Resep Makanan Praktis Untuk Piknik

Resep Makanan Praktis Untuk Piknik – When we talk about picnics, what we think of is going on a trip to a place, spreading out a mat on the green grass and enjoying the view. Even though it is simple, this work is very effective

It is most enjoyable if you are with family, friends or those close to you. To make it even more complete, don’t forget to bring your favorite foods to snack on during the picnic.

Resep Makanan Praktis Untuk Piknik

Resep Makanan Praktis Untuk Piknik

A variety of interesting offers will make the picnic season even more memorable. Even if we do it ourselves from home! Not only delicious, but also more economical.

Resep Camilan Mengenyangkan Dari Sosis Untuk Bekal Piknik

Some people may feel that bringing food to a picnic is complicated. However, don’t worry! has recommendations for recipes for picnic lunch ideas that are not only practical, but also delicious and interesting.

Sandwiches are definitely the main menu item for practical offers. You can also take it as a picnic lunch sheep! To make it more delicious and unique, let’s make an egg mayo sandwich like the one below.

Want to bring rice to your picnic, but don’t want the hassle? Let’s just drink kimbap! This typical dish from South Korea is good for taking on a picnic because it is useful to eat and filling.

This picnic lunch idea can also be used as a companion to eat with rice, or as a snack. You can also make tamagoyaki with fillings according to your taste. Don’t forget to bring some sauce to make it even better!

Buku Resep Masakan Original Kreasi Telor Penggugah Selera

So, this lunch recipe idea is a typical Indonesian dish that is not very sweet. Besides being an easy way to make, chili tofu salt can also be a snack or a side dish with rice. You can adjust the amount of ingredients below as you wish!

Ideally, you can also make hashbrowns for a practical and delicious picnic lunch idea. You can also add cheese to make it more delicious!

Who does not know this snack? Apart from being very easy, it is also delicious and will make you stop eating. It’s also good, you know, as a picnic lunch idea! Come on, try the aromatic cheese recipe below.

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Resep Makanan Praktis Untuk Piknik

Have you made a delicious picnic lunch? Don’t forget to also provide something delicious to make it finish even! This picnic lunch idea recipe is really easy, only 3 main ingredients can make delicious banana rolls.

Resep Onigiri Ala Jepang, Praktis, Simpel, Dan Cocok Buat Bekal

So, this last picnic lunch idea recipe is also worth trying. Having a picnic in a good place is best to eat something fresh like a fruit salad. Before taking it on a picnic, don’t forget to keep it in the fridge first to keep it cool, okay?

Those are 10 recipes for practical picnic lunch ideas that you can make at home. It’s easy and really good for a picnic, right? What do you want to bring when you go on a picnic? Leave a comment below, come on!

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Resep Makanan Praktis Untuk Piknik

Passionate SEO content writer with Newsletter background. Been putting words together for various content for years, and aims to keep all learning about SEO and copywriting. Weekends are the right time to relax. One way to enjoy your free time is to go on a picnic, which you can do with family or friends. At an affordable cost, this simple activity can relieve stress from the previous day’s busy work or school. Also, the preparation time for the picnic is part of the fun of this activity.

Resep Onigiri Isi Chicken Teriyaki, Praktis Dan Enak Cocok Buat Bekal Ke Sekolah

For those who are preparing supplies for your upcoming picnic, below we provide recommendations for seven good food recipe ideas to take, which are not only useful but also tasty.

Cake filled with fruit is a popular snack from Japan. Many buyers are ready to queue up in front of cake shops to enjoy this sweet and soft food. It is very easy to make, you only need three main ingredients, namely white bread, whipped cream and different fruits as taste.

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Who can resist you martabak? This painting is suitable for use at any time, including for portraits.

You can also make this martabak in a simple menu to eat with rice. There is no need to bother to color the skin because you can use the color changing spring.

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Still with spring roll color, this snack is great to bring as a useful picnic lunch. The crunchy exterior is combined with the sweetness of bananas and chocolate that melts in your mouth and this banana chocolate or piscok always sells well in every street vendor.

There’s nothing wrong with bringing heavy food for a picnic, right? Who knows, if you and your family want to go on a picnic every day on the weekend, bringing your own food will definitely be more economical and make you feel more together.

