Resep Kue Tart Labu Kuning

Resep Kue Tart Labu Kuning – On Saturday morning, with a notebook and pen in hand, I jotted down a list of shopping plans for the day. Usually when the weekend comes, Heni and I go to the A block market near our house and buy various vegetables or other kitchen essentials. Vegetables, tempeh, tofu, fish and seafood, beef or chicken look fresher in traditional markets compared to supermarkets, and prices are cheaper in many varieties. We have several vendors who are regular customers, and I usually choose them because the vendor is friendly and doesn’t wait in line too much. I think the quality of the food being sold is pretty much the same from one vendor to another.

The tempeh seller with tired lines on his face, but his lips always merrily singing old Javanese songs became my stop when I wanted to buy tempeh. I was surprised by the enthusiasm and cheerfulness with which he faced life face to face without regretting heavy burdens and enjoying the flow of time. A woman who has a stall in front of her father who sells various kitchen spices and tempeh is also a regular shop. Petite, slim, nimble and able to count by heart, the mother, dressed in neat traditional Javanese clothes, stands out from her small stall and the ‘chaos’ of the market around her.

Resep Kue Tart Labu Kuning

Resep Kue Tart Labu Kuning

Even though you’ve written a detailed shopping list and promised yourself that you won’t buy anything outside of the plan, your palms start to itch when you wander around the market and see interesting-looking foods. “Basically, we’ll only trade on the list, Hen, nothing more,” I told Hen, who just smiled at that. Maybe he thought in his heart: “What, you are a person who spends money in your hands”! However, when I stopped at the sweet potato and pumpkin vendor, the opposite happened. A pile of orange and orange sweet potatoes had just arrived, so they looked fresh and clean. Since eating healthy and following a diet, I have replaced rice with orange and orange sweet potatoes. I eat 200 grams of steamed sweet potatoes with eggs or other animal proteins for breakfast and lunch every day.

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Resep Kue Cake Lapis Strawberry

A mountain of oranges and orange sweet potatoes went into the weighing pan, costing only six thousand rupees per kilogram. Thus, a kilogram of sweet potatoes was successfully transferred to plastic. Heni washes them clean, steams them until soft, and keeps them in a tupperware in the fridge for a few days. “Isn’t that a yellow pumpkin, sister? It’s sweet, and it’s really yellow, you know, because it’s old,” Mom said, taking the pumpkin and handing it to me. Oh, and I couldn’t resist the dark, super orange pumpkin, so pumpkin was thrown into the mix. Yellow pumpkin is rich in beta-carotene and other useful substances. I have given an article about yellow pumpkin soup and its benefits, if you want to know, click this link.

Back to the yellow pumpkin pie I’m going to share this time. Even though Heni said a whole pumpkin like this would last for months, I took a knife to it when I got home, just to prove that the inside was as orange as the butcher’s propaganda. Then I peeled and steamed this yellow squash until soft. When cooked this way, yellow squash will keep in the freezer for months. But butternut squash usually never lasts long in the fridge because I’m always trying to find unique recipes to turn it into a delicious dish.

Pumpkin pie has been on my recipe list for a long time, but pumpkin pudding is also a fun option to try. Now what if we just put the two of us together? I was too lazy to make a pie crust out of flour and cold butter, so I opened a package of coconut cookies that had been sitting on the table for a long time. Pie Crust, a pie crust made from crushed cookies, is a super easy and quick alternative to making pies. Another reason is that the flavor of the cookies used gives off a delicious aroma and enhances the taste of the pie we make. In addition, the soft and creamy pie filling seems to go very well with the crushed and light crust, providing a contrasting taste.

The texture of the pie crust turns out to be as good as the flavor. Because it’s made from pre-baked cookies, the crust doesn’t get soft and soggy easily, which is especially good for filling pies made with cream or custard. This crust retains its crumbliness for a long time. So, which type of cookie or dry cake is right for the crust? Cookies and pastries with a crisp and crunchy texture are the best choice. We can use chocolate or vanilla flavors and avoid cookies with sugar cream in the middle or dry cakes with a soft, moist and chewy texture.

