpungan

One of the dishes you must try when you visit Palembang is celipungan, a typical dish that is appetizing and captivating. This dish is made from processed fish with selected herbs and spices.

Mencicipi Kuliner Celimpungan Khas Palembang, Gimana Cara Membuatnya?

People eat the culinary delights of Palembang every day for breakfast or as a snack. At first glance, celipungan is similar to pempek, but celipungan is eaten without using it

A flavorful coconut milk sauce sprinkled with fried onions makes this dish a delicious meal. For those of you who like spicy food, add fried chili sauce when you eat this food.

Like pempek, celipungan is also a reference for the people of Palembang as a home-cooked food that is often seen when you visit people’s homes. This Palembang dish also seems to increase the closeness of people when they visit each other, and is often a must-cook dish for banquets at the many events held in this city.

One of the residents of Pahlawan area, Yuli (41), admitted that celipungan is one of the typical cuisines that are often made. Like during festivals or when there is a festival.

Makanan Khas Palembang Yang Wajib Dicoba Selain Pempek!

“Celimpungan has a delicious taste. Apart from that, this cooking dish is easy to make and is very popular among adults and children.” he said.

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1. Make the dip dough by making a round shape. Add the rounded dip. Boil in boiling water until the dill floats.

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Resep Masakan Palembang Celimpungan

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Resep Celimpungan Khas Palembang

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Resep Masakan Palembang Celimpungan

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