Resep Masak Pindang Ikan Patin

Resep Masak Pindang Ikan Patin – For those of you who have been to Palembang, you will be familiar with the food at Pindang Ikan Patin. Pindang patin is a typical dish from Palembang City, South Sumatra.

Apart from pempek, Palembang is also famous for its pindang catfish recipe. This food is also a must-try menu when you visit Palembang, and of course, there is another cooking option besides pempek.

Resep Masak Pindang Ikan Patin

Resep Masak Pindang Ikan Patin

You can actually cook this legendary Palembang Catfish recipe at home. In addition to being easy and fun, this processed catfish recipe is sure to make everyday home cooking a little more special.

Resep Mudah Membuat Pindang Patin

So, if you have no plan to go to Palembang, you can try to cook it at home, because actually the method of cooking pindang patin is not that difficult, so you can make it easily.

If you want to make your own, prepare your ingredients and seasonings first and then follow the Pindang patin recipe guide below.

Wash the catfish, apply lime juice, let sit for a few minutes, then rinse again. Set aside.

Heat the vegetable oil and sauté the spice powder until fragrant, then add the red chilli powder and sauté until the unpleasant smell disappears.

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Pindang Patin Halal, Bergizi, Tahan 1 Tahun.

Pour 500ml water into the wok and add the galangal, lemongrass, ginger, bay leaves and lime leaves. Bring to a boil.

Add catfish and cook until boiling. Then add enough sugar, salt, pepper and stock powder. Blend gently until smooth and then adjust to taste, adding tamarind water as per taste. Taste fixes.

Once it feels right, add the tomatoes, pineapple and basil leaves to the dish. Cook for a while and then turn off the heat.

Resep Masak Pindang Ikan Patin

If you like it sweet, you can add sweet soy sauce. If you want it saltier, you can add grilled shrimp paste when frying the spices.

Memasak Pindang Patin Ala Wong Palembang, Lemak Nian

Anyway, this catfish pindang fish recipe isn’t too difficult, right? It tastes delicious and the catfish meat is soft, making it even more delicious to eat at home with your family.

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Pindang Patin, Santapan Lezat Dan Sehat

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Resep Masak Pindang Ikan Patin

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Nikmatnya Pindang Patin Tempoyak Dari Durian Yang Difermentasi

The quality of the food we eat affects our health. In a modern world full of food temptations, tempting in appearance but full of sugar and fat, people are too lazy to explore Indonesia. There are many foods, especially traditional foods, that are equally delicious but also healthy.

Each region of the archipelago has a variety of mouth-watering specialties. One of them is Pindang Patin Lampung. The ingredients are healthy. Patin fish has much less fat than white and red meat, is more affordable, contains no cholesterol, and is easier to digest. In addition to this, it is also high in protein.

Moreover, catfish meat is very soft and does not have many spines. This is different from milkfish, so we have to be more careful when eating it. If possible, choose river catfish over pond catfish, which can sometimes smell like dirt if not handled properly when caught.

Pindang Patin is a typical Lampung delicacy in Palembang. When the fish enters our mouth, its mild flavor is easily released from its spines. All you have to do is move your mouth slowly to release the flesh from the spines. Delicious…really. Beyond that, the boiling method of cooking is great for adults who need to start watching their saturated fat intake.

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Resep Masakan Rumahan Pindang Patin, Mudah Dan Lezat Rasanya, Lengkap Dengan Bahannya

Besides being healthy, Pindang Patin is also easy to cook. Beginners can also make it. And segaaar…the taste is a mixed bag. Sour, spicy, slightly sweet, mouth-watering. Suitable for hot weather. Want to try it?

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