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Resep Masakan Kudus – This is an original Soto Kudus recipe that is practical, tastes delicious, and the sauce is refreshing! Family friendly, try the recipe today, come on!

Original recipe of Soto Kudus, one of the typical soto in Indonesia. In Indonesia, there are many variations of soto, and each of them has its own characteristics. South Kalimantan is popular with Soto Banjar, and South Sulawesi has many followers of Coto Makassar. Same with Soto Padang, a typical West Sumatran dish with red crackers and spicy broth. Not only are these sotos popular in their original areas, but they have also spread throughout the islands.

Resep Masakan Kudus

Resep Masakan Kudus

Typical food from Central Java is popular in big cities, such as Soto Lamongan. Lovers of this soto usually like a broth or sauce that is ‘light’ on the tongue. What’s fun about enjoying the bright Soto Kudus recipe is the various side dishes that are also included. Starting from various satai such as intestine, liver, gizzards, cut eggs, fried tempeh, and perkedel.

Resep Soto Kudus

This recipe is a simpler and healthier version of a popular dish in Kudus, Central Java, which uses chicken breast as a source of chicken stock and side dishes. But if you want a tastier taste, you can use a whole chicken or just add chicken bones to the boiling broth. To prevent the breast meat from being too dry when eaten, add the chicken bones to the boiling water first. After 30 minutes, add the meat. Cook until the meat is cooked, the broth is absorbed, and you have the most delicious Soto Kudus recipe!

Want to find album inspiration in the water? You will definitely agree with the choice of this special Kudus chicken soup recipe. Also check out What’s Cooking Today Instagram for recipes and other interesting cooking tips. don’t forget

Boil chicken breast, galangal, lemongrass and bay leaves. Add sugar and salt. Cook until chicken breast is cooked. Remove the chicken meat, chop it, and set it aside.

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Reheat the broth with the stir-fry spices, Royco Chicken Stock, lime juice, and Bango Sweet Soy Sauce. Mix well.

Diah Didi’s Kitchen: Soto Kudus

In a serving bowl, arrange chicken breast, bean sprouts, boiled chicken eggs. Pour in the soto sauce, sprinkle with sliced ​​celery leaves, spring onions and fried shallots Some time ago, I ate pindang Kudus at one of the famous Pindang Kudus stalls in Semarang. After tasting it, how is it slightly different from the Pindang I usually cook. When I cook Pindang Kudus it is very thick and has whole spices, using candles etc. Finally I asked the seller, whether pindang Kudus use candles or not, the father who sold it said no. Oh..pantesan..the sauce is thin, fresh and not too spicy.

Finally, I was curious to try another version of this pindang Kudus. After reading the recipe from the seller, I tried it myself at home. And seriously…it tastes…it’s like the one sold at the stall…it’s even better…my husband said it tastes right. Ok, dech make another change to the pindang Kudus recipe, which is this thin soup version. The taste is very fresh and the spices are not too thick, so the taste is fresher.

That’s why, even though I’m an enthusiastic cook… I often like to try different cooking items from my friends’ area outside… So I can guess what the recipe is, or if I’m lucky, I can find out the recipe from the seller…hihi. If you haven’t had the opportunity to try to enjoy the typical cooking of a region for yourself, I sometimes like to look at recipes in tabloids that often review specialties or legendary foods from a region. That’s why when I’m a cookbook, my favorite thing is the cooking information, because sometimes there are special, authentic recipes from several famous stalls in an area, which I haven’t tried directly, so from then you can try. what it tastes like at first, and it definitely has a real taste because the seller gave me the recipe.