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Resep Palm Sugar Cookies 900 Gram, Kue Kering Lebaran Premium

The preparation process itself is very simple, the cookies are crushed to a crumb, the easiest way is to use a food processor or put the cookies in a plastic bag and crush them with a wooden rolling pin until they are crushed. As glue, we need melted butter or margarine and mix it with cookie crumbs. However, if the cookies or pastries you use contain enough butter, you don’t need to add another portion of butter. Crush the cookies until they are fine, but not too fine. It is best if there are a few more large crumbs inside.

One important thing when we want to make a cookie pie crust is when to stick the cookie crumbs on the baking sheet. The biscuit crumbs should be pressed firmly until they are dense and very dense. Use your fingers and palm to press it down. The denser it is, the better, as the pie will not tear when cut when cooked. Should the pie crust be baked first? Some recipes for pie crusts made with cookies or similar cookies call for baking them briefly in the oven, while other recipes say not to. However, I find that the baking process makes the texture of the pie crust firmer and denser, so the pie doesn’t fall apart as easily when you cut it.

For the baking pan, I only used a 20 cm diameter round ceramic baking pan. We can also use a heatproof glass baking dish or other round baking dish and there is no need to use baking dishes.

Resep Kue Tart Labu Kuning

Now about the pie filling. Making the pie filling is a very simple task, and as I mentioned earlier, this pie is also like a pudding because I added a packet of gelatin powder to the mixture. Gelatin keeps the pie filling dense and doesn’t crumble easily when cut. All you need to make it is a yellow squash that is steamed until cooked and blended with other ingredients until smooth. At the same time, in order to turn the gelatin into a thick jelly, it must first be boiled separately, then add the pumpkin mixture and mix until smooth and cooked. This dough is placed in the prepared pie shell and left to harden. Too lazy to make a pie crust? Simply pour the pie filling into the pudding and chill in the fridge, pumpkin pudding is delicious in this hot weather. Healthy, delicious and filling!

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Coba Coba Yuk…..: Pumpkin Pie

All in all, this yellow pumpkin pie is very easy to make, so let’s use cheap yellow pumpkin in the market as soon as possible. Here is the recipe and process!

300 grams of biscuits (I use roma coconut biscuits, you can also use biscuits or other dry cakes with a crisp and crunchy texture)

Prepare cookies or biscuits, place in a food processor and process until crumbly. Or place in a plastic bag as pictured above and crush the cookies with a wooden mallet until crumbly.

Note: Do not crush the cookies until they are completely smooth, the texture should be like a mixture of breadcrumbs with a few large grains.

Resep Pie Labu Kuning Renyah Dan Legit, Cocok Untuk Hidangan Rayakan Akhir Tahun

Pour the biscuit crumbs into the mold and press them in with your fingertips or a rice spoon like I did. Press until it’s really tight and compact, if it’s not tight enough, the crust will be brittle when you cut the pie.

Cover the bottom of the pan with cookie crumbs until all surfaces are well covered. A 300g packet of coconut biscuits is enough to cover a 20cm diameter circle, leaving only a few crumbs. So spread the cookie crumbs evenly and don’t make them too thick.

Coat the sides of the pan by pressing the biscuit crumbs firmly against the sides of the pan with your fingertips. Bake until the entire surface of the pan is covered with cookie crumbs, then bake in a preheated oven at 170°C for 10-15 minutes. Remove from oven. Set aside.

Resep Kue Tart Labu Kuning

Prepare a pan, add powdered gelatin and about 50 ml of plain water (at room temperature), stir with a spatula until the gelatin dissolves and no lumps remain. Add remaining water and blend until smooth. Cook over very low heat, stirring until the gelatin solution comes to a boil.

Lagi Hype, Berikut Sederet Kue Tart Unik Bertema Joker

Pour the pumpkin mixture into the pan of simmering gelatin solution and stir quickly and vigorously until smooth and creamy.

Note: when you are just adding the pumpkin mixture at first, the mixture will look lumpy, stir constantly and quickly as the mixture cooks on low heat, gradually the mixture will become smooth and silky.

Cook until the mixture releases one or two air bubbles and the texture looks smooth. Don’t cook it too long or the mixture will break and separate between the pumpkin and the water.

Pour the pumpkin mixture into the prepared pie shell

Cara Membuat Kue Ulang Tahun Kekinian Dan Aesthetic

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