Resep Manisan Sirsak Basah

Resep Manisan Sirsak Basah – As a tropical fruit producer, Indonesia has many local fruits. In addition to being eaten as such, the fruit is usually processed and sold into beverages, syrups, and chips. Another favorite of Indonesians, namely sweets.

Candied fruits Candied fruits are made by soaking fruits in honey or sugar solution and heating them. With the presence of sugar, there is no need for chemical preservatives. In addition to sugar, salt water and lime water are used to preserve the texture of the fruit and remove the bitter taste. In the fruit, new bonds form between calcium and compounds in the tissue. This makes the texture crispy. At the same time, the salt water solution also serves to remove the brown color of the peeled fruit flesh. In addition to salt water and sugar, it is necessary to carry out a sulfur process or the use of sulfur substances. This process is aimed at: – maintaining the color and taste of sweets – preserving ascorbic acid and carotene – preserving and preventing the growth of microorganisms. – Maintaining the stability of the material during storage

Resep Manisan Sirsak Basah

Resep Manisan Sirsak Basah

Basically, making sweets consists of several stages, namely, cutting or piercing fruits, soaking, washing, boiling, baking with sugar, and drying. Processing fruits and vegetables into sweets is a good idea that can bring a lot of income. These fruits have a high market value after being processed into sweets. A sweet, fresh mixed taste with a fruity aftertaste is perfect to enjoy in any occasion and situation.

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Jual Manisan Sirsak

Types of Sweets There are mainly two types of processed candied fruits namely wet candy and dry candy.

A. Candied fruit This candied fruit is obtained by draining the fruit from a diluted sugar solution. During the production process, the fruit is cleaned and soaked in salt water, soaked in a sugar solution and filtered. Aging in the sugar solution is usually carried out for three consecutive days, during which the concentration of sugar decreases. It becomes thicker over time. Wet sweets are still separated. They can be: – Wet sweets with a diluted sugar solution. The fruit in this sweet dissolves in sugar water. For example, guava, mango, salak and kedondong. – Wet sweets with dark sugar. These sweets use a thick sugar solution that sticks to fruit. For example, candy nuts, lobi-lobi, ceremay.

B. Dry Sweets Dry sweets are prepared from the first stage of sweets (wet sweets), which are dried in the sun until they become dry. Before drying, granulated sugar is usually sprinkled on the surface of the fruit. Drying is carried out for 3 days in a row. It continues to be sprinkled with granulated sugar every day. Usually, the fruit used in dried sweets is soft fruit, such as papaya, sour or tomato. Dry sweets can also be divided as follows: – dried sweets with sugar. Part of the sugar does not dissolve and completely sticks to the fruit. Commonly used fruits are mango, kedondong, sour and nutmeg. – Dry salted sweets. The element of salt predominates in this sweet. Usually use guava, mango, star fruit and nutmeg. Wet and dry sweets have promising business opportunities, both have good market absorption potential, but with different characteristics.

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Dried fruit sweets have an attractive shape, long shelf life, light weight, easy to pack and transport.- Wet sweets are popular due to their taste. The freshness of wet manian makes it suitable for enjoyment in all weathers and occasions.

Jual Wajik Buah Sirsak Terbaru

The following are potential fruits and commonly used as sweeteners: 1. Mango 2. Tomato 3. Star fruit 4. Lettuce 5. Chili 6. Nutmeg 7. Papaya 8. Apple 9. Ginger 10. Jicama

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Resep Manisan Sirsak Basah

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