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Resep Masakan Khas Ambon

Resep Masakan Khas Ambon

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Kue Tradisional Yang Rasanya Manis Dan Legit, Berikut Resep Rumahan Bika Ambon, Simak Cara Membuatnya

, Ambon – Enjoying good food is something everyone should do when visiting destination cities, one of which is Ambon.

No, this typical Ambonese food is different from the typical food that has great taste and can make people addicted.

You can’t say you haven’t been to Ambon if you haven’t tried papeda. This food is commonly used as a staple food, instead of rice, in Ambon. Brownish and glue-like in taste, papade is made from sago.

Even though it’s dirty, it tastes good and your stomach will feel cold. You can enjoy it with yellow fish gravy. It is not difficult to find it, because every restaurant or shop offers it.

Makanan Khas Ambon Enak Banget No 7 Pasti Kamu Belum Tahu

This coconut rice is a staple menu from Ambon, but if you look at it raw, this coconut rice is almost similar to uduk rice.

The basic ingredients of these two types of food also look almost the same, but during presentation there should be something that differentiates the two types of food.

The main ingredients for making coconut rice are rice and coconut milk. Coconut milk is used to make rice more flavorful and not just anyone can make it.

Resep Masakan Khas Ambon

The difference lies in the addition of fish to the ingredients. The fish used are various, such as wet anchovies and hot tuna.

Ikan Asar Sambal Colo Colo, Kuliner Wajib Di Ambon!

Ambon is one of the places with seafood producers that you can try. Here, you can taste different types of fish such as cakalang and smoked tuna or called Asar Fish. This typical Ambonese food is dry and lasts a long time to be eaten anytime.

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Sambal is a typical traditional sauce of the islands, Maluku and Ambon are similar. One of the most common chili sauces from this area is Sambal Colo-colo.

Apart from being famous for its spiciness, the delicious aroma of Sambal Colo-colo is also sweetened by the addition of lime and basil leaves.

This yellow Ambonese rice may sound like normal yellow rice. But the word bagadang after it may sound special.

Makanan Khas Ambon Yang Bikin Kangen

In addition, Nasi kuning is rich in spices and has a wide selection of side dishes. For side dishes, the highlight is usually Cakalang fish.

Another common Ambonese food is dry walnut bread. This snack is made with white bread sprinkled with sugar and chopped walnuts on top.

The bread is dried by baking it until golden yellow. Kenari Dry bread can be a choice of typical souvenirs of Ambon.

Resep Masakan Khas Ambon

Namu Namu cake is a pastel-like dough filled with cakalang fish that has been pre-cooked with spices.

Kreasi Resep Bika Ambon Yang Praktis Dan Mudah Nan Lezat Pula

Ambon has a staple food in the form of sago. One of Ambon’s specialty foods from sago is shaved sago, a type of cake that resembles a small flat bread.

This cake is made of sago mixed with ginger or cinnamon. The taste is very good and the dominance of the spice flavor is very noticeable.

The main ingredient used in this dish is banana, usually the banana used is plantain. Bananas are flavored with sweet spices and baked on the base

So, those were the suggestions of typical Ambonese food that you must try if you visit this city. I hope it’s helpful!

Bikin Ngiler, Rujak Natsepa Kuliner Khas Ambon Yang Wajib Dinikmati

Tags: #ambon tourism #ambon #travel #touristtractions #ambon culinary #maluku ALSO READ 10 Unique Ambonese Souvenirs to Take Home! 10 tourist spots in Ambon that must be visited, from Nature to History Traditional Medan food that is hard to forget, there are Mi Gomak and Bika Ambon BMKG: Watch waves up to 6 meters high in Maluku on February 9-10 Indonesian Pushhidrosal Force Team will Explore the New Phenomenon of the Island in Tanimbar BMKG Denies Issues of Earthquake and Tsunami in Banda Maluku Sea Banyuwangi Red Island: Attraction, Entrance Ticket Prices and Area 7 Beaches in Banyuwangi with an Unusual View, Many New Crypto Investment Sites Tips for Beginner Investors in Medan : Spread Knowledge and Don’t Spend Money Hot Arrest of Nyabu and Women in Hotel, Kombes Yulius Fired from Police Notice Campus Worker Union, Efforts to Fight for Rights of Neglected Workers Kampung Susun Bayam JIS Abandoned, Evicted Residents Wait for Confirmation of Pematang Siantar DPRD Repeated Calls Transport Agency Requests Repair of the Honorable Promotion Program for Teachers in Cilejet Nafkahi Orphans and Dhuafa through UMKM Alleged Cadres Involved in Mixing LPG, North Sumatra Golkar DPD Awaiting Police Investigation Not PPDB Investigation North Jakarta Threatens to Take Legal Action Not only Excellent for History and Tourism of nature, Ambon is also popular for culinary tourism. For those who set foot in this city for the first time, this is a list of typical Ambonese food that you must try when you visit here.