Instead of having the trouble of cooking before going on a picnic, you can take Ready-to-Jen Fried Rice that has three delicious flavors that you can choose from, namely Young Goat Fried Rice, Seafood Fried Rice, and Kampung Fried Rice Rice. It is sure to be addictive! Come, buy now!

Resep Makanan Praktis Untuk Piknik

Don’t forget to bring water during the picnic. Instead of just mineral water, make infused water to keep it fresh with lots of fruit flavors. Apart from fruit, you can also use vegetables or even spices as an infused water mixture. Adjust the amount of fruit and vegetables to be used, according to taste.

Resep Praktis Yakitori, Sate Ala Jepang Cocok Untuk Piknik Akhir Pekan

Once the ingredients are ready, slice the cucumber and lemon thinly, but don’t make them too thin! Then put all the ingredients in a bottle full of water and keep it in the refrigerator for 12 hours. drink.

Fast food restaurants are delicious and good as a snack anytime, including picnics. Just look at the ingredients and how to make sweet and crispy fried potatoes, below.

For those who like green beans, processed green beans are also good as a picnic lunch. How to make green porridge is very easy, but you have to be patient because it takes a lot of time. Minow’s tip is that you can prepare the ingredients the day before your picnic.

Apart from making it yourself, there is a more useful but no less delicious bean porridge option, namely Ready-to-Eat Green Bean Porridge. With a handy little bag packing, it’s as good as a useful and healthy picnic lunch.

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Ide Bekal Piknik Simple 🍱

Picnics in the park are best suited to eating fresh food, such as fruit salad. The combination of different fruits with different flavors adds richness to this dish. Make sure not to use too much sweetened condensate so that the salad does not become an unhealthy food. Come on, follow these instructions!

Who said that making chicken satay for a picnic is a hassle and takes a lot of time? You sure haven’t tried Chicken Satay! Because with just 1 minute you can enjoy delicious satay chicken with peanut sauce, wherever your picnic location is.

Besides chicken satay, you also have Padang Sate with soft peanut sauce, you know, who doesn’t like that?

Resep Makanan Praktis Untuk Piknik

Having a picnic will be more practical, you only need to bring rice and choose your favorite side dishes. If you have never tried it, now is the right time because there is a 14% discount until 28 February 2023 for all menus.

Bekal Piknik Ala Korea Yang Bisa Mengisi Liburan Bareng Keluarga Tercinta

Chips are a good snack for all occasions, including sports. If you are bored with potato or cassava chips, you can try to take chips made from vegetables and fruits. Because the chips are sure to last a long time, you can make them in large quantities, so that they can be stored for snacking at home. The following is a recipe for making fried and fried fruit and vegetable chips.

It takes a fair amount of time to make this dish, but it is guaranteed to satisfy! This steamed bread pudding is suitable for picnics with the family, its soft texture and sweet taste are sure to be loved by children.

Another practical and fresh picnic lunch made from fruit. Choose fruit with a variety of colors and textures that are not soft so that they don’t get damaged when picked. The following is a fruit satay recipe that is enough for 5 meals.

We often meet pancakes as a typical breakfast for a useful breakfast, because they are easy and quick to make. As the name suggests, pancake means cake cooked in a pan or frying pan, so as not to fail, you should use a non-wooden pan to make it. Here is a simple recipe for making pancakes.

Ide Resep Kudapan Untuk Bekal Piknik, Gak Ribet

This snack was once a trend, but that doesn’t mean people don’t eat bananas anymore! You can take banana nuggets for a picnic with your family with various toppings, let’s follow the instructions below!

Who agrees that banana crepe is a healthy, delicious and nutritious food? The banana used as the main star is rich in potassium and B vitamins that are good for the metabolic system. To add flavor to the crepe, you can add peanut butter or chocolate spread.

So, those are some easy food recipe ideas for picnics with family. Please choose the food you want to cook for your picnic plans this weekend.

Resep Makanan Praktis Untuk Piknik

For those who like to sit..set.. and want something practical, it’s really a match! Apart from green porridge, fried rice and satay, there are other side dishes that are good for entertainment. Come on, relax

Resep Kebab Roti Tawar, Ide Bekal Piknik Dan Ngantor Low Budget!

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