Resep Masakan Gulai Kepala Ikan Kakap Merah

Resep Masakan Gulai Kepala Ikan Kakap Merah – Who doesn’t love Padang cuisine? There is no need to doubt the deliciousness of the typical menu of Padang cuisine. One of the menu items is a spicy fish head curry and nampol, which means you can always add rice.

Sometimes there are times when we want to enjoy the delicious menu, but we feel that it is too unnecessary to always buy it at Padang restaurants. Come on, try to cook it yourself at home.

Resep Masakan Gulai Kepala Ikan Kakap Merah

Resep Masakan Gulai Kepala Ikan Kakap Merah

The ingredients and the preparation method are quite simple, you know. Check out the Padang Style Snapper Head Curry recipe below!

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Prepare a mallet, then add the shallots, garlic, ginger, galangal, turmeric, cayenne, curly chilies and lemongrass. Mix all the spices until soft. You can also use a food processor or a blender, you know.

Then wash the head of the grabber thoroughly under running water. Then add salt and lime to reduce the fishy smell. Stir occasionally until the mixture is evenly mixed.

Prepare a pan, then add ground pepper, salt, turmeric leaves and lemon grass. Then add the coconut milk, stirring until the spices are evenly mixed without breaking up the coconut milk.

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Cook the curry over a low heat, stirring constantly so that the coconut milk does not break. When the sauce starts to boil, add the snapper head. Just remember to turn the snapper head so it’s cooked on both sides, okay?

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Cook until the curry sauce is reduced and thickened. If so, add lime, pepper and basil leaves. Cook again until it boils and the basil leaves are wilted.

After cooking, forget to adjust the taste. If so, remove from heat immediately and serve snapper head curry with your favorite side dishes.

You can add different types of vegetables to snapper head curry. You can try additions such as starfish, cassava leaves, long beans, kidney beans, and eggplant.

Resep Masakan Gulai Kepala Ikan Kakap Merah

In addition, you can also use green vegetables. Starting with fern, mustard and bok choy. The taste of snapper head curry is guaranteed to be even more delicious.

Resep Gulai Kepala Kakap

Like, it’s really simple, isn’t it? You can use the Padang style fish head curry recipe to make it a family meal. Good luck!

IDN Times Community is a medium that provides a platform for writing. The author is solely responsible for all written works created. Snapper Fish Head Curry, a culinary creation that you can prepare yourself and can compete with the delicious culinary specialties of famous restaurants. Even if it is just a fish head, there is a special pleasure in eating this food. The spice that penetrates the bones is very tasty to suck and eat. You will practically not encounter the fishy taste and smell of fish below. Come on, prepare the ingredients for cooking right away and get creative in the kitchen right away. Happy Cooking Ria, I hope the dishes are delicious and tasty!!.

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Red snapper head, divided into 2: 800 grams Lime: 1/2 piece Frying oil: 3 tablespoons Salt: 1 tablespoon Sugar: 1 teaspoon Coconut milk from 1 coconut: 1 liter Onion: 8 pieces Garlic: 5 cloves Curly red chili: 5 pcs. Candlenuts: 2 pcs. roasted coriander: 1 tsp. Turmeric: 4 cm. Ginger: 3 cm. Galangal: 3 cm. Bay leaves: 3 pcs. 2 Kandis acid sticks: 2 pieces

Brush the head of the snapper with lime juice, let it sit for 10 minutes. Heat the oil, fry the ground pepper until fragrant, add bay leaves, turmeric leaves, lime leaves and lemon grass. Continue frying until the spices are cooked. Pour in the coconut milk, mix well and cook until it boils, add the candied acid, salt and sugar. Fix the taste. If it is not salty enough, you can add salt. Add the head of the snapper. Mix gently and pour hot sauce over it so that it cooks evenly. Cook until the fish head is cooked and the sauce boils again. The fish head curry is ready to serve. 1. When the fish head is inserted, we do not cook it too long so that the meat does not fall apart. 2. Use a stainless steel pot from DineMate (see Lazada DISCOUNT). The sizes range from 16-24 cm, so they can be adjusted to the length of the snapper’s head. The material is resistant to corrosion and guaranteed food quality. Guaranteed easy cleaning and long service life.

Resep Gulai Ikan Mas Khas Padang

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