Resep Masak Capcay Sayur

Resep Masak Capcay Sayur – Vegetables are one of the most important nutrients that are consumed regularly. Without vegetables, we would lack fiber, minerals and iron.

One of the vegetable preparations that many people love is kapi. A variety of vegetables are served with a delicious thick sauce.

Resep Masak Capcay Sayur

Resep Masak Capcay Sayur

Not to mention the pieces of chicken, shrimp or fish that make it even more delicious. Below is a recipe for vegetable kapi that you can use at home.

Resep Capcay Lezat, Sangat Cocok Untuk Santapan Keluarga

Prepare a cutting board on the table, start cutting the different vegetables that you have. Cut the carrots diagonally, then cut the green mustard greens into several pieces. Similarly with button mushrooms, baby corn and cabbage. Set aside in a separate container.

Next, cut the chicken into several small pieces. Continue peeling the shrimp and removing the tops until they are clean. Cut the fish fillets into two halves. First separate all the ingredients.

Put a little oil in a frying pan, then heat it until boiling. Saute the chopped garlic until fragrant and brown. Put chicken pieces in it.

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After that, fry the chicken with garlic until cooked. Add the fish balls and prawns, then fry again until evenly mixed. All the proteins will be fully cooked until cooked.

Resep Capcay Goreng Gurih, Renyah, Dan Enak!

When the chicken, fish balls and prawns are cooked, immediately add all the vegetables to the pan. Stir until evenly mixed and slightly thickened. Add plenty of water and stir evenly.

After that, mix the kapaki with tomato, tomato sauce, sesame oil, fish sauce, salt, sugar and chili pepper. Stir again until the capy sauce is well thickened.

Here is the recipe for a delicious and healthy vegetable kapa. The required materials are easy to obtain, the prices are cheap. Happy cooking!

Resep Masak Capcay Sayur

Download the latest Yummy App Cooking Recipe application to get different references for food ingredients and vegetables according to your taste, complete with cooking methods only on Google Play Store and App Store. is easy Of course, it should be able to maintain the crispness and fresh color of the vegetables. If you prepare a version of cappy soup, the texture of the soup can still be adjusted according to your taste.

Resep Cara Membuat Capcay Yang Enak Dan Sederhana

This common Chinese dish was originally prepared only in a dry version. His fans have reached different corners of the world including Indonesia. In addition, in Indonesia itself, this method has been modified for Kapi sauce.

Kepke sauce recipe can be prepared with a thin, watery sauce and a little water. The herbs and spices are still the same. You just need to add more water and some technology to process the vegetable soup.

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1. Heat margarine and oil, saute garlic until fragrant, add onion and shallots. Once fragrant, add eggs, stir well

2. Add chicken liver and chicken meat that are cut into pieces, add water and leave until cooked, add carrots, green beans and carrot, add 1 spoon of sugar, pepper to taste.

Resep Capcay Goreng Jawa Dengan Kecap Yang Sedap

1. Saute garlic until fragrant, add ginger, fry slowly, add carrot, garlic and broccoli, saute until soft, add corn, saute slowly, enough water. add

2. Add oyster sauce, salt, sugar and ground pepper to taste. Cook until the water boils, then slowly add the beaten eggs while moving them in circles with a fork.

3. Next, add the sago liquid while continuing to stir so that the sago does not settle at the bottom. Wait for it to boil, add tomato

Resep Masak Capcay Sayur

200 g cabbage – 100 g chicken boneless or flat, cut into small pieces.

Coba Iseng Hadirkan Resep Capcay Printil Sebagai Menu Pelengkap Spesial, Keluarga Pasti Jadi Suka Makan Sayuran!

1. First of all, wash all the products and vegetables that will be cooked, then cut and cut and squeeze according to taste.

2. Saute the garlic, shallots, chilies until fragrant. Then add the eggs, scramble the eggs, add the sausage, fry for a while

The reason why vegetables turn black when cooking them in a frying pan is due to lack of water. So before putting it in the frying pan, add a little water so that the vegetables are dry but not black.

Do not add the vegetables when the heat is too high, lower the heat so that it is not too hot, then add the vegetables. Stir quickly so that it cooks evenly. If using a small frying pan, add a little at a time so it doesn’t change color easily.

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Resep Capcay Paling Enak Dan Mudah, Kamu Suka Yang Mana?

If the vegetables are cooked on low heat, the vegetables will become dry. After that, it is cooked on high heat so that the spices are cooked and the sauce thickens but the vegetables are not overcooked and the texture is very soft. Remove the vegetables immediately when the cap is tender and the flavor is to your taste.

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