Resep Lobak Putih Tumis

Resep Lobak Putih Tumis – , Jakarta – You may have eaten radishes in a salad, but it turns out there are many different ways to enjoy this fresh vegetable. In addition, cruciferous vegetables in the same plant family as kale and broccoli offer several health benefits, reports say.

First, according to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), one cup of raw turnips has less than 20 calories, only four grams of carbohydrates (almost two grams as fiber), almost one gram of protein, and no fat, making. it’s a delicious diet menu. A cup of sliced ​​radishes also provides about 30 percent of the daily value for immune-supporting vitamin C.

Resep Lobak Putih Tumis

Resep Lobak Putih Tumis

Also, small amounts of B vitamins, potassium, calcium, iron and magnesium. In a comprehensive 2019 review published in the journal

Resep Kue Lobak [ 蘿蔔糕 Luóbo Gāo]

, researchers note that radishes provide several types of antioxidants. Therefore, see a series of blessing recipes, as summarized by

1. Mix the meat with soy sauce, oyster sauce, sesame oil, gochugaru and crushed garlic until smooth. Let stand for about an hour in a covered container in the refrigerator.

1. Make dried radishes: heat a pan, add 6 tablespoons of cooking oil. Add dried cloves and garlic. Turn the heat to medium to low. Continue frying until dry. Remove and put in a jar once cold.

* Fact or hoax? To find out the truth of the circulating information, please WhatsApp the Fact Check number 0811 9787 670 by simply typing the desired keyword.Afternoon friends..have you eaten..?..Want to eat Chai Tau Kway..?..Come on. .. let’s go. Singapore… hihi… eh, no need ding… just go to my house… I just cooked this Singaporean or Malaysian fried radish cake… or also called Chai tau. Kway…if I’m not mistaken, you know…haha. Because yesterday I was watching the Asian food channel… in the program *unlimited food*, I discussed and tasted this fried radish cake or carrot cake… and tried various versions of this fried radish cake… in several places in Singapore and Malaysia. Oh yes…what is a fried radish cake…wait a minute…I’ll tell you a little bit…from watching the program on Afc yesterday.

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Resep Kue Lobak Goreng Oleh Wanbites

So… this fried radish cake… is not a cake or a snack like that… no… but is a kind of stir-fried rice cake or radish cake… or something like rice noodles.. which is made from rice flour and radish. But don’t cut like noodles…but cut into cubes or rectangles…or other shapes. There are also those who use carrots… from what I saw yesterday. This food is one of the best street food in Singapore. There are various versions of this fried radish cake that the host of Unlimited Meals talked about and tasted yesterday…it really made me wonder…what does this radish cake taste like.

Well…how could this not be tempting…the radish cake is first fried in a little oil in a large flat pan in the shape it is cut into pieces. Some have triangular pieces…some are cubes…some are irregular…depends on the seller, that’s all. This radish cake is then fried until it is half dry..just leave it in a big flat pan..until there are buyers..on the other side of the pan which is empty..the seller will salt chopped garlic..then. mixed with a little radish cake that was fried earlier… add eggs, bean… scallions… ebi… etc… depending on what additional food ingredients you want to add… because there is also seafood a version of radish cake where the seller adds shrimps and this sizzling radish cake.Yes.. it looks really delicious.. it glows brown like that on the tv screen.. hihi. Oh yes… there are two versions of this radish cake with seasoning… some use soy sauce… some don’t. There are also vendors who mix their own sauce mix…soy sauce mix.. .oyster sauce…etc. That’s the result of what I listened to… the host’s interview with several sellers of fried turnip cake in Singapore… hihi… I felt like I was just eating there, friends.. the reporting story.. .lol

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Yes…but you don’t have to go to Singapore, right…to try turnip cake…armed with knowledge from yesterday’s coverage on Afc…keep browsing for turnip cake recipes from abroad…you’ll find out how to make it .

Resep Lobak Putih Tumis

Turns out… very easy. The ingredients are just rice flour and some cornstarch…but I just…used more tapioca…not cornstarch…usually…adjust to existing ingredients. Then mix the spices and radishes… then steam until cooked, chop and fry. The taste?..It’s delicious, doesn’t smell like radish..and it has a nice chewy’s like dumplings..but it’s not really chewy..because the main ingredient is rice flour. It’s also similar to the kekian ndeso that I often make…but this is the steamed version…not the fried kekian. Plus, it’s cooked with garlic…ebi…and soy sauce…plus it’s like a Yogya-style cap cay kekian ndeso…hihi…it turns out food like this can be top huh…en Singapore, besides famous as an icon the food street of Singapore… this fried radish cake is also easy to find in fast food in malls or restaurants in Singapore,… the host said… hihi… hem, The kekian ndeso Yogya style from Cap Cay…actually it’s almost

Resep Sup Lobak Ayam Hangat Dan Menyehatkan

I’m satisfied..I’m no longer curious..about this radish cake..hihi.And I’ll just quickly write the recipe here so I don’t forget..because I combined recipes from various sources..and also the results that i saw on Afc yesterday..if only i didn’t write it fast.i often forget…who knows maybe i will want to do it again. Friends, you also want to try this typical Singaporean cooking dish… come… have a look. And for those of you who have eaten this often in Singapore…I hope my recipe is correct…lol…because I’ve never eaten the real thing…just saw it on TV…to go practice for yourself…so this is what it looks like. the recipe:

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Radish Cake Ingredients: 100 grams of rice flour 1 tablespoon of cornstarch (I used tapioca) 100 ml of water 200 grams of white radish, grated 1 teaspoon of chicken bun powder (originally mushroom-flour-powder…etc) 1/2 teaspoon of granulated sugar 1/2 teaspoons ground pepper How to make: Mix all the flour and spices. Sauté the white radish until fragrant, add to the flour mixture and mix well. Pour into a small dish with a plastic base, steam for 30 minutes until cooked. Cool. Slice to taste. Fried radish cake (Chai Tau Kway) Ingredients for frying: To taste beans, 1 spring onion, 1/2 spoon of dried shrimp, and 1 egg Condiments: 2 garlic cloves, stock powder or salt to taste, 1/4 spoon of ground pepper, and soy sauce 1 tablespoon (to taste) Prepare a non-stick pan, fry the sliced ​​radish cakes in a little oil…until both sides are slightly dry, set aside on the edge of the pan. . Sauté the chopped garlic until cooked and fragrant, add 1/2 teaspoon of ebi that has been soaked in hot water, beans to taste, and one egg, as well as salt, pepper and soy sauce to taste. Stir until cooked as to make mixed. Lastly…sprinkle with spring onions. Serve hot.

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