Resep Masakan Cina Khau Bak

Resep Masakan Cina Khau Bak – Recipe for How to Make Kheu Nyuk (Hong Pork) – Hi Sis, what are you doing today? A new recipe from Resep Caca, this time is: Recipe for How to Make Kheu Nyuk (Pork Hong), this recipe is very easy to put into practice because the ingredients used in this dish can be bought in the nearest market or the supermarket.

KHEUW NYUK – Pork HONG HONG Ingredients: 1 kg Samcan pork 1 pc Juhi (chopped long) (optional) 5 pcs Hiongku Mushroom (chopped finely long) 50 gr dried shrimp (optional) 3 tbsp ang ciu 1/2 tsp vetsin 3 tbsp soy fish sauce (can be replaced with soy sauce) 3 spoons soy sweet sauce 3 mango sauce 3 1 salt 1 tablespoon sugar 1 tablespoon minced garlic 1 teaspoon ngo hiong powder (Hong seasoning) Time for rubbing the body: 1 teaspoon vinegar 1 teaspoon salt Method: 1. Cook the pork until the skin is soft and can be pierced with a fork. 2. Remove and pierce with a fork as thinly as possible. 3. After this, wash the skin with vinegar and salt. Wait for 15 minutes. 4. Prepare hot enough oil, then fry the pork with the skin facing down. Fry until the skin turns yellow. 5. Remove and put in cold water for 1 hour. 6. Remove from water and cut the meat according to taste. Add time. 7. Once flat, arrange the meat in a bowl with the skin facing down. Move and destroy. 8. Heat the oil and fry the garlic until fragrant. 9. Add juhi, dried shrimp, mushrooms and remaining spices. Mix well and leave the remaining 1 glass of water from cooking the Hiongku mushrooms (you can replace the mushrooms with Hamchoi). 10. Pour this spice mixture over the meat in the bowl and steam until the meat is tender.

Resep Masakan Cina Khau Bak

Resep Masakan Cina Khau Bak

How are you Sis? seems simple, right? Come on, let’s try the recipe for making Kheu Nyuk (Hong Pork) for the people we love. Yes, if you think this recipe is easy to put into practice, don’t forget to help share it…! so Caca is excited about updating your blog. Wait for the next step, Sis! Almost all Chinese people in the world eat pork. So they have many pork preparations that are known to be delicious and popular.

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Most Chinese people are not Muslim. So they make pork into a staple food like chicken and beef. Many processed pork dishes are also offered in restaurants.

The pork will be cooked using a variety of methods, some of which are grilled, stewed, fried, fried and so on. Processed pork has become popular as a hearty Chinese dish.

Asian countries, such as Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand, have popular pork dishes. Each pork preparation has its own unique spice blend.

Sekba is a typical Chinese pork dish, especially in Southern China. This dish, known as bektim, is a preparation made from pork.

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Pork innards come from liver, tripe, intestines, lungs. There are also those who add pork ears and tongue. The cleaned pork will be fried in the soup.

For seasoning, we usually use onion, soy sauce and various other spices. This pork dish is similar to a stew. The brownish sauce tastes sweet, delicious and strange with the smell of starfish.

Bakkut teh is a pork dish born from Chinese culture in Malaysia. That’s why mainland Chinese and Taiwanese people are not famous with this culinary delight.

Resep Masakan Cina Khau Bak

Bak kut teh is also known as rou gu cha. Bak kut teh is made from pork ribs processed into soup so it has a sweet taste and soft texture. The color of the sauce is slightly cloudy.

Golden House, A House Where Delicious Food Is Served.

However, in Indonesia, bak kut teh is usually made in a sauce with salted vegetables. It tastes sour, savory and fresh because it is mixed with salty vegetables. This pork dish is also popular in Singapore. This restaurant, called Meat House, opened only 2 or 3 months ago and immediately attracted attention.

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To answer our curiosity, that afternoon we decided to stop and fill our stomachs that have been showing for a long time.

The above questions have been answered at a glance in the menu list provided (except the question of why we call it Meat House, which we will discuss later).

Starting from Khau Bak, Fried Samcan, Fried Tauju Samcan, Bak Kut Teh, Chun Kien, and also Pork Satay and Kim Ci Bak.

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Fried Tofu menus seem to have been created to answer our desires. We have ordered this menu so that we can have a “vegetable” menu among our meat orders. And after asking the master,

Burning Samcan here. The pork is thinly sliced, but too thick to be called “slices”. Roast until quite dry and will have a nice texture

Unlike the traditional Chinese style of roasting samcan with sweet dough, this emphasizes the taste of the meat itself.

Resep Masakan Cina Khau Bak

I have to admit, this list is not for everyone – not everyone is suited to the aroma of tauju. But, the distinctive smell of tauju that wraps the samcan meat which is truly juicier in this menu is an epic combination.

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The reason is simple. So that Khau Bak can be enjoyed by personal customers without feeling too much. Also, the Khau Bak menu has always been served in large portions and enjoyed only on special occasions.

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It’s good for people like me who like pork with thick fat, chewy and juicy. Apart from that, Khau Bak, which in my opinion has no salt, is also good for the tongue.

Chun Kien with the perfect basic ingredients: pork, crab, shrimp, salted egg, etc., managed to win my heart. Plus the pork satay that tends to be sweet, tender and not tough.

Kim Ci Bak doesn’t always have to be red. More precisely, Kim Ci Bak’s red color naturally comes from the meat itself.

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Kim Ci Bak in the House of Meat also does not have a perfect shape. “More or less, it’s the customer’s luck. “If you have to cut it around, a lot of meat will be wasted,” said the owner of Ile Eran.

The total menu in the House of Meat does not exceed 35 thousand, except for the Medium Bak Kut Teh menu which is 60 thousand.

Some menus have undergone a few changes (a few really) and other menus remain true to the grandfather’s principles. Like Bak Kut Teh which is now made with a slightly stronger aroma and a different roasting process for pork satay.

Resep Masakan Cina Khau Bak

That was also the inspiration for them to give them the name House of Meat, with the ideology of making menus with home-style aromas and tastes.

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HoMe – House of Meat (@home.houseofmeat) Jalan Sumatra, Jalan Balige Intersection 10.30-16.00 (Che It Cap Go CLOSED) Non-Hala Place:

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