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This food has been around for hundreds of years, even before the people of Ambon knew rice. Made from sago, Papeda has a chewy and sticky substance like glue. The taste is not clear, so papeda is very tasty eaten with yellow fish sauce and colo-colo sauce. If you want to taste it, visit Ratu Gurih Restaurant at Jalan Diponegoro 26.

This spicy Ambonese chili sauce is the perfect addition to your meal. Sambal colo-colo is made with finely chopped tomatoes, red onions, and bird’s eye chilies, then sprinkle with salt and lime and add basil leaves, chopped raw walnuts, and sweet soy sauce. This sambal is served raw as dabu-dabu or Balinese sambal matah.

Resep Masakan Khas Ambon

Made with wet anchovies (locals call it puri) mixed with bean sprouts, eggplant, long-boiled beans and grated coconut, this dish is reminiscent of urap from Java and is flavored with lime juice, chilies, shallots and garlic. Maluku people usually eat boiled kohu-kohu and cassava (kasbi), sweet potato, kelad (taro), or boiled bananas.

Resep Membuat Kue Bika Ambon Mini, Kue Khas Medan Sumatra Utara

Entering the tourist area of ‚Äč‚ÄčNatsepa Beach, many thatched-roof stalls are carved to sell fresh rujak starting from Rp. 15,000. The basic ingredients and seasonings used in the preparation of Natsepa Rujak are not very similar to other salads, as long as this salad uses a lot of nuts. The palm sugar used should also be Makassar sugar because Ambon sugar is poor and dissolves easily. Other spices are salt, chili, and shrimp paste from Namlea, which is then pressed with tomitomi fruit and ground nutmeg to produce a sour taste. Fruits used include pineapple, bengkoang, water guava, cucumber, kedondong, starfruit, papaya, and sweet mango golek from Seram Island. Because the processed spices are not mixed with water, the texture is sticky and dense.

A dish from the Banda Islands rich in spices, this delicacy of fish in nutmeg sauce has been known for centuries. In fact, this spicy and sour sauce dish was often served to Dutch dignitaries who visited Banda at that time. Fish with nutmeg sauce served with papaya leaf wrap, grilled red snapper, and Bakasang sambal made from minced cakalang fish.

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This dish consists of rice cooked on low heat until half cooked and then mixed with boiled arrow beans, grated coconut and salt, before being steamed until cooked.

Skipjack tuna skewered on bamboo and smoked for about an hour is best eaten with rice and colo-colo sauce.

Resep Bika Ambon Ekonomis Enak, Bersarang, Dan Lembut

Made from sago soaked in cold water for one hour, this snack is seasoned with garlic, lemongrass, ginger and fish offal, without adding coconut milk, salt, pepper and chopped scallions. Once cooked, the sago and fish innards are cut into pieces and wrapped in woka leaves, then grilled.

Sago that has softened after being soaked in water mixed with brown sugar and boiled red sweet potatoes, is then served with coconut milk and a sprinkling of walnuts. you try. The food of the Ambon region has a unique and distinctive taste. A variety of typical Ambonese food can be found throughout the city. From milled rice, sago, fish, to the typical Ambon region delicacies, you just can’t go past it. Reported by , the following foods are worth trying when visiting Ambon.

Nasi Bambu is made from steamed rice and a mixture of coconut milk. The rice and coconut milk are then placed in a bamboo covered with banana leaves. The bamboo is then burned for a long time, about 6 hours. Nasi Bambu has a distinct and delicious taste and is suitable to be eaten with fish dishes.

Resep Masakan Khas Ambon

Lapola rice is a combination of rice and arrow beans. Nasi Lapola is a very popular Maluku specialty. Rice and arrow beans are cooked until tender. The rice is then sprinkled with grated coconut and salt and cooked until tender. The taste of this rice is sweet and mild.

Resep Bika Ambon Khas Medan Yang Empuk, Bikin Nagih!

Asar fish is a typical Ambon processed fish that cannot be missed. Asari fish is processed cakalang fish or smoked tuna. Here the cakalang or tuna is seared and then skewered with bamboo and then smoked until cooked. Asare fish is known to last a long time and is one of the most sought after Ambonese souvenirs. This fish is usually eaten with hot rice with colo-colo sauce.

Kuah Nutmeg Fish is a common Banda cuisine, but this dish can be found in the city of Ambon. Usually Kuah Pala Fish uses cakalang fish as its basic ingredient. This fish is mixed with various spices such as onion, tamarind, pepper, coriander, and the common spice of Maluku, nutmeg. Fish cooked in coconut milk offers a delicious blend of sweet, sour and spicy flavors.

Pisang Asar is a banana-based snack that is processed similarly to Asari fish. This snack uses plantains that are smoked until they turn brown. The delicious taste of Asar Banana is perfect for afternoon tea.

Another common Ambonese snack is dry bread

Resep Palumara Ulu Juku, Spicy Red Snapper Fish Soup Recipe With Tomato, Chilli, Tamarind, Lemongrass And Turmeric Based Seasoning

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