Resep Kulit Risol Mayo

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Resep Kulit Risol Mayo – It’s no secret that rissoles are a snack that many people love. Not only loved by children, but also their mothers. Risoles are a type of lumpia but different from spring rolls, because the skin is softer when compared to spring rolls.

Not only that, but the contents are also different, because the rissoles are usually filled with minced meat and also various types of vegetables. The delicious taste of rissoles will not be far from the texture of the skin. If the skin is soft and supple, many people will like it, but if it is hard, it will not be very warm to eat the rissoles. So moms, you can make your own flexible risol pot recipe at home.

Resep Kulit Risol Mayo

Resep Kulit Risol Mayo

A dish of rissoles that is suitable to serve when there is a celebration, this cake is often used as a main menu for Mothers. Indeed, these delicious rissoles are often used by mothers to make souvenirs for guests when there are events at home. Therefore, the taste of the skin from the rissoles really influences Mother too. Making your own pot risol recipe at home is definitely more delicious and special. Mom, you can try to make a family at home first, who knows, many people like it and it could be a business opportunity for you. Not bad for extra income at home, Mom.

Resep Risol Mayo Beef & Cheese Yang Enak

Making the ingredients for this rissoles pot is really easy Mom, there are many of them around us too. Then the steps to do it also do not take much time, it will not make Mother tired. The following are the ingredients and steps to make a recipe for flexible risol skin yourself at home that you can try to follow.

1. Mix all the ingredients, stir well, add water little by little, stir with a whisk until there are no lumps (if you need to filter it)

2. Heat a non-stick frying pan (I use a 24 cm size) using low heat, pour 1.5 tablespoons of vegetable mixture and position the pan removed from the stove, then turn the pan until the mixture that’s right, put the pan back on. the stove, cook for a while until the surface is not wet to the touch

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3. To remove the risol skin, just turn the pan and it will automatically release itself, if it does not want to be cut / sticky, it means that there is something wrong with the dough, it could be because there is too much water.

Resep Risol Mayo Enak Isi Keju Lumer Dan Mudah Dibuat

4. Clean the pan with a tissue soaked in cooking oil, repeat step no. 2 do until the dough is finished

6. Because the result is that the skin is flexible so it is easy to use, this is the result of the photo when making risol mayo (I posted the risol mayo recipe before) so it is really easy to wrap it.

So these are the ingredients and steps to make your own soft risol pot recipe at home. Easy to follow mom right? For portion size, you can add or subtract according to the needs of the mother. Good luck Mom I hope this is useful and thank you Hello, the month of fasting is a matter of days already! I want to share my favorite risol pot recipe! perfect for stocking frozen snacks!

Resep Kulit Risol Mayo

Let’s do it, in installments from now until later during Ramadan the worship can be more focused don’t worry about what takjil breaks the fast 😍

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Resep Kulit Risol Mayo

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Resep Kulit Risol Mayo

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Resep Risol Mayo Untuk Berbuka Puasa

People who want to go home… be careful on the road… hope you have a smooth journey, arrive safely at your destination… no traffic jams, etc… so you can meet and gather with family you and friends Happy birthday too. Which is not

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