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Resep Makaroni Keju Kraft – Assalamualaikum, how are you ladies and gentlemen who are busy picking up their children from school or returning to work from the office. Keep up the spirits, ok?

In this blog post, I will share a recipe with Kraft Quick Melt ingredients and a story about cooking with the kids last weekend. The recipe is really easy so even friends can practice at home with their little ones, pasta that children like.

Resep Makaroni Keju Kraft

Resep Makaroni Keju Kraft

The cheese I used is Kraft Quick Melt cheese, the cheese is really melted, appetizing, with a distinctive cheese taste. This Kraft Quick Melt melts in just 3 minutes with a perfect, liquid-free melt.

Resep Macaroni And Cheese Yang Praktis Dan Enak

My two children are not included in the category of children who like to cook, but they want to be invited to cook with the condition that they cook the food they like. There were many times when the girl who was in the 2nd year of high school took the initiative to cook by herself because she wanted to practice the recipes she saw on Instagram, oh yes, this girl was a follower of the recipe program of Ayudiahrespatih tea, so she practiced the recipes there. Some of his dishes become objects for his mother’s photos and appear on the microstock (I hope they sell well, Aamiin).

One of the foods that children like at home is cheese food/snacks, such as various meals, cream cheese, cheese cakes and so on. So if you are asked to cook this food, you do not need to be asked twice, as long as all the ingredients are ready, they are happy.

Spending quality time cooking together Inviting children to cook is not without reason, first, because they want to spend quality time with them. The set between me and the children decreases in the middle of the age, especially since their school hours are normal, until the afternoon (full school). I go to school from Monday to Friday until the afternoon, when I get home, I’m tired, so I usually spend time with my friends, continue to do school work or do things that I like (hobby ). Weekends are an option to spend more time with family.

The second reason to invite them to cook together is to teach them one of the must-have life skills. It doesn’t require that they have to be able to cook or have to like to cook, but at least they don’t get confused to turn on the oven, cut and boil the vegetables, don’t get confused how much water is when. cook rice with a rice cooker 😅. Maybe one day they will be retired (study or work outside the city or even abroad, who knows in the future), so as not to be defeated when they have to go down to the kitchen.

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Resep Makaroni Enak Dan Mudah

The third reason, complete desire. Yes, I miss the sound of their voices, being asked for help with this and that, being asked for this and that, missing the feeling of being needed. So, as long as you can be with them, do the most, one day the children will have their own life and meet less and less.

I believe that spending quality time with children/family is very important because it will form a physical and mental emotional closeness between family members. An example of physical closeness, children always want to be hugged or hugged when they grow up.

If emotional closeness has been formed, children do not hesitate to tell us something as parents, they do not hesitate to make Mama / Papa a place to vent. As parents, we will easily give them guidance, direction and advice. Especially in the digital age, without proper guidance, it is easy for children to get carried away or something that is a trend that is not necessarily positive.

Resep Makaroni Keju Kraft

Creating quality time with children will make them physically and mentally close to us as parents, making them feel free to share stories, vents and ask for opinions, and we, as parents, find it easier to we understand and advise children.

Makaroni Keju Kraft Cheddar Original 1 Kg

And according to parenting articles read on parenting sites, the quality time that a family has will improve the mental health of family members.

Cooking together can create quality time and form bonds because there is face-to-face interaction, asking questions, chatting, throwing around ideas, commenting on the results of cooking and enjoying together.

To cook together to be fun and to achieve their goal, which is to enjoy good food and have a quality time, I prepared the following;

Because the purpose of cooking is to create quality time together, it creates a bond with children, so cooking events must be fun, one of which is to practice easy and delicious cooking recipes.

Memasak Bersama Keluarga Menjadi Istimewa Dengan Kraft Quick Melt

Don’t let cooking together make you give up on going to the kitchen because a good kitchen mind is difficult and complicated. The level of difficulty of cooking can be increased if the children like and are used to cooking together.

Choose recipes that all family members like so that the children are excited about cooking and can be enjoyed together at the table in a relaxed way while chatting. If you cook a menu that your older sibling likes, but your younger sibling doesn’t, chances are your younger sibling will refuse to be invited to cook, and vice versa.

So we usually discuss what food we want to try first or offer the recipes I found on Google/social media to the kids or ask them to look up recipes on Google and YouTube.

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Resep Makaroni Keju Kraft

Because the second child has a bit of a cough, so we skip the fried recipe first. If so, I want water fyer hahahah (aamiin)

Cara Membuat Macaroni Schotel, Lezat Dan Lumer

In addition to being easy, the chosen recipe should be practical and not take long to cook. A maximum of one hour from preparing the kitchen, to cleaning and washing the kitchen utensils that have been used. Cooking for too long allows children to become distracted or not concentrate because there are interruptions from other activities, such as playing with friends or watching movies.