Resep Masakan Kudus

But what is clear is that when I look at a recipe I just want to know the basic ingredients, sometimes there are sellers who get angry if I ask for the recipe…haha. Even though I was just asking, for example… I asked a Madurese satay seller that I often buy… Sir… do you use candles for the spices? … but I got to laugh at it haha. But yes, never give up … looking for a unique recipe. so that I can write delicious and authentic recipes on this website. Even though sometimes I only get a basic recipe…because it’s impossible for the seller to give me the full recipe…hihi…until I change the spice measurements myself…the then I test it myself in my kitchen. But what is clear is that the basic spices don’t go against the basic rules of seasoning… if it’s taste and dose… we can adjust it according to our own tastes…:D

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Intip Ketan, Makanan Khas Ramadhan Di Kudus Hanya Ada Setahun Sekali

Ok, here’s my new version of Nasi Pindang Kudus recipe without candles, it’s delicious and fresh… 🙂 Good luck trying it, friends, if you like this typical Kudus dish. This Pindang Kudus tastes like rawon, but contains coconut milk, and is usually served with soy beans, and eaten with chili sauce and soy sauce if you like. Other treats include perkedel, fried tempeh, egg pindang and prawn crackers. Pick the brisket to make it tastier and more tender, my friends. If you want, you can serve it with bacem beef too…it’s even tastier. Serve Pindang Kudus with sweet soy sauce if you like it sweeter cayenne chili sauce and boiled if you like it spicy. Serve on banana leaves with lots of sauce..hemm..fresh and delicious..!

2 bay leaves 2 stalks of lemongrass 2 lime leaves 50 grams melinjo leaves 1 tablespoon of brown sugar If you visit the city of Kudus and have time to hunt for typical Kudus culinary delights, you will definitely not you are missing this dish on the menu: Garang normal Kudus asem Food This preparation made with free-range chicken and has a spicy taste has become one of the favorites of culinary hunters who come to the city of Kudus.

And one of the Garang Asem restaurants that is very famous and already has a name among cooking lovers is Garang Asem Sari Rasa located on Jalan Agil Kusumadya. The price of one serving of garang asem sold at Sari Rasa restaurant ranges from around 25,000 – 30,000 rupiah. The garangasem menu has three options, namely chicken garang asem, offal and claws.

The owner of Sari Rasa Restaurant once said that he would maintain quality by always using free-range chicken as the main ingredient. This is to maintain the flavor quality of garang asem meat, together with selected spices such as cayenne pepper, green tomato and other basic spices, this makes the taste of the Sari Rasa Kudus garang asem very tasty, strong spicy and with character.

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Resep Soto Kudus Yang Gurih Dan Aroma Menggiurkan

So, for culinary friends who didn’t get a chance to come to Kudus city but want to taste the tasty and delicious tamarind dish typical of Kudus city, maybe you can try to make it yourself at home. The basic ingredients are very simple and easy to find in traditional markets or nearby supermarkets, besides the cooking and processing method is not too complicated.

– prepare 1 free range chicken that has been cleaned and cut into as many parts as you like. Usually one free chicken can be cut into 15 to 20 parts.

Saute spices or thin ingredients in the prepared cooking oil in a heated frying pan.

Resep Masakan Kudus

Cook the spices until fragrant and brown. Next, add 500 ml of water to the cooked spices, add the free range chicken meat and let it cook until the spices are absorbed and the meat becomes more tender.

Erat Dengan Mitos, Lentog Tanjung Gurihnya Mirip Kuliner Peranakan China

If you feel the chicken meat is soft enough and the spices have penetrated it, add thick coconut milk, sugar and salt. Let it boil and the spices go into the chicken meat more and more.

The last step is to prepare a piece of banana leaf to wrap the garang asem before putting it in a steamer.

Make sure the banana leaves you use are wide enough, don’t break them and cover them so that the spice water doesn’t leak when steamed.

Before putting it in a steamer, add bay leaves, lime leaves, and also add pieces of starfruit, tomatoes, chicken meat. Let the tamarind packets sit in the steamer for about 20 minutes.

Soto Kudus, Masakan Segar Plus Sehat

Once cooked, you can serve Garang Asem Khas Kudus menu to eat with your beloved family at home. It is tastiest to eat Garang Asem when it is still hot.

Enjoy your custom homemade Kudus tamarind, cooking friends… Enjoy your meal and we look forward to your visit with our other recipes.

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