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Resep Masak Jengkol Goreng – Some people may avoid eating ginger because it has an unpleasant smell. However, a few people are actually addicted to eating processed scallion in various delicious menus such as scallion stew, scallion rendezvous, fried scallion, including scallion balado.

With a round, slightly oval shape and a firm texture, jengkol is a typical dish found only in Southeast Asia, such as Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand, and Indonesia. Known as Archidendron jiringa in Latin, this fruit is popular because it increases appetite during meals.

Resep Masak Jengkol Goreng

Resep Masak Jengkol Goreng

Apart from its delicious taste, almonds have a number of health benefits such as preventing diabetes, preventing various chronic diseases like heart disease and cancer, preventing stomach ulcers, reducing inflammation and preventing anemia.

Rendang Jengkol Legit Pedas Khas Rm Padang

However, due to its tough texture and aroma, it needs special handling for cooking. You can first soak the apple in hot water, the fruit will be soft and the smell will fade.

Processed beans of any kind are almost never appealing to people to eat, and one of them is bean dip. You can enjoy jengkol balado with warm rice, fried tofu or tempeh side dish, and fresh vegetables.

Today, for those of you who want to cook green beans as a side dish at home, here is a recipe for soft and delicious green bean balados.

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View this post on Instagram A post shared by REEP NUSANTARA (@resepdapurmemasak), Jakarta. One of them is a fried egg. A soft fried scallion will always whet your appetite. However, not many people know how to make soft fried scallions.

Resep Jengkol Goreng Bawang Enak Dan Mudah

Fried jengkol looks easy to make. But if the technique is not used correctly, it will become hard after 4-5 hours of roasting. Here are tips for making tender fried jengkol. We can immediately try to cook it ourselves.

Easy to divide into four. After that, it is soaked in cold water for 8-10 hours. If we plan to make fried scallions in the morning, we can start soaking them all day long.

Soaked Genkol will be fried immediately. Heat the oil and fry the onion until cooked. After that, the soft water is drawn. Then, rinse the jengkol with hot water for two minutes. After that, we put it on a plate.

Resep Masak Jengkol Goreng

It may depend on taste. If you want it to be tastier, sprinkle a little salt. This fried spring onion sprinkled with salt can be eaten immediately with warm white rice. It’s even more delicious with chili sauce or other garnishes.

Resep Semur Jengkol Sunda Yang Empuk Dan Wangi

Before making the spicy scallions, first roast the scallions in a semi-cooked state. These tips can make the jengkol texture delicious and soft. Do not forget to add hot water after half cooking.

Prepare the chopped shallots and red cayenne pepper to open the jengkol. Then add the sugar and salt and cook the chopped shallots and red cayenne pepper. After that, add the half-cooked yengkol and stir until the spicy spices are absorbed into the yengkol.

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Tips are so easy, right? If you have any other tips that are more effective in making fried mango tender and spicy, feel free to share the information directly here, okay? Hope this is – Easy is a really unique dish. Many people like the light menu because it is considered delicious. However, a lot of people avoid it because it doesn’t smell good. Algae has a strong aroma, which is often considered unpleasant, but this food has many benefits.

According to, jengkol contains a number of vitamins such as A, B1, B2 and C. Native to the Southeast Asian region, this ingredient is also known to be good for treating diabetes, high blood pressure, and bladder stones. However, like any other type of food, you should not overdo it.

Resep Sambal Jengkol Yang Pedas Gurihnya Bikin Nambah Nasi

A variety of dishes can be made from the saffron, one of which is fried. However, it seems that most people’s fried chicken is usually tender. In fact, an unwarmed scallion becomes tough and unpalatable.

But there’s no need to worry, because there’s a trick to making fried scallion soft even when it’s cold. A netizen named Winda has shared this trick to activate jengkol by uploading it on her personal YouTube page. According to Vinda, one of the things to focus on when making fried scallions is the roasting process.

“When roasting, pay attention to the correct heat setting and timing, it really takes a lot of patience to get maximum results…good luck,” Winda said, as quoted on YouTube WINDA’S DAILY RECIPES on Thursday (26/26). 1).

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Resep Masak Jengkol Goreng

First, it could be soaked in water overnight and cooked the next day. This time Winda used an old jengkol. After soaking in water from night to morning, it can be peeled and cut.

Paket Pedas ) Sambel Jengkol (50gr) + Sambel Cumi Asin Utuh (50gr)/sambel Cumi Asin/sambal Balado/jengkol Balado/jengkol Goreng/tanpa Pengawet/sambal/sambel/makanan Siap Saji

After that, Vinda mixes it with salt to help extract the juice from the ginger. After that, you can immediately rinse and drain the tank. So, while waiting for the scallions to dry, you can heat the oil in a pan over high heat. Wait until the oil is really hot.

Add the onion to the hot oil and cook, stirring frequently. After a few minutes of cooking, the lentils will wilt. After that, the flame of the stove can be reduced to medium heat to continue roasting the jengkol.

Continue to cook the jaggery and remember to stir the jaggery from time to time so that it cooks evenly. If the color of the pulp changes to dark brown, it means that it is ripe and can be removed. While draining, you can stir in just enough salt to add a savory flavor to the soup.

How practical is this fried chicken to handle? Fans of easy, of course, are here. Looking at the comment section of WINDA’S DAILY RECIPE uploaded to YouTube, many netizens are enthusiastic about this trick of making fried scallions. This upload has also been viewed 35,000 times.

Resep Sambal Goreng Jengkol Sedap

“Before you fry a leek, boil it first, or how do you clean it? I’m sorry, I’ve never cooked leek before,” says YouTuber Sinta Oktaviana.

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