This is no less important, the cooking ingredients must be easily available and nutritious. At the very least, the necessary food ingredients are in the market or minimarket near the house. The content of nutritious food is very important so that the food is not only delicious on the tongue and full in the stomach, but healthy.

Because children like cheese food, for the melted cheese our choice went to Kraft Quick Melt, because of the delicious and tasty taste of the cheese. If the term children, it feels good! The nutritional content of the shock should be questionable, ie as a source of calcium.

As children at home enter the prepubescent and adolescent years, they cannot be managed for trivial matters. They start to like to try new things and take care to execute an idea. So I usually give freedom and ask the children, which is the sliced ​​part, which is the fried part and so on. You want to be assisted by Mama or by yourself (Mama only monitors), you want to add more ingredients other than what is prescribed so that there are variations and so on.

Resep Macaroni And Cheese Yang Praktis Dan Enak🥰

During yesterday’s practice, the younger brother cut the cheese, Kaka cut the onions and smoked meat. Mom cooks Kakà takes care of the camera, because a video is made 😃. Sis plating, Mom made the motto hahaha. Keep eating together donk.

Sometimes the results of the kitchen, in appearance do not meet the expectations. Look at the Instagram reel, the results are aesthetic, when we cook, how does it not look abysmal?

I usually always appreciate saying, if you try it for the first time, it is natural that the results will not be beautiful, because our hands are still stiff, we cannot measure the level of cooking, the temperature of the oven right for kitchen, etc. Then discuss what makes the appearance of the food not beautiful.

Resep Makaroni Keju Kraft

Like this spaghetti brulee, it doesn’t look pretty but it tastes really good! After we observed, this less appetizing appearance was due to the fact that not much Kraft Quick Melt cheese was added, over the heat (the oven temperature was too hot) and the cooking time was too long.

Astin Astanti: Macaroni Schotel Kraft Quick Melt, Lelehannya Sampai Ke Hati

The most embarrassing part after cooking is the cleanup, right? But it must be done by the participation of these children in the important learning about completing the work from the beginning to the end, from what is fun to do to what is not fun to do, as a form of responsibility

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I usually offer, who wants to wash the dishes, who wants to be part of the kitchen table or do everything together.

The agreed division of tasks, Mama washes the dishes, Kaka cleans the kitchen table and uses kitchen utensils, the younger brother takes out the trash.

Those who want to try to make Mac and cheese at home, here is the recipe or see the ingredients and how to cook it in this videoReel

Resep Makaroni Keju Sederhana

Saute garlic with 1 tablespoon of margarine until fragrant, add smoked meat, flour, Cheddar and Kraft Quick Melt cheese mix and UHT milk, stir, add macaroni. Cook until the sauce is reduced.

Place in a heat-resistant dish, arrange the slices of Quick Melt cheese on top, cook until the cheese is melted, as it is basically done, because it can only be cooked until the cheese is melted ( 3 minutes at 180 in the oven). I cooked it for 10 minutes because the macaroni was put in the oven before it was really hot.

The reason to choose quick cheese is because the delicious taste and the typical savory cheese makes the dish taste perfect.

Resep Makaroni Keju Kraft

Kraft quick melt is enjoyed by all family members, cooking with kraft quick melt is anti-fail, so cooking with the family makes quality time more meaningful.

Cara Membuat Kraft Macaroni And Cheese: 12 Langkah (dengan Gambar)

Cooking can be an activity to create quality and fun time with the family. Choosing easy, practical and nutritious recipes is the key to making cooking together fun. Any recipe becomes special with kraft quick melt.

Mother of two who loves blogging. He likes to read, especially history and education books, PAT book collection. Mother who wants a lot, wants to be able to do this and that. DIY videos, tourist references and tips on https://youtube/c/Vlog contact Macaroni and cheese is one of America’s popular foods. Made from macaroni and cheese sauce and then baked. Here is a practical version of the recipe.

Macaroni and cheese is known as a practical dish for breakfast, snacks or a practical lunch. The main ingredient is elbow macaroni dough that has a semi-circular curved shape. Stirled with cheese sauce and then mixed with cheddar cheese. Some are eaten just like that, some are cooked.

Because of its popularity, there are now many packages of macaroni and cheese that are instant and easy to make. In addition, there are also different variations. Give pieces of sausage, vegetables such as peas, carrots and sweet corn. As for the topping, there is a sprinkling of coarse bread flour, grated parmesan cheese and baked until crispy.

Buat Si Pencinta Gurih, Ini Cara Praktis Masak Mac And Cheese

Because of the delicious creamy taste, children also like macaroni and cheese. If you want to make your own, here is a practical version of the recipe. It can be eaten immediately or grilled briefly.

• Macaroni is a popular type of pasta. In addition to the half round shape there is also a long shape. If using long macaroni, cut into pieces